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Wrap Your Truck in A-TACS with Camoclad Vinyl Graphics

By The ITS Crew

Camoclad Camouflage System has been creating a variety of large vehicle graphics for years, but earlier today they announced something new. You’re now able to get both the  A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG Camo as a vinyl graphic for your vehicle.

This is a high performance vinyl graphic that can be used on everything ranging from weapons to vehicles. It can also be used on watercraft and spotting scopes and is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -65 to +225 degrees. The new A-TACS camo kit has been specifically scaled to fit large vehicles.

What’s interesting about Camoclad is that it’s not just extremely strong and durable, it can actually protect your paint job. As long as you make sure the surface is clean when you install the graphics, your vehicle will look unchanged if you decide to remove Camoclad after a few years.

If you are looking for more information, visit Camoclad.com  or check out the A-TACS press release. Camoclad can help you find a dealer in your area and provides DIY tips if you’re looking to wrap your Jeep or truck with A-TACS camo.

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  • What? They don’t have one for my Audi A4? That sucks.

    • Our materials can cover virtually anything you can think of! If your surface can hold a sticker, it can hold our camouflage vinyl graphics. We’ve wrapped everything from cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, motorcycles and dirtbikes to guns (shot guns, rifles, paintball guns), deer stands, binoculars, cameras, door frames, computers, cell phones, and even a couple prosthetic limbs!

      Long story short, if you want to cover your Audi A4 in camouflage, we’re the guys that can make that happen.

  • Jay


    How do I get hold of this wrap ?

    Regards Jay

  • Ron

    how big are your sheets and how tight of corners can be bent?

  • Alexi Davenport

    Has the vinyl industry created something yet to camouflage the tires? I just figured if they want to camouflage the vehicle as best as possible, they probably need to have something for the tires, as well, since black can easily be spotted in the day time. I’m a huge fan of the custom vinyls on this truck, though! They make the vehicle look like it is part of the landscape behind it.

  • correysmith321

    Wow, that sure is interesting to know how someone can vehicle wrap a truck with camoclad vinyl graphic. Just what type of tools would an individual need to do a vehicle wrap project? It is something that my father has been wanting me to do on his mini van. http://www.speedproeastpa.com

  • mgc

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