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SHOT Show 2012: Media Day Live Coverage

By The ITS Crew

Stay tuned for live coverage coming from the 2012 SHOT Show Media Day at the Range.

This post will update throughout the day as our coverage continues, so check back often for all the awesomeness!

If you have specific requests, please leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to track down the information for you. Thanks for tuning into our coverage!


–1135– Ram Law Enforcement

–1133– Media Day is huge!

–1118– Check out this one of a kind target from Strikemark (I might miss on purpose!) ^MP

–1117– Camera mounting options from Strikemark Targets (GoPro, Contour, any cam with 1/4 thread…)

–1115– Strikemark Targets [sniper glass]

–1107– Hostage scenario targets from Strikemark

–1052– Kelly shooting the 9mm FNS from FNH USA

–1041– The .22 GSG STG-44 [wooden box included]

–1037– They don’t call it SHOT Show for nothin’!

–1035– T&E is hard work (haha) – Parabellum Armament

–1014– Ambidextrous charging handle from Parabellum Armament

–1012– SWORD International Mk-18 Advanced Target Interdiction Rifle

–1009– Bryan shooting the Mk-15 Patrolman Carbine from SWORD International

–1002– Great weapon system from Sword International!

–0959– .22 UZI from Umarex Arms…Crazy!

–0952– We’re in!

–0937– I love seeing all the coyote, Ranger greens, MultiCam… Good company here. ^MP

–0928– Still in line, but getting closer…

–0917– Hurry up and wait…in line for SHOT Show Media Day.

–0847– On our way to the SHOT Show Media Day at the range!


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