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Sign a Petition to Free the Navy SEALs

By The ITS Crew

About a month ago we wrote an article regarding the three Navy SEALs that are being Court Martialed for giving terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed a bloody lip.

We’d like to ask that you take a few minutes during your holiday festivities to remember Petty Officers McCabe, Huertas and Keefe, and sign your name to the petition linked below.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., and 33 other House members recently signed a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates asking him to intervene in the matter.

The Dec. 4 letter states: “We believe that prosecution of these sailors for such an apparently limited action will have a negative impact on others in the military who risk their lives in dangerous, often ambiguous situations.”

Let’s hope that their letter and the petition we’ve linked to below will be enough to get the charges dropped for these warriors.

There’s a few petitions circulating on the internet right now, but this is the one we feel is the most professionally written, and the one we’ve all signed.

Human Events Petition to Free the SEALs

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  • Done.

  • Robert


  • brockb

    Signed and forwarded to all my friends!

  • Signed

  • Cdt Gillies


  • Loganvobis


  • Done. And I had my wife do it too. Over 100k now.

  • Joe


  • miguel leon


  • you guessed it… signed and forwarded…

  • aaaanndd…. signed and about to retweet

  • Anachronist

    I don’t know if foreign nationals should be allowed to sign it, but I did so anyway.

    It’s … Ok. Two things:

    First, and anyone who’s ever dealt with military prisoner handling, let alone “snatch and run” (chaotic stressful task that it is) even only in any kind of training worth anything can back me up on this: A busted lip is “Sir! That’s the second time I told you to cease and desist”. Multiple sucking chest wounds is “we’re going to have to conduct an inquiry, was he posing a threat?”. Let’s put things in perspective here.

    Second, And this is really the more important one: What kind of chain of command hangs it’s grunts out to dry like that, and what do they think it is going to do to unit morale, long term?


  • zmtthw

    I have been disgusted every time this has been put on the table. It’s truly amazing how this is being handled. I love this country and helped defend it, but there are times where I shake my head.


  • Julian

    Done and done; and a note to Anachronist –
    back in the day, hanging some enemy bastard out the door of a Huey was polite interviewing – turning loose was ‘terminating conversation’. Best lesson for our brother Seals – no effing prisoners. One in the head, one less scumbag, screw the intel, it ain’t worth it.

    As for your rhetorical question, most of the brass today got there by kissing politically correct ass and grabbing their ankles for any Washington DC ‘blue falcon’ – and that is why they would rather lick the arse of a muzzie terr, than stand up for the grunts – the REAL men and women who protect our freedoms!!

    • Anachronist

      Yeah, it was a rethorical question alright, and ‘no prisoners’ is just one small symptom of it. ‘Hellbound in the proverbial handbasket’ is the short summary.

  • Dave Moore

    Dave signed at 11:03 29 December

  • Jeff Ridgeway


  • thermo

    You know, I am not going to sign this, even if I think it’s a bit harsh given that it was only a “busted lip”.

    The fact that these guys are being charged with this is not a sign of top brass selling out grunts to be politically correct. It’s a sign that the US armed forces are functioning the way they should, and were always meant to.

    If Secretary Gates would intervene in this trial he would be making a mockery of the rule of law and the values the US is founded upon. It is the type of action undertaken by a fascist government, not the democratically elected executive of the United States of America.

    That said, I have sympathy for these SEALs – as some have said the kind of situation they were presented with in capturing this terrorist suspect (the latter part seems to be forgotten in this debate) must have been extremely difficult. And I may very well have acted in the exact same way. I have sufficient faith in the US justice system that this will be taken into consideration, as well as the inevitable opportunism from Mr Abed.

    But if they (or I, had it been me) crossed the line, US servicemen are subject to the rule of law.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that is in any way a sign of weakness – it is a sign of strength. It’s a message to America’s allies and enemies that it’s cause is true and that the US values justice, unlike its enemies, and that is something to be immensely proud of.

  • Benjamin

    this petition (and the out-of-proportion press coverage) is stupid on several levels. let the Navy handle this without outside pressure of any kind.

  • Phil Mather


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  • Blake Mims

    any word on where this is at? when is the trial supposed to be?

  • jeremy reitz

    Any news on this artical yet?

  • Sebastian Dalke

    Done. Forwarded. Hoping it helps.

  • robert

    the next time we find out where to get a wanted terrerist,send nancy(i dont give a damn about america or americans because there stupid)pelosi and harry(me too)reid to arrest him.and have navy seals take there place in congress. win win.. if nancy and harry got married his name would be harry pelosi

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