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Today Marks the Anniversary of Operation Neptune Spear and the Death of Bin Laden

By Bryan Black

In the wake of President Obama using the SEALs raid on Bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound for political gain, I’d like to ask that we all remember the bigger picture. The world’s most wanted terrorist is dead and today should be one of celebration.

Celebration you say? Yes, the fact that US HUMINT (human intelligence) led us to Bin Laden’s door step should be celebrated for all those that have perished leading up to the operation and those that are still falling in support of continuing operations that deconstruct the terrorist network overseas. Bin Laden’s death certainly didn’t change the battlefield, but it did serve to unite the country in the toppling of a keystone.

One year ago at 23:36 Eastern time, President Obama addressed the nation and announced that US Special Operations conducted an operation deep inside a compound in Aboottabad, Paskistan that left Osama Bin Laden dead after a firefight.

Here at ITS Tactical, we created a 5.1.11 Prevail Morale Patch days after the operation in partnership with America’s Mighty Warriors. AMW  is run by Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Lee, the first SEAL killed in Iraq on August, 2nd 2006. We continue to donate the profits from the 5.1.11 patch sales to America’s Mighty Warriors.

Marc perished during house-to-house clearing in Ramadi, Iraq and earlier that day put him self in the direct line of fire not once, but twice, to draw attention away from an injured teammate. The second time to allow a medic to reach the fortified position on the rooftop they were on.

Debbie Lee’s Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Charity,  America’s Mighty Warriors, was founded to help our military, their families and those that have fallen through their loss. Today I’m celebrating Bin Laden’s death for Marc Lee, Alex Ghane and Jason Workman, who I was in BUD/s with and who I know are celebrating themselves as they look down over us from Valhalla.

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  • mark reed

    nice patch !!! how to do i get one of those lol?

  • why shouldn’t he use it for political gain? obviously he wasn’t solely responsible for it, but he gave a successful order & it seems that campaigning on that is an entirely reasonable thing to do.

  • jimma

    revenge is underrated. fuck bin laden, i hope a hermit crab is pooping in his skull as we speak.

    • Raven

      LMFAO!!!! HELL YEAH jimma! My thoughts exactly! Fuck bin laden! Go Team America!!!

  • Salar Esfahani

    How long will you have these available for? Just while supplies last or will they be available after the first batch is gone as well? I plan on placing a big order for supplies from you at the beginning of June from you and would love to be able to add one of these in it.

  • guest

    Nice. But Bin Laden died on 5-2-11.

  • Got the Norse mythology going on. “Valhalla” The hall of slain located in Asgard, the capitol of the Norse Gods. The hall of five hundred and forty five doors where the fallen heroes are taken to prepare for the upcoming war of the cosmos, Ragnarok or “the doom of the gods”. It is there where they wait for the battle to commence. The doors will open and out of each door 800 men will march shoulder to shoulder. Should they fail the the winter of winters will fall upon earth. Three of them with no summers in between. Conflict will break out every where, even between families. All morality will vanish as we know it. Skoll will devour the sun, his brother Haiti will destroy the moon and the earth will plunge into darkness. The dead will rise, the earth will tremble with earthquakes, and the sea will give birth to mighty serpent who will poison the air we breather and the ground we walk upon. Loki will follow the serpent on a ship bringing all the inhabitants of hell with him. The giants led by Surt will join in the battle against the gods carrying a sword that is hotter than the sun and will scorch the earth. This is what awaits our fallen heroes in the hall of of the slain “Valhalla”………Norse Mythology is amazing and I recommend taking the time to read about it sometime.

  • Zeus

    Bin laden died in 2001 it was announced on fox news but received no media attention. Just another fruad by Obama.,2933,41576,00.html

    • Sam

      Really? then why didn’t Bush take credit for it? Fox has lied before and will lie again. They also give extremely biased opinions (this is their right just as it is for bryan to say what he wants), everything fox says should be taken with a grain of salt. I do believe that the opening sentence of this article is not the place for political commentary such as this (again it is bryan’s right to say what he wants but he should keep in mind what this site is for and what this article is really about).

  • HaydenT

    “In the wake of President Obama using the SEALs raid on Bin Laden’s Abbottabad, Pakistan compound for political gain”

    Really? I thought he was remarkably understated. I can only imagine the “mission accomplished” sign that would have accompanied an announcement of this kind by Pres. Bush.

    I do not read ITS Tactical for political commentary.

    • That’s simply my opinion, just like you stated yours. Thanks.

    • HaydenT

      Except I am a commenter, not an author on a website called “ITS Tactical”.

    • Exactly and as the Editor-in-Chief of said Website, I have every right to write about what I want to. Thanks for your comment.

    • can you elaborate as to why you found it problematic? I’m not going to speculate on how Bush or a Republican might have behaved either way, but I don’t see what’s wrong with him campaigning on it. there’s something slightly absurd about other commenters cheering OBL’s death loudly whilst scorning the guy who gave the order. and yes, I’m sure someone else in BHO’s place might have done the same thing – but Romney has, in the past, suggested otherwise: if a Republican _had_ done it, I would have no objection to them campaigning on it. whether it was an easy call or a hard one, whether the President played a significant role or practically none at all, it was nonetheless his decision, and he should be commended for it.

      Bryan, I don’t object to you mentioning yr political opinion in posts. yeah, it’s not a politics blog specifically, but who cares? I will say to other commenters that I think voting down people you disagree w/ rather than rebutting (reasonable) arguments they’ve made is unimpressive.

  • Kevin

    From what I am reading now, the SEALS are very irritated of BHO using this as a political card, stating that “Any president would have made the call to get ’em”. Being in the right place at the right time seems to be the MO for BHO. God Bless all our troops, especially the SEALS!

    • better, I think, a President who’s in the right place at the right time than one who invades the wrong places.

  • Kenny

    The first thing I want to say is this. As far as Bryan posting his opinion about politics on his website, we need to remember that it is HIS website. And, more important than that, as a citizen of this great country, he has a Constitutional right to say what he feels. Yes, this is a website dedicated to helping people find tactical knowledge. But, Bryan Black and the rest of the ITS Tactical staff also do what they can to preserve our Second Amendment rights. So, when I read some of the comments here and on Faceplant – giving Bryan shit about posting a politically-based article – I feel the same as when I read about people who want to take away my guns. And, I’ll say the same thing that I say to them (only reversed), “You give up your Second Amendment rights and I’ll give up my First Amendment rights.”

    With that said, I agree that it doesn’t matter who was in office at the time. Yes, any president probably would have made the call to pull the trigger. And, by the same token, it’s my opinion that any president would also be taking credit for a successful mission in order to further their political carrier.

    And, it’s also my opinion that, if the mission went completely down the crapper, then the same people who are giving him grief about taking credit for killing bin Laden – probably would be blaming him for a failed mission.

    I normally try to stay out of political discussions. Like my grandfather once told me, “If you want to keep your friends, then don’t talk with them about religion or politics.” But, he was also the person who told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, make sure they’re out of the room.”

  • don Roberto

    President Obama’s worthless predecessor said about bin Laden “quite frankly, I don’t think that much about him.” Clearly, the man who killed over 3,000 American civilians in the worst attack on our nation since Pearl Harbor wasn’t a priority for Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, got the bastard (well, SEALs did, but he’s the C-in-C. If Bush could go on endlessly and gleefully about being a “war president,” I think we can cut Obama some slack for making the announcement).

    FWIW, I believe Obama showed an appropriate respect for the SEAL team when he met them by not asking who fired the killing shots. He demonstrated leadership and understanding of military culture by recognizing that this, like the overwhelming majority of military operations, was a team effort, and to single out one member for special praise would be inappropriate.

    If any politician has a reasonable right to make political hay over bin Laden, it’s Obama. Bush, on the other hand, puffed on endlessly about the threat of terrorism, while Obama has been pretty understated about it, and nevertheless was the one who had bin Laden killed.

    Politics aside, it’s a terrific patch. I’ll have to see if the budget will accommodate one (student loans, y’know).

  • don Roberto

    Arg. Hit “submit” too soon.
    Bryan, for what it’s worth from a total stranger, I endorse your right to say whatever-the-*&^%$-you-want on your own website. “I disagree with everything you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it” is misattributed to Voltaire, but regardless of who said it, it’s a fine sentiment, and fully in keeping with the ideals on which this great nation was founded.

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