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We Are Diminished: Pat Rogers Passes Away

By Bryan Black


I’m disheartened to be posting today that Pat Rogers, a true pioneer and industry icon has passed away. While I haven’t been able to track down anything more than this, to say we’re diminished is putting it lightly. I was working with Pat on an impending interview at ITS and I’m almost beyond words at today’s news. I had just spoken to him recently and everything seemed to be fine. He had the same salty air to him that he had when I met him during the first instructional course I took outside of the military back in 2009, just before founding ITS.


Pat wasn’t only known for his training company, EAG Tactical, but for his time as a Chief Warrant Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, a Sergeant with the New York Police Department, a free fall photographer and one of the most respected and prolific writers around. He always considered himself a student first and could find humor in any situation, especially in awarding his beloved moose cock patch that will forever live in infamy.


Fair Winds and Following Seas, Pat. You are truly missed…


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  • Shannon

    I just saw this news online and am so sad. He was a giant and will be missed.

  • Derek Trevino

    No no no please tell me this isn’t true!

    • James Cox

      It is U0001f625

  • Chris Christensen

    That really sucks. I followed him here on FB; he was a smart and interesting guy. Shit.

  • Dan Silva

    Rest in Peace Warrior!

  • Chris Albin

    I never had the privilege of meeting the man or training with him but we chatted about training , firearms , and both of us having been through the NYPD HNT training . The world has lost a true gentleman and a warrior scholar . Rest In Peace Brother

  • Justin Wilson

    Sorry to hear this.

  • Ben Crabtree

    Does the Rogers/Surefire flashlight technique (syringe grip) bear his name ? Or is it named for a different Mr Rogers ?

    • lear60

      Bill Rogers.

  • Draco Cornelius

    wow- God speed!

  • Ed Craft

    Bill did you see this?

  • Sam William John

    Shit!! RIP Warrior…

  • Antonio Tobias

    Terrible news. I had always hoped to be able to meet him and attend some of his trainings. What a loss. “We are diminished”

  • Turker Nayan

    I always hoped to be able to meet him at Shot Show in the Las Vegas “We are diminished” :'(

    • Luke

      Pat never one attended any SHOT show

  • Jason Mahaney

    Fair winds and following seas.

  • Frank Aguirre

    Idk how I feel about Pat, thankful that he served our country but he always had this weird vague racism about his posts.

    • Robert Bull

      GTFO Bernie Bro. I promise, he didn’t give a fuck what ethnicity you claim.

    • Jimmy Bumpus

      Dude shut the hell up. You are an idiot.

    • Frank Aguirre

      Ok I changed my mind, thanks for telling me to shut up, that really cleared things up.

    • CarlosSantillan

      I can tell you without any doubt that your prejudice about Pat is absolutely wrong.  I am an Immigrant myself and I consider Pat a good friend and one heck of an instructor.  I last saw him at his AK Familiarization Course April 16th at High View, WV.

      If you avoided attending any of Pat’s courses because of some “weird vague racism” your feeble mind conjured up based on something your read on the internet, then you missed out on one of the best Tactical Firearms Instructors who offered courses that are not limited to LEOs or Military personnel.

      There is a time and place when you should post how you personally feel about one of the greatest Americans you will never meet.  And the eve of his death is not it.  Now show some class and STFU!!

  • Bryan Watts

    Reported as a heart attack over in Primary & Secondary. RIP.

  • J.B. Knopp

    I met him a few years back. A really cool guy and True American!!! God Speed good sir.

  • David Potts

    Rest in Peace. We are TRULY diminished.

  • CarlosSantillan

    I am still in shock about this.  I last saw and talked to Pat April 16th when I attended his AK Familiarization Course.  His knowledge, expertise and humor will be sorely missed.

  • KcoachcCoach

    DETECTIVE4LIFE PhillipLaird JGilliam_SEAL Condolences E man

  • NYGoingBlue

    DETECTIVE4LIFE PhillipLaird JGilliam_SEAL Sorry for your loss and the loss of a Hero~

  • Pete Sepponen

    Rest In Peace brother.

  • MarineFO

    Fair winds and following seas, Semper Fidelis brother!

  • rottenit

    Holy crap I just spoke with a week ago 🙁

  • Josh Reynolds

    Rest in peace

  • PhillipLaird

    DETECTIVE4LIFE Sorry to hear. Condolences. We are here one day, gone the next.

  • James W. Martinez-Ruiz

    Rest In Peace!

  • fm842

    A great man who will truly be missed!

  • Doc L

    It is amazing the lives he influenced and the people he helped.
    Fair winds, brother.  Oorah

    Yes, “We are diminished”

  • eodltc

    I always learned from him and truly enjoyed his company.  We are diminished and I will miss him.

  • Skip Harris

    Pat is literally responsible for most of my weapons skills and all of my teaching skills.

    I am crushed.

    He was the best!

  • Gerald Barbo

    This is very sad news. Rest in peace, Pat. We miss you.

  • norgedane

    Pat Rodgers rare skill was distilling knowledge from life and career as a Marine, as a Police Officer (two career-length tenures–truly remarkable), and as a Citizen into a coherent and logical approach to protecting oneself in almost any environment.
    He was generous and incredibly prolific with that knowledge on the firing line, in the pages of SWAT Magazine, online forums and finally online video (where his wit almost matched his knowledge). His insight into the Profession of Arms, Industry and even Teaching (evidenced by the incredible course AARs he published) was truly awe-inspiring.

    His standard line when recognizing someone’s passing was to state, “We are diminished.”

    With Pat’s passing, it WE who are TRULY diminished.

  • Kirk Gaston

    Semper Fi sir…Rest in Peace

  • Rick Buckner

    Sad day indeed

  • Barry Carrier

    He will be missed, a trainers trainer! RIP Brother

  • Jason Stephenson

    Sad day! He will be missed!!

  • randyho2

    Well, shit. 
    RIP, Pat.

  • Chris White

    He has truly been an inspiration in my life and one of the prolific voices in my head while I attempt to make myself better at what I do.
    I wear my Moosecock proudly…
    ….FUCKIN A!!!

  • Mike Grace

    Thanks. Any additional info that comes your way about services or anything please pass it along. Thanks for posting this guys!

  • cwo5davis

    A sad day indeed!

  • Paul Heubeck

    I just heard the news about Pat and so very sorry.  God Speed.

    Paul Heubeck D-3375

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