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Will Magpul be Forced to Move with the Colorado Magazine Ban Passing 34-31?

By The ITS Crew

Magpul takes out a full page ad in the Sunday Denver Post taking our case directly to the electorate.Colorado House Bill 1224, a  measure that bans the possession, sale, or transfer of magazines over 10 round capacity,  passed today with a 34-31 vote. With that, Magpul Industries is now one step closer to being forced to relocate. Magpul had taken out an ad in the Sunday Denver Post saying that “A Magazine Ban will do more than hurt public safety in a free Colorado. It will force a Colorado company to leave the state.”

“Magpul Industries, a proud Colorado company started over a decade ago in the founder’s basement, dedicated to personal freedom and personal responsibility in the true Colorado spirit, would be forced to relocate out of the state if House Bill 1224, a ban on common, standard capacity firearm magazines, passes. Regardless of exemptions or amendments, HB13-1224 would force over 600 jobs and a protected infusion into the Colorado economy of over $85 million per year, out of the state”

Only three Democrats voted against HB13-1224, which is important, as the bill now heads to a Democratically controlled Senate with a 20-15 majority before appearing on Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk. There are three others that are still on the block for the Colorado House. HB13-1229 requires background checks on all firearm transactions, HB13-226 is on concealed carry permits on campuses and HB13-228 is a fee for gun buyers to cover the cost of background checks.

Richard Fitzpatrick, Founder, President, and CEO of Magpul Industries, said that regardless of any amendments that may be worked into the bill, he will no longer be able to continue to do business in Colorado if his core product is made illegal.

“Our company could not, in good conscience, continue to manufacture our products in a state where law-abiding citizens are prohibited from purchasing and owning them. ” Fitzpatrick said. “The passage of this bill will do nothing to enhance public safety, but will force us to immediately begin taking our business to another state.”

Magpul had recently asked residents to contact their state legislators and members of the Judiciary Committee and urge them to kill the measures on the floor, but they’re obviously past that point. Magpul is still urging everyone to contact Gov. Hickenlooper and the direct link to do so is here: http://www.colorado.gov/govhdir/requests/opinion-leg.html

No one wants to see Magpul have to uproot their business out of Colorado, but the reality of that happening seems to be coming true. We wish Magpul the best with their continued battle and hope for a good resolution. Please do what you can to help support their fight against the Colorado Legislature.

Update: HB13-1229 passed on a 36-29 vote with one Democrat voting against it.

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  • Mike Y.

    Sad, Sad day!

    • JD Wallace


  • Matt

    I wonder what Travis Haley has to say and what he’ll do if it goes into law?

  • Ken

    Come to South Carolina. We are very pro-gun. We will welcome Magpul with open arms.

    • C4 U no more

      absolutly we would love to have you, and with as many people that support you and your company i think a patch/bracelet priced around $20 each to help you guys move would go well, if you didnt want to go with donations.

  • Jeff F

    I am glad that magpul is making a stand. maybe it needs to come to this point before the rest of the nation will realize that the conciquences of their actions are going to hurt not only taxes but jobs as well. I fully support Magpul and I love the idea of 20 dollar relocation patches 🙂

    • C4 U no more

      thanks im working on contacting them about it, but as you can imagine there hands are pretty full.

  • Mike

    I had to turn down a job in Co. because of all the anti-gun legislation. I took one in TN instead. Time to congregate with like minded folks. If your state is compromised, move.

  • Chris

    Sad day for Colorado… Hopeful the Senate Dems have more sense.

  • texas

    Sad day… Well you are always welcome in the great state of Texas … Let’s see who follows that smh… What else are they gonna come up with ??

  • thomas

    come to TEXAS!

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Texas would be a cheap move from Colo….that would be my guess…this crap getting crazy…Calif is going retardeder (yes, it’s possible) with their proposals…when will these gov officials start upholding the oath they take, and actually “represent” the people the way they are suppose to?

  • Darin Kroger

    Still amazed by all of the talk about new & enhanced restrictions for law-abiding gun owners while NONE of it addresses or is directed at the criminals…who are the ones actually using guns to do harm. Not one of these “restrictions”, especially the magazine capacity limit, is going to do anything to move the needle on gun violence.

    I am blessed to live in a state that supports our 2A rights, Indiana, but would move if that ever changed. I have and will continue to vehemently support Magpul and companies like them that take a stand against those who wish to restrict (and eventually take) our God-given rights. Stay strong and stay vigilant.

  • Forced? If I was running Magpul a moving plan would already be in place, hell I would have acted on it long ago. Short list of states for many reasons beyond this ban, like better business climate and tax structure would include,


    Each of those states is far better to do business in then Colorado. Forced? They should be blazing a trail to a better state to do business in anyway, this latest kick in the face should just accelerate the process.

    Not only would I move the company but I would as CEO write a letter to the governor stating this is the last straw and even if it doesn’t pass the state senate we are leaving anyway due to an uncertain environment where the future of our company is not secure.

    The reality though is many companies are going to leave states like CO, NY, CA, IL, etc. It isn’t just that these states are stepping on all rights, not just 2A rights by the way. It is a fundamental reality that “money goes where it is treated well” and man Colorado doesn’t treat money well.

    Apparently they don’t do a very good job on freedom either. Seriously this is a state where you don’t own the water that falls as rain on your roof unless the state grants you a permit for it. A business being forced to move, yep, that started a long time ago.

    The good news is it is the foundation of our republic. When one state does something stupid and tramples on enough liberties the the people of that state, companies, jobs and money are all free to relocate to another state inside the republic. If you want to see how real this move is price a U-Haul from LA to Dallas, then price the same truck in the other direction, it will tell you all you need to know.

    The entire point of “These States United” was a common front for defense and trade with other nations with the majority of sovereignty rested in the member states and the citizens. Said states are to compete for the best and brightest and those that do the best job will attract them allow this nation if run by our constitution to be a group of 50 test beds of liberty.

    Well folks for those of you living in states that don’t get it, it is time for the most powerful vote you can cast. This is not a vote at the ballot box or even with your wallet, nope, time for Americans and American businesses to be voting with your feet. If a state is not conducive to business and liberty, LEAVE and leave now. Funny thing is if you need a job or want to start or move a business said states offer greater opportunity anyway.

    Unemployment rates

    CO – 7.6%
    IL – 8.7%
    CA – 9.8%
    NY – 8.8%

    TX – 6.1%
    NH – 5.7%
    SD – 4.4%
    WY – 4.9%

    Top Income Tax Rates

    CO – 4.63%
    IL – 3%
    CA – 10.55%
    NY – 8.97%

    TX – 0%
    NH – 0% on income (5% on interest and dividends only, this keeps money in local businesses)
    SD – 0%
    WY – 0%

    Does anyone see a connection yet? Show me a state that craps on the Second Amendment and not only will I show you that it means they crap on the constitution in general, I will also show you a state that can’t manage their checkbook and sees their population as a money farm to harvest with taxes as well. Some me a state that supports the Second Amendment and gee wiz golly gee, they tend to know how to balance a budge, have low unemployment, no or very low taxes and respect freedoms in general.

    So when people ask me if any gun business could be forced out of a state like CO, OH, NJ, NY the only question I have is why are they still there? Hell, I have to ask why any small to mid size business owner would remain there?

  • I live in Colorado and was previously quite proud of our states generally libertarian approach to civil rights. That is slowly unraveling however and the most recent behavior of our legislature is positively irrational. To that end, I took the time this morning to write my entire state delegation with the following:

    Dear Hon. ,

    Good morning. I am deeply concerned that our Colorado house members have passed HB-1224, HB-1226 and HB-1228. Each of these bills goes against the culture of civil liberties that helps make Colorado such a special place to live and limits the freedoms indoctrinated in the second amendment of our US Constitution. The framers put this amendment in place to ensure that there was a balance afforded to the people in order to keep the potentially tyrannical behavior of government control in check.

    Based on media coverage, the sponsors of HB-1226 have the false assumption that concealed carry holders won’t make good decisions on college campuses. The people are amongst our most responsible members of society, having chosen to make an affirmative decision in the name of ensuring security, been trained in self defense, the laws surrounding CCW and gone through the CBI background process. Stripping them of carrying on campus essentially creates safe zones for criminals. If you disagree with this claim, take a look at the crime statistics for areas that limit concealed carry compared to where it is legal.

    HB-1228 and HB-1224 are more troubling but for different reasons. The fee imposed by HB-1228 equates to a poll tax akin to the Stamp Act fought against so vigorously by Patrick Henry in 1765. The basis for this view is that federal background checks are offered to the states at no charge to the citizenry yet Colorado opts to use a less thorough state run check. HR-1228 would extend a fee to that state run check, in turn limiting freedom and infringing on the rights of the citizenry.

    The arbitrary and draconian limits on magazine capacity in HB-1224 attempt to limit the strength of the people’s militia implicitly created by the Second Amendment and will destroy desperately needed jobs here in Colorado. Magpul is one of our most high profile small businesses and has stated flatly that it will move its operations to another state if all of its civilian products cannot sold in Colorado. Do you really want to destroy 700 good paying manufacturing and logistics jobs in the name of false security? Their products were not used in the Aurora tragedy and the AR-15 associated with the Newtown shooting never left the car. Why infringe the rights of and punish millions of citizens for failures in the mental health system. It makes zero sense.

    I strong support the governor’s plan to improve mental health services in our state and background checks. Both of these are effective tools in keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals and those with impaired judgement. Let’s put government’s focus and resources on the causes of violent crime versus window dressing targeted to appease certain constituencies.

    Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss these vital issues further. I am a practicing security professional with nearly twenty years experience.

    Respectfully Yours,


  • ReformedSlacker

    Heck, Magpul, come to Utah. We are very pro-gun, great business climate, one of the strongest state economies in the country, and close to the state you’re currently fleeing.

  • Reddog245

    Dear Magpul: As Chairman of the Payne County Board of Commissioners, I can assure you that you would be more than welcome in Payne County, OK. We have a great workforce, a very gun friendly environment, (note that our laws are almost the exact opposite of CO.), low crime rates, and legislators that are not a bunch of pot-smoking libtards. Even our Governor got her carry permit, even though she has armed security 24/7, and encouraged all other Oklahomans to do so. It’s hard to move sometimes, but it sounds like it is time. We have some great people involved in economic development that can help with location, building, etc. Let me know how I can help. [email protected].

  • I like how they are willing to take magpuls in taxes and jobs then want to sh!t on the 2A and the pro gun community, that alone says every thing we need to know about them.

    I personally would like to see every firearm manufacturer, parts manufacturer pick up and move to a progun state.

  • Titanbear

    Maybe their afraid with all the new pot smokers that they can’t handle more that a 10-round clip or mag. Smoke’m if you got them, but just don’t Shoot’em if you got them!?

  • Titanbear

    @MOJO  Very articulate and couldn’t agree more…

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