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Employee Job Description Includes Getting Shot!

By The ITS Crew

Colombian tailor Miguel Caballero has become famous for making bulletproof attire for fashion conscience celebrities and heads of state.

It’s all about looking good while being shot at, and Caballero has apparently cornered the market with the first bulletproof fashion boutique in the world.

What intrigued us about this story, isn’t his fashionable clothing, it’s that he requires each one of his employees to be shot in the clothing he makes.

Watch as the reporter in the video gets shot point-blank by Caballero, who says “I shoot all my employees.” It’s just a “philosophy of quality control.”

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  • AndrewxAnarchy

    The SWAT looking guy on the cat walk cracked me up!

  • Whoa. I’ll just take his word…

  • Vice travel is a pretty funny show, a breath of fresh air from the usual travel programs. like I really want to spend 5K a week in a Tuscany villa – When I travel I want to drink and shoot guns!

    If that company is making bullet resistant clothing they are probably using Aramid, its what the North Hollywood “High Incident” bank robbers used to make their clothing (along with traditional vests and plates)

    ~James G

  • Eric Lien

    That is one heck of a reporter to let the guy shoot him!

  • “Avoid getting shot” was always a motto of mine…still is.

  • Blake

    “my knee is shaking” thats called adrenaline you pansy…

    …although I do agrea with Mike: “Avoid getting shot” lol

    • Peroxyde

      Blake, he let somebody shoot him at pointblank range. That man is not a pansy.

    • Blake

      I know I was being facetious.
      …excess adrenaline when you no longer/do not yet have a physical use for it DOES cause people to shake, right?

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