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The Benefits of Lock Picking – Gear Tasting Radio Episode 03

By The ITS Crew

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing nefarious about learning how to pick locks. On this episode, Bryan and Rob discuss the illusion of security that locks create and why learning to pick locks helps you better understand your overall security.

In addition to increased security knowledge, the guys also discussed the hobby aspects of lock picking and the important ethics behind Locksport.

Episode 03 – The Benefits of Lock Picking

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  • Curtis Olson

    I need to get a set of those titanium Bogota’s… I’m not sure if I want flats or not though

  • Derek Ladd

    The titanium bogota’s are one of two different sets i own. I also purchased a see-thru padlock which helps you to understand the actual mechanics of what is happening inside. My 10 yr old has had a lot of fun figuring it out!

  • Mark Kelcourse

    Unfortunately, some states make it a crime to possess such tools without being a licensed lock smith.

    • John Resendes Cpc

      Tennessee is one of them

    • Derek Ladd

      Tx is similar. But any tool can be a ‘burglary tool’ under the right circumstances. It all depends on how they are being used. You would have to get caught with them thoughU0001f609

    • Mark Kelcourse

      Derek Laddand a pencil can be a deadly weapon, in the hands of John Wick. 😀

    • Dave H

      In my province it can be an accessory which makes the crime worse. If I were searched and caught with them in public I would have to justify why I was carrying. If I was being arrested for something it would make the charge worse.
      This is also why the emergency flashlight mounted by my bed is a 6 D cell mag lite.

    • Jeff Smith

      In Virginia, they are “burglarious tools.”

    • Rodney Stonestreet

      “A pencil! Who does that?”

    • Sean Wilbanks

      Still have to prove criminal intent too.

    • Mark Kelcourse

      Sean Wilbanks, not in states like MA. The state where liberty was born but has long since died.

    • Jeff Smith

      Nor in Virginia. Possession is the same as intent here.

    • Roger Quinlin Jr

      Don’t get caught!

  • Josh Hutch

    I’ve known how to picks locks for years. I worked with my brother in law as a locksmith for quite a while and learned quite a bit. It is a skill that I found necessary in many instances. There are many household items you can use as a tension tool and rake. You really don’t need an all out pick set. Even for vehicles, simple household items can be used easily especially for vertical locks.

  • Seth Kozek

    This is just like learning how to hack on your computer to help better understand what you need to do to up your security

  • Erich S. Schultz

    My department bought a cabinet at a government auction. They didn’t have a key. I was able to pick the lock and saved the village from hiring a locksmith or drilling out the lock. (Turns out you can order replacement keys online for about $5. But that’s not the point. Lol)

  • Chris Brown

    The Air Force deemed it necessary to send me to school to learn how to pick locks and other nefarious acts. Fast forward about 30 years and I picked the locks to the filing cabinets at the company I used to work for because someone locked them before they found out there were no keys.

  • Douglas Olivo

    Perfect example, a few weeks back my mother-in-law was moving cross country and stayed with my wife and I as a halfway point. She lost her key to the padlock on the moving truck so I whipped out my picks and in about 2 minutes had it open (it was a very cheap lock) and she could get her luggage out to sleep for the night. She found the key the next morning and was able to re-use the lock, plan B of course was my “master key” massive bolt cutters from my army days when Privates used to like to lose their keys like it was their job.

  • Sandy Joyce

    Bill Joyce and Loretta Cordova Nagel

  • Andrea Teague

    Nephatious no, however in some localities, it is illegal to own a lockpick set, or lockpick tools, without being certified. Like Virginia, where I live.

    • Shane Smith

      So use a clip off a roller ball pen for a tension wrench and a
      Yea a bobby pin for the pick …. yes it does work as I’ve done it

    • Andrea Teague

      It will work, but that doesn’t change that you have to be certified in VA through DCJS, even to be an enthusiast. I’ve made my own set before out of scrap metal. I’ve seen tutorials on how to make them out of all kinds of stuff. It’s handy, as long as you don’t get busted with it.

  • Corvus Drakovitch

    I agree. Ive tried my hand at amateur lock picking and It’s taught me some interesting things.

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