Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast: Episode 15 - ITS Tactical

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Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast: Episode 15

By The ITS Crew

Ridiculous Dialogue Podcast Episode 15

Episode 15

We’ll save the title explanation for the Podcast, but just to give you a hint, it’s another zinger from Kelly. In Episode 15 of Ridiculous Dialogue we talked about what a Paraprosdokian is, tried to get to the bottom of Matt’s Taste Disorder and his tolerance to spicy food.

Despite parts of this episode sounding like an Amazon commercial, we assure you it’s not. We do seem to all be members of Amazon Prime though and Rob tells us all about his Amazon addiction. You’ll also here about the weird food combos we all enjoy. Be sure to take notes, because Bryan shares his popcorn recipe too.

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ITS Tactical Crew and Ridiculous Dialogue Cast of Characters

Ridiculous Dialogue was created to share the banter that takes place at Imminent Threat Solutions on a daily basis. It’s us; candid, unedited and talking about everything from what movies we’re watching to the general geekiness that keeps us laughing here at ITS HQ.

While we generally keep the vibe in our articles PG rated, be warned, it may not be safe to blast over your speakers at work. We hope you enjoy the insight into ITS and who we are behind the scenes as a company; pull up a chair and tune in to Radio ITS.

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