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Military Athlete and Mountain Athlete

By The ITS Crew

mta_logo-1If you haven’t stumbled across Rob Shaul’s excellent fitness Web sites, Military Athlete and Mountain Athlete, we highly suggest you check them out.

We feel that Shaul’s Military Athlete site features a welcome change to what’s currently out there, and truly focuses on military specific fitness. He has a free workout of the day, not to be confused with the CrossFit WOD.

Military Athlete also offers a free six-week, pre-deployment training program for units/individuals with orders down range to Afghanistan.


Mountain Athlete offers a free workout of the day geared towards Climbing and Mountaineering specific exercises which  is designed to substantially increase finger and hand strength, pulling strength, power endurance and stamina.

Shaul is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and has attended seminars/certifications through  CrossFit,  Gym Jones, U.S. Weightlifting and  Athletes’ Performance.

You’ll see pieces of all these mixed into the excellent workouts at both Military Athlete and Mountain Athlete.

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Shaul’s background is a mix of certifications from CrossFit, Gym Jones, U.S. Weightlifting and Athletes’ Performance.

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  • ltcomp

    Both of these are great sites. Recently Rob had to start charging 25 dollars a month for membership for the daily works. Both of the sites have a great videos of all of the exercises and I highly recommend the range fitness for all of my brothers in arms.

  • Good article that I found in Men’s Journal (JAN2011) talking about the Mountain Athlete Program called “Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie”:

    Basic premis of the article is to stick to the basics: Squats, Deads, Bench, Pull-ups, Push-ups, and dips.

  • I’ve been using Rob’s Big Mountain program to train up for a The Ascent…which I regrettably will miss due to recent work obligations.
    The 11 week program is based around 5 days a week, cycling through strength, work capacity and stamina sessions. It’s made more stronger, faster, more durable and able to go farther, harder. Good stuff.

    • Awesome Chris, I’ll have to look into that! We’ll all miss you at the Ascent brother, hope to see you at another GORUCK function in the future!

    • Bummed about missing The Ascent…Gotta put more steaks in the freezer. I will be at Beached for sure. Grew up in Key West so it’s really going to be a blast seeing it through GR goggles! Hope you can attend that one.

    • That may be a bit too rich for my blood Chris and I’ve already been cold, wet and miserable at BUD/s and not sure if I’d want to replicate that LOL

  • Ben

    Im a member of a special operations unit and just had knee surgery a year ago. I was told i would never be able to run more than a mile. A buddy turned me on to Rob’s workouts. Its been a little over a year i lost 40lbs i gained from surgery got my 2 mile time to a sub 13 a 5 mile of 34:14 and i max every other event and complete 16 pull ups. My knee doesnt hurt at all and my strength and stamina have gone through the roof. I am now in charge of PT and Physical therapy for the unit. I have gotten to the point where i do 2 of his workouts a day along with a run. I cant enough good things about his program.

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