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Increase your Medical Mojo with new offerings from Combat Medical Systems

By The ITS Crew

We’d like to draw your attention to a brand new product combo from Combat Medical Systems called the Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor.

While medical shears haven’t come too far since their original design, CMS has truly added fantastic new features to not only their shears but to their retractors as well.

As many of you probably know, a good set of medical/trauma shears is a must for a first responder and today we’ll show you why CMS has raised the bar.

Basic Features

Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor 02Medical shears haven’t come very far since their original design, which can easily aid first responders in cutting clothing to expose a wound, cut gauze, bandages and even a penny. Most feature a serrated edge on one blade to aid in cutting and have a lift-lip to help lift clothing up out of the way.

While these are fairly standard features on all medical shears, what sets apart great shears from mediocre ones, are a few things. One is the tightness of the shears. If you’re the owner of medical shears you’ll probably know what we’re talking about. Loose shears are a recipe for failure when it comes to that important cut and can lead to the material you’re cutting actually bending and getting trapped in between the shear blades rather than getting cut.

Next is weight. Obviously the lighter the better, especially in the field. Last, but certainly not least is comfort, you want your shears to provide great cuts with minimal effort so you’re not taxing yourself during an all day training class where you’re cutting numerous things. All shears rub, so to us comfort doesn’t mean that you’ve got a nice squishy pair of handles with gel inserts or something. Comfort to us means depending on them to do the job without extra work on your part.

Mojo Medical Shears

Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor 03So what sets the Mojo Medical Shears apart from those other shears you commonly see on the market? Where do we start…

First off, these are some of the tightest (and lightest) shears we’ve ever handled. This is coming from years of collective experience with medical shears and real-world use. Here’s a quick example of what happens when you’re using shears that aren’t tight:

That’s not all that sets the Mojo shears apart though. Hopefully your keen eye caught a glimpse of the handles that CMS has specifically designed for these shears. Notice the holes? This is what made us want to review these shears in the first place, those are lanyard holes! File that under “why didn’t we think of that?”

Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor 05When these shears are used in conjunction with the Mojo Retractor we’ll get into in just a bit, it gives you eight different attachment point holes to find the most comfortable spot for you to dummy cord your shears. The last thing you want to do is lose your shears when seconds count. The attachment points also ensure that the cable/dummy cord doesn’t interfere with effective gripping of the handles.

What’s also great about the handles is that their autoclavable, which means they can withstand up to 290ËšF of heat to sterilize them for repeated use.

Here’s some additional features if you’re not already convinced these are great shears:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • Serrated lower blade for increased cutting power
  • Autoclavable Handles
  • Two-tone matte finish
  • Rounded tip for patient safety
  • 8 attachment points on handles
  • Weight: 1.8 oz. / Size: L 7 1/2″ x W 3 3/4″ x D 3/8″

Gear Keeper

Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor 10You may recognize the basic design of the Mojo Retractor, as it’s a base design from the Gear Keeper line made by Hammerhead. The Gear Keeper retractors are nothing new, but Combat Medical Systems has made some great modifications to these that truly put them on top of all current Gear Keeper offerings.

We’ve always been big fans of Gear Keepers, as they’re low-profile, strong and feature a quick-disconnect so that you can easily remove whatever is attached to them without removing the retractor from whatever you have it attached to. What we haven’t liked is the way that you have to attach the lanyard side to whatever you’re securing (typically with the provided key ring) and the typical snap hook mounting via the other side.

Having to use a key ring not only puts the item you’re dummy cording too close to the retractor body, but is a pain to attach to a pair of shears to and the ring gets stretched out when you do so. Not to mention the noise having a key ring rattling around. The issue with the snap hook is that it’s not a very versatile attachment system and if you’ve ever tried attaching it to MOLLE you know what we’re talking about.

Mojo Retractor

Mojo Medical Shears and Retractor 09CMS has made some great modifications to an already fantastic design that truly puts the Mojo Retractor on top. First, they eliminated the standard key ring attachment and added a small 6″ nylon lanyard extension similar to something you find included in the box with a cell phone or camera. This provides a small, yet strong loop to girth hitch into the attachment holes on the Mojo Medical Shears.

This combination also eliminates any attachment into the inside of the handles on the shears that could interfere with your grip. It also moves the shears further away from the start of the retractor cable to make mounting options more versatile. Having a universal girth hitch option also allow the retractor to be used to dummy in a number of electronic devices, like a GPS or digital camera.

In addition to the lanyard extension, and by far the coolest feature, is the attachment point. CMS has gone with a threaded pin specifically designed for the difficulty of standard retractors to be mounted into webbing or thick material. All you do is unscrew the pin body, push it through and screw it back into the back of the retractor body. When fully cinched down, there’s also a gap that’s left which enables the retractor to spin on whatever you’ve mounted it to. The pin design truly allows you to mount the Mojo Retractor virtually anywhere!


  • Designed for any environment
  • Stainless steel and high-impact plastic construction
  • 36″ stainless steel nylon coated cable
  • 3 oz. pull
  • Quick Disconnect / Break Away lanyard attachment
  • Threaded pin back mounting design
  • Versatile mounting solution
  • Weight: 1.2 oz. / Size (w/o lanyard): L 3″ x W 1.5″ x D 7/8″ (with pin back)


The Mojo Medical Shears and Mojo Retractor represent a solid upgrade in what’s currently available on the market, which is why we’re proud to offer some of the first pairs available in the ITS Tactical Store (Available NOW!). CMS does not have these listed on their Website yet, but they do have them in stock as well.

We’ve always tried to bring you the best niche products available in our Store and the Mojo Shears and Retractor are no exception. We don’t offer products to our readers to make huge profits on, we do it more as a service to our readers to have a convenient outlet to get hard to find items or things we feel aren’t available like our ETA Kits. Thanks for your continued support!

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