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New Mystery Ranch Pack Let’s You Scout Ahead like a Spartan

By Eric Chevalier

I am pretty sure most of our readers, if not all, are familiar with the Mystery Ranch name.  They not only offer some of the best military packs around, but hunting, fire/trail and recreation packs as well.

What I’ll be revieweing today is the new Skiritai Pack from Mystery Ranch. You’re probably  wondering a little about the name, so let me fill you in.

The Skiritai were the Spartan rangers which  formed the left flank in combat, acted as scouts, and were the only unit allowed to proceed the Spartan King.


Mystery Ranch SkiritaiThe color options on the Skiritai are Coyote Brown or MultiCam 500 denier weight fabric. With the frame, the pack weighs 6 lbs. 3 oz. and has an overall size of 21″ x 11″ x 6″ (2400 cu-in).

For sizing, see the comparison pic of Skiritai next to a 3-Day Assault Pack. The buckles used throughout the pack are National Molding, and are all easily replaced if broken. The straps and PALS webbing are heavy nylon that were cut with a hot knife then sewn over for the former, or sewn into the pack on the latter.  The zippers are all YKK brand.

Mystery Ranch SkiritaiThe pack itself has two exterior Nalgene bottle pockets (fits the 32 oz. perfectly), exterior PALS for attaching whatever type of MOLLE pouch you choose, or the option of the Rip-Zip Pouch by Mystery Ranch (300 cu-in per pouch). It’s a very cool pouch, easily opened with a one-hand pull that has rigid frame to keep its shape. It’s attached to the pack by passing the compression straps thru slots on the backside of the pouch.

Mystery Ranch SkiritaiTo enter the pack, you have a coroner zip opening which gives you access to the interior. Inside you’ll find more PALS attachment options for radio sleeves, first aid pouches, etc. There are also four long-pockets with velcro closure and four smaller-sized mesh pockets with zipper closure. The top flap is identical to that found on the 3-Day Assault Pack, with a 4×6 velcro panel for patches, IR flags or ID’s.

There’s also a zip-opening admin area, a zip-opening large mesh area, and a two-way zip opening for tube routing or access to your radio inside. A detachable top E&E lid gives you an additional 400 cu-in of storage space. The waist belt is fully padded and has PALS areas for attaching pouches, or you can opt for the upgrade to a zippered waist belt pocket if you like.


Mystery Ranch SkiritaiThe Skiritai Pack is fully adjustable like all of the MR packs, just follow the instructions provided, or go online and use their handy fitting video.

Once adjusted, the pack is extremely comfortable to wear. I’ve noticed a slight difference in air flow along the back with the BVS as opposed to the Futura yoke, other’s feed back on this would be appreciated because I am not wearing body armor. The BVS mesh is removable if you don’t need it.

For a full day hike I haven’t noticed any hip-belt rub or shoulder issues. Normal ground covered is rolling hills/field, dense wooded areas with water crossings. The only issue I noticed was on a three-hour hike in pouring rain the pack did soak thru, so to fix that problem I ordered an OR Hydrolite pack cover, which will be covered along with the E&E lid when it comes in.

Mystery Ranch SkiritaiThe kit I carry for a 24-hour period is as follows: OR Wallcreeper, OR Wallcreeper Cover, Basha (for rigging a tarp shelter, see the Knot of the Week series for instructions), hygiene kit, folding saw, wool pullover (Ibex), Gore-tex rain wear, Spear socks, boxers, t-shirt, SnowPeak Cook Set, water and food.

Editor’s Note: Please join us in welcoming Eric Chevalier as an ITS Contributor. Eric is a former Infantry Marine and ITS Plank Owner who enjoys Hiking, Kayaking, Shooting, Military Gear and Camouflage. If you’ll remember Eric recently donated a lot of gear for those fighting the good fight!

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