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Tactically Organize and Employ your Entry Tools with 215 Gear’s Custom Tactical Bag

By Bryan Black

I’ll admit I’m a bit of an organizational freak, but my wife and those that know me would probably say that’s an understatement. With that being the case, I knew I had to get one of 215 Gear’s Custom Tactical Bags to organize my entry tools.

The Custom Tactical Bag is the Gucci of entry tool bags. Nowhere have I seen a more comprehensive and modular way to carry method of entry equipment on the market today. Up until now, it’s been limited to throwing everything in a big bag, or trying to come up with your own velcro panels to mount all those little items.

While purpose built for carrying entry tools, the Custom Tactical Bag is functional enough to be used for just about anything, including medical supplies or EOD tools.

Custom Tactical Bag

215 Gear Custom Tactical Bag 01As described on 215 Gear’s Website, “this project was designed from the ground up for one specific purpose, for the tactical organizing and employment of method of entry tools.”

Through the use of custom designed panels, pouches and accessories, the Custom Tactical Bag fills a large void in carrying entry / lock picking tools and does so with a well thought out design that makes efficient use of velcro to bring tremendous modularity to the bag.


The Custom Tactical Bag is smaller than it appears, but don’t let that fool you. It measures 16″ long x 8.5″ tall x 4″ deep and literally held everything I needed it to.


215 Gear Custom Tactical Bag 02Starting with the exterior of the bag, the first thing you’ll notice is the nice rubber-coated nylon webbing handle that provide a nice comfortable grip, despite any amount of weight you may be carrying. Moving away from the handle in either direction will land you at the ITW Nexus/Fastex buckles that allow the shoulder strap to be removed if unnecessary.

The adjustable shoulder strap itself is made from 1.5″ webbing with a contoured, slip-not backed pad that keeps the bag in place whether carried on a shoulder or in a messenger bag style configuration.

Moving to the backside of the bag reveals a low zippered-compartment running the width of the bag. This pocket opens to reveal a hook lined velcro field spanning the entire interior of the pocket for attaching small panels, or to take advantage of the well thought out drop cloth integration.

215 Gear Custom Tactical Bag 06Measuring a whopping 36″ wide x 28″ tall the fold-out drop cloth not only neatly tucks away in this compartment, but also integrates a 11″ wide x 7″ tall loop velcro area that attaches directly to the inside of the compartment. This ensures that the stored drop cloth stays with the bag at all times and is ready to catch any metal filings or scraps that may get created from entry.

The drop cloth itself is very nicely made with heavy-duty pack cloth and bound edging all the way around. Definitely a feature that adds great functionality to the bag and doubles as a nice place to lay out your equipment.

Made from 1680 ballistic nylon for durability, the Custom Tactical Bag is sure to last a lifetime.


215 Gear Custom Tactical Bag 09Accessing the interior of the bag is handled by a clamshell opening on the bag. When carrying the bag, the opening almost seems wrong until you understand the true purpose of the bag and how filleting it open via the heavy-duty zipper allows full access to all contents.

Both the top and bottom inner lid feature hook velcro allowing the placement of any loop velcro backed panel manufactured. Some of 215 Gear’s panels offered are covered in a plush fabric, which also adheres very well to the hook velcro.

The true modularity of the bag lies with the removable main interior panel that allows twice as much storage in the same amount of space. The interior panel is also attached via a PALS/MOLLE connection and can be mounted in either of the three channels of PALS provided to make more room for bulkier items.

215 Gear Custom Tactical Bag 10This is a great feature of the bag, as it allows some of the larger pouches to be mounted in a way that doesn’t cause the interior panel to ride over them and cause unnecessary bulk in the bag.

Last but not least are the ingenious panels and pouches that 215 Gear has designed to hold everything from bump keys to files for the fine art of lock impressioning. There are over 10 different panels and pouches to configure the bag however you’d like. How awesome are these?

Just take the bump keys you see in the photos of this bag, before I stumbled across the GP Panel #1 I was literally storing all 35 of those keys on a large binder clip ring. Each time I’d need a specific key I’d have to rattle though all of them to find the one I was looking for and then open the binder clip to remove one.

I’m also a huge fan of the GP Panel 2 and 3 which not only do an excellent job of securing a pick set case, but even hold a pair of vice grips extremely well.!

Equipment Carried

Here’s all the items, panels and pouches carried in this bag; despite the numerous items there are still plenty of places let for expansion. Worst case, I just change the configuration and have a brand new set up (Many of these lock picking items can be found at 215 Gear).

Bottom Side

  • GP Panel 3 – Peterson Elite 4 Bypass Pick Set
  • GP Panel 2 – SouthOrd Assorted Pick Set
  • GP Pouch 3 – Security Bit Set, Pin & Tumbler Trainer Lock (For Practicing)

Interior Panel Side 1

  • Stanley Mini Crow Bar – Shoved into unused PALS webbing
  • GP Panels 11-13 (4) – County Comm Micro Widgy, Mini Multi-Tool, Lock Graphite, Peterson Bump Hammer Weight Kit, Rolled Aluminum Can Strips for Padlock Shimming
  • GP Panel 4 – Wire Strippers/Cutters, Pens, Hemostats (curved and straight), Mirror

Interior Panel Side 2

  • Adams Rite Slim Jim – Shoved into unused PALS webbing
  • GP Panel 1 x 2 – Bump Keys, Featherweight Tension Wrench, Titanium Entry Toolset
  • GP Panel 10 – Warded Padlock Picks, Automotive Jigglers, Keys for Trainer Lock

Top Side

  • GP Pouch 1 – Craftsman Screwdriver/Bit Set, Petzel e+Lite, Peterson Bump Hammer
  • GP Panel 2 – Craftsman Auto-Lock Vice Grips
  • GP Pouch 4 – Gerber EOD Multi-Tool


Before you rush off to 215 Gear and order a Custom Tactical Bag, they have provided you guys with some killer coupons for not only the Custom Tactical Bag Complete Kit, but Lock Picking supplies, lights, mag pouches and T-Shirts as well!

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