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Beat the Heat with the 215 Gear Blended Operators Hat

By Bryan Black


I’ve been wearing around a 215 Gear Blended Operators Hat at the range now for the better part of 8 months, with nothing but great things to report.

The durability and construction of this hat is outstanding and as someone who’s pretty picky about hats, this is one I’ve truly become fond of.

What makes the Blended Operators Hat perfect for shooting in the Texas heat are the built in mesh panels to increase airflow, lightweight cotton fabric and a black under-brim surface to help prevent glare.

It’s also an unstructured 6-panel hat, which means the front two panels don’t have any support material added to them. These hats are sometimes called “floppy” hats. They’re definitely not as “floppy” as boonie hat, but are lightweight and weigh in at just 2.7 ounces.



Much like a Trucker’s Hat, but without the traditional plastic mesh panels. The Blended Operators Hat panels are made from heavy duty fabric for increased durability. If you’re familiar with Eagle’s CIRAS line of vests, this appears to be the same heavy duty mesh that they use on the body-side of these. The material is rigid at first but softens nicely with wear.

Another thing that sets this hat apart is the black Velcro-compatible material under the brim, which not only provides a non-glare surface, but to also allows attachment of things like small LED Bite Lights or Keychain Lights to provide hands-free illumination (see photos below).

215 has also removed that annoying top button and replaced it with a 1.5″ x 1.5″ loop Velcro square for attaching IR patches, and provided a front and rear 3″ x 2″ loop Velcro panel for attaching your favorite patches. The closure is something I also really like about this hat, which is handled through a Velcro adjustment rather than the typical slider or plastic peg adjustment.


The 215 Gear Blended Operators Hat comes in Black, Coyote, MultiCam, Desert Digital, UCP and a MultiCam JTAC option with two added high visibility panels on the inside for signaling. The BOH is a one size fits all hat that’s made right here in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.


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  • horsefighting

    i’ve been wearing mine for about 3 months now. its great.

  • Benjamin Fasseel

    I have one. I like it a lot. The only problem I have with it is that my flag patch is to large, so it won’t fit on the velcro. Not sure if I got default hat or patch but the patch overlaps on the sides. I still love the hat and wear it all the time.

  • waykno

    I have way too many hats now–looks like one more can’t hurt, huh? Thanks.

  • D B

    Hey, awesome job your doing here! I am ordering one today; however, are there any coupon codes?


  • That would be nice down here in Florida also. Might have to check one out even though the MM hat just arrived.
    I guess you can never have too many hats!

  • D B

    OK! I just placed an order..Even had to order another patch to go with it.

  • Keith

    I love my hate too…

    Only thing I would change would be to give it an elastic adjuster, just like HSGI / SKD Tactical has on their hats.

    My 1st “Taci-cool” hat was a HSGI and I’ve had a ton since. I’ve got 2 215’s and use them at the Range most of the time.

    I do like them alot, dont get me wrong, just some feedback…

  • Steven Simmons

    Good review, I was looking at getting one of these a while back but decided on the one by SKD. Since they didn’t have any Multicam in stock I just got a black one to everyday wear. It’s not a bad hat at all, just not a lot of headroom in the back for my big head so it rides a little high. Guess I might have to go ahead and get a multicam one from 215 for East Texas hog hunting!

    I do have one question about the 215, for the people with large heads, when you have it adjusted and you are wearing it, does it fit high or low on your head? Because with my SKD one the back of the hat does not go down past the line of the top of my ears, so when I have it on, it is a little tight on the top back of my head. I guess what I am trying to say is, is there a lot of headroom on the inside.

  • Eric Cashion

    Love mine!

  • Matt Hazard

    How are these for guys with bigger heads (I wear a 7 5/8 – 7 3/4 hat)?

    Having enough adjustment isn’t usually the problem for me, it is that the hat ends up sitting high on the head like a beanie.

    Any guys with bigger heads have any input?


  • armystopper

    This hat is outstanding! One of the best hats that I have ever purchased and wear it all of the time!

  • mseanmc

    I’m with Matt Hazard. What about us guys with melons for craniums? Does this hat work, or are we left trying to find workarounds like we do with sunglasses/eyepro?

  • I broke down and bought one to try out. I used it a IDPA match this weekend and I was really impressed.
    For once I didn’t have sweat running down my forehead and my glasses didn’t fog up on every run. This is a great hot weather hat!

  • JTAC

    Tried to get one of these posted to the UK, but the postage was almost twice the cost of the cap which was a shame!

  • AS10

    i bought one of these suckers easily 3-4 years ago, and its held up as a great hat. Even after all this time it shows minimal wear, and even the loop fastener under the brim is still together. Will admit I prefer my goruck one though. Its a little more substantial, and fits snugger. If I hold both hats by the brim the 215 hat looses form folds over on itself. The nylon is super lite and the hat breathes like its not even on your head, but brim of the 215 hat is kind of flimsy, and I was never able to get the brim to hold a round edge. After 4 years it still as good as the day I got it. Grade A quality. Super lite. Couldn’t recommend it more. 
    To guys with “larger” heads, I might recommend something else. The cap rides a kind of high, and doesn’t feel “snug.” If I’m just at the range its not a problem, but I have had it fly off while running. Oh! and if you have super short, or no hair, be warned the mesh is wide enough I have burned my scalp.

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