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Odor Testing DRIFIRE’s Newest Gen 4 Fabric

By Bryan Black

During the SHOT Show this year, we were able to get some face time with the crew at DRIFIRE to learn about their newest products and Gen 4 Fabric.

We found it interesting that while many have tested the FR (Flame Resistant) properties of their material, they mentioned no one had put the odor resistant properties to the test.

On their Web site they mention that with the FreshGuard technology, you can wear their shirts for days “we dare you!” We decided to accept that dare (and forgo the physical challenge, for all you DoubleDare fans).

Until one of us at ITS deploys again, we won’t be able to give this Lightweight T-Shirt the *ultimate* odor control test, but I’ve personally decided to put it through the ringer as best as I can here stateside.

Testing Details

For at least the next week, and against my wife’s wishes, I’ve decided to wear a DRIFIRE Lightweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt without showering.

Yes, I know that’s gross, but what better way to test it than to try and simulate the conditions overseas? Of course I’ll still be using deodorant and wiping down with wipes as needed.

I workout everyday too, so I’ll be able to at least sweat it out for a few hours each day.

I’ll be creating a video each day do keep everyone informed on how the odor control features are holding up, and of course I’ll be making my wife smell my shirt too.

DRIFIRE Lightweight Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The shirt that was sent by DRIFIRE is their newest,  lightest weight t-shirt, which they consider “ultra-lightweight” within their current product line.

Using their Gen 4 Fabric, the 5.5 oz lightweight short sleeve shirt is designed with off-the shoulder flatlock seams for no-rub comfort.

The FreshGuard Odor Control utilizes antimicrobial protection with SilverPlus as a finish to help control odors.

Initial Thoughts

Right out of the package this shirt is very lightweight as advertised. It’s comfortable both as a stand alone T-Shirt and as an undershirt. It appears very well made, and the flatlock seams definitely live up to their “no-rub comfort.”

I’ll continue to update this article with daily videos discussing the odor test, so stay tuned!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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  • Ryan

    Looking forward to how this turns out. I don’t need FR, but I’m damn tired of stinky undershirts.

  • MIKE25

    That’s what I call dedication to the job and taking one for the team.
    No, not you Bryan-your wife.

  • Wesley

    That’s a nice white shirt. I say go until it’s a light brown color and see how it smells!

  • http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/3995/gijoe1.jpg
    Now that your “Out” from behind the camera so to speak, I can finally make this comparison.
    Good stuff as always!

  • Brock Carter

    I did a similar “test” for my own interest on a COTS shirt that claimed odor-eating – only I showered since I had to be in an office setting. The significant other hated it, not just the fact that I wore the same shirt for 5 days but that “it’s still gross from yesterday’s workout and general you-ness”. I feel your pain.

  • Very interesting but the logo that they show on the front on there pictures on the website makes it a no go for us military guys unfortunately. Great article and nice vid. Thanks and keep up the great work.

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