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Titan Strategic Security Blanket Review: This Ain’t Your Granny’s Quilt

By Bryan Black

Titan Security Blankets

Wait a minute. A “tactical” quilt? I suppose you could call it that, but I really like Titan Strategic’s name for it. The Security Blanket. It’s everything you’d expect from a US made quilt, without the embarrassing pattern only your wife would love. Besides, who doesn’t want their favorite camouflage pattern on an extremely warm blanket?

I’ve been a fan of quilts ever since my wife Kelly made a few of her own. They’re warmer than a typical blanket that lacks insulation and perfect for your next campout, storing in a vehicle, curling up around the fire with a good book, or even eye guzzling Netflix on the couch this winter. I won’t judge your binge, #showhole.

Titan Strategic Group Security Blanket

I was approached a few months ago by one of our ITS Life Members and the owner of Titan Strategic Group, Brian Sneed, to see if I’d like to review the Security Blanket. Of course I was all over it and may have even watched a few Netflix shows with it. You know, for research.

Titan Security Blankets

Over the past few months, I really have put it through its paces, using it for everything from camping, to a replacement for my covers at night. I typically carry a rolled up wool blanket in my vehicle for emergencies, but I’m making the switch to a Security Blanket. Yes, it may be an expensive emergency blanket, but I’ll also have it there for camping as well.

The name Security Blanket may bring up visuals of Linus from Peanuts clutching his blue blanket, but the only thing similar here is that they’re available in the Navy’s blue NWU (Navy Working Uniform) Type 1 pattern, along with MultiCam and NWU Type 2 (Desert Digital) patterns. What’s resonated with me about the Security Blanket is a bit of nostalgia. These take me back to my youth and a Woodland Camouflage sleeping bag I’d use as a comforter on my bed. I have vivid memories of wanting to join the military back then, when I’d lie in bed and listen to the latest news on Operation Desert Storm.

Titan Security Blankets


As mentioned, the Security Blanket is currently available in three different military-themed patterns, as well as three different sizes, 48″ x 76″, 60″ x 72″ and 60″ x 85″. I opted for 60″ x 72″ on the NWU Type II blanket I had made and feel that it’s a perfect size for me to cover up with, being 5′ 10″ tall.

Here’s Titan Strategic’s sizing guidelines:

  • 48″ x 76″  (sized specifically for submarine or surface ship racks)
  • 60″ x 72″  (standard lap blanket size)
  • 60″ x 85″  (standard twin bed or oversize lap blanket)

Titan Security Blankets

Not only do you have options for camouflage patterns and size, but there’s also two different kinds of quilting stitches available. A topo map pattern or dog tag pattern. I opted for the topo map pattern, but you’ll also see a Navy themed pattern in the photos here of the NWU Type 1 blanket. I was lent a few extra blankets to include in this review to show the options available.

Titan Security Blankets

Just when you thought the options were over, surprise, there’s more! You also can opt to have loop velcro sewn on to add a name tape or other morale patch flair you may want, as well as a border around the loop velcro squares. The standard velcro option includes six 3.5″ x 3.5″ loop squares and the bordered version has five loop squares.

Titan Security Blankets

Titan Security Blankets


Did I mention that the fabric used in the Security Blanket is Cordura NYCO Ripstop? This guarantees that you won’t have to worry about rough handling of your blanket. It’s durable and made extremely well with double stitched edge binding for additional strength. Speaking of stitching, something really neat on the MultiCam blanket is the use of varigated thread, which changes colors in the pattern. We’ve tried to grab a photo of it below.

Titan Security Blankets

Inside, Titan Strategic uses Hobbs Batting (80% Cotton / 20% Polyester) for insulation and the backside of the blanket is genuine Polartec Fleece for added warmth. All fabrics are sourced in the US, including the Velcro USA MultiCam loop.

When you first get your Security Blanket, you’ll see the recommended washing instructions that will smooth out some of the rough texture of the NYCO Cordura and make it even softer. The Polartec Fleece is super soft out of the bag, but a first washing on any quilt is always recommended. I didn’t know that tidbit until I was married, but I digress.

Wrap Up

Titan Security Blankets

Each Security Blanket is custom built-to-order specifically for you, which means you can work with Titan Strategic on a custom size, stitching pattern, or even having your name, rank or insignia embroidered on. Titan is currently quoting a two week shipping time from the time you place your order, with the holidays, it’s probably best to double check on that.

Titan Security Blankets

One last thing I’d like to mention comes from Kelly, she let me know that the pricing that Titan is charging is very competitive with US handmade and machine made quilts. These aren’t mass produced and are individually machine sewn and quilted by Titan Strategic right here in the US.

The price may seem high when you look what’s on the shelf at big box stores, but those quilts are typically mass produced overseas. In my opinion, the Security Blankets are worth the price for their American made materials and construction. It’s a keepsake that you can pass down to your kids and I plan on my Security Blanket lasting a lifetime.

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  • ric_cole

    ITStactical Gotta be on the Christmas list…

  • Chris Stickler

    Nick Forney security blanket

  • Matt Burd

    Glorified poncho liner.

  • Jason LaDuke

    Hahaha a $240 blanket

  • Travis McGuire

    Holy expensive woobie

  • Brandon Kelso

    Lol this place ridiculous expensive .haha waste of $$$

  • Warner Crump

    I like them but the price is a little insane. I do realize its USA made with USA sourced products but I think my Kifaru Woobie is way more practical and versatile for near half the price. Had this been in the same price point I’d have bought it no questions.

  • ITS Tactical

    For those choosing to focus just on price without reading the article, head to the last two paragraphs on your skim. There’s a reason why it costs as much as it does. ~ Bryan

  • Eric Davidson

    I can’t justify the price for the item.

  • Chris Stickler

    Bryan Black has spoken…

  • Lance Henderson

    Now have milspecmonkey review it lol

  • Cody Bowman

    I love my woobie way to much

  • Chris Janquart

    The price reflects the rather bespoke nature of the quilt, the quality materials and available options and the fact that it’s made in the U.S. (and not from so poor kid in China, India or Bangladesh slaving away in a sweat shop for 32¢/day).
    I like them but would like to see one in the standard army digital cammo pattern.

  • Matthew E Hames

    But will it replace the woobie?

  • Jason LaDuke

    I read the whole article first. I’m not hating on them, they found a niche and are capitalizing on it. It’s an absurd amount of money to pay for a poncho liner. I’m sure the dress-up crowd will eat it up though.

  • MauriceGavan

    Awesome, too late to get it for Xmas but def getting one 😉

  • Scott Robertson

    I love the product but no matter how you justify it, it’s an expensive blanket. I still want one.

  • Wayne Ruppert

    Jackie Ogden omfg the multicam!

  • Tony Gonzo

    A quality quilt bought from the Amish lady with a beard will cost about as much. If the quality is as good, we’re talking about heirloom here; might be worth the price.

  • David Carter

    My wife is in the middle of making 3 quilts for some friends’ kids, and I can attest to the fact that given materials, amount of quilting being done and time invested that $240-ish to start is not bad at all. In a kids quilt, buying all the materials retail, its well over $80-100. Then there is time cutting, laying it out, time to sew the edge then the time quilting (assuming they are doing it on a CNC quilting machine which is not a cheap piece of kit). Yeah $240 to start is not a bad deal at all. When you take the cost of their time out, they probably aren’t making much profit on these if any at all. To some a $30 chinese blanket will get the job done and it does. But it’s made in china and it’s definitely not as cool or as ‘Merican. You pay more for nicer or custom stuff. That is the way it goes. People pay $3k for AR’s with all kinds of nice crap on them but they are far different from the $600 M&P sport that you see on the shelf at your local sporting goods retailer.

  • Christopher Whiting

    I wish I had the money for one

  • Alex Valenzuela

    Allyson Valenzuela yes please! Multicam.

  • Ryan Wolfe

    I think the Woobie and this are different enough to not be comparable. I love my Woobie, but definitely going to order two of these as well!

  • Warner Crump

    For the way I would use it they were comparable to me. Everyone is different. I am in no way knocking on their idea or product. I was just caught off guard by the price.

  • Jackie Ogden

    They’re awesome. Definitely worth the money, there’s just no way I could swing that for a while. I want one for us forsure though.

  • Robb Lundberg

    The universal camouflage pattern is no longer the standard army pattern. Its operation camouflage from here on out.

  • ITS Tactical

    Jason LaDuke If you did read the article, you’d know that it’s not even comparable to a Poncho Liner. I know to many military guys a camo blanket = poncho liner, but I that’s certainly not the case here. Not quite sure what the “dress up crowd” means. ~ Bryan

  • Redbeard Welder

    I would love to see a wool army blanket sewn between the layers instead of the cotton stuffing!

  • Nick Holcomb

    No thanks, got a woobie.

  • Chris Janquart

    Thanks for the insight Robb…not military so I’m not up to speed on cammo patterns on specific uniforms.

  • Trevor Havens

    That blanket on the left strongly resembles me…

  • Kris Taylor

    The Woobie get’s a makeover. REMFs will dig it lol. I’ll stay with my 1983 issue version ; )

  • Echo Tree Victor

    Jay Rod lol

  • Mike Manuel

    Brandy Jeppesen I want!!!

  • Nate Baker

    I’m adding this to my Xmas list! Great review!

  • Brandy Jeppesen

    You and me both U0001f60d

  • Brian Sneed

    I assure you it is not a “poncho liner”, though at first glance it does resemble one. Quality is expensive folks. US (i.e. Non ChiCom sweatshop) labor is even more expensive. These blankets are of heirloom quality and will last your entire lives. And your children’s as well-Titan Strategic.

  • Brian Sneed

    We have woobies but I wouldn’t take our blankets on a 7 day hike or anywhere it was raining, or the like. These are heavy, they are not made of high performance breathe able materials, etc. they are made for your hunting lodge, den, man cave, military or ship rack, etc. could they survive a rainy, miserable pup tent camping weekend? Absolutely, thats just not their intended purpose 🙂 Brian–Titan Strategic.

  • Brian Sneed

    We can do that Chris. 🙂

  • Mark Kuras

    I need noe

  • Brian Sneed

    Thanks for that David. These take a while to make. The pattern stitching is done on a longarm quilter. Everything else is done by hand. –Titan Strategic

  • Ruben Trevino

    Jacksenia Trevino we do need blankets.

  • David Carter

    Dang. That quilting is not done via a computer? Jeeze that is some work and skill right there. Once I get a bigger house I am gonna build my wife a CNC Fabric Plotter (my friends over a District Fabrication built one and I will hit them up for some assistance) and will probably also build here a CNC Quilter just for giggles. Would be pretty sweet. Awesome work by the way. Those blankets are pretty dope IMO. I would get one, but my only hesitation would be how offended my wife would get. She gets pissed at me enough, don’t need to add fuel to the fire.

  • Jim Hunt

    Yes Please !!!

  • David Almanza

    Diana for the toy hauler

  • Bradley Duane Thornburg

    Darian, only this could replace woobie.

  • Bradley Duane Thornburg

    Y’know….if it wasn’t as much as a mortgage.

  • Ansel Chin

    I like it, and the price is entirely appropriate for a custom piece of gear.

  • Michael Calhoun

    How does it compare to the poncho liner?

  • Tim Collier

    My mother quilts so I know the amount of time and effort it takes….. It’s a lot.
    Factor in American made quality materials and manufactured here in America and $240 is a bargain.

  • Galen Rice

    Both my beds are king size or id be in. Those are kickass, keep up the good work. U0001f44dU0001f3ff

  • Titan Strategic Group

    Thank you for the review Bryan! To Bryan’s point, these are handcrafted in Colorado using the finest materials and construction available for the application. The only thing not done with “hands-on” is the Longarm stitching of the pattern, and even that requires the seamstress to have eyes-on the entire time–and it’s a long time because there is about 1500 yds of thread used just for the pattern. Then there is the labor cost. We pay a fair wage, which is significantly more than the $0.25/hr your typical ChiCom sweatshop is paying the 12 yr olds working there to make the blankets available at any of the big box stores. I get it, the Security Blankets® aren’t cheap. But if it lasts your lifetime and you can hand it down to your kids, how expensive is it really? Not very. And the fact that you are supporting American jobs and manufacturing, well that’s just icing on the cake. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Mark Bergman

    I think you should make a two sided cammo Blanket. Wooded camo on one side and snow camo on the other side. All Season Reversible.

  • Jacksenia Trevino

    Yes we do.

  • Thomas Mitchum

    I want all three!

  • Curtis Rowe

    No matter how you spin it, it is still 240 bucks for a fucking blanket… Lol.

  • Curtis Rowe

    ITS Tactical Jason means the crowd that goes camping in all brand new gear once a year.

  • Gilbert Cuzdey Jr

    I read the article… But for 240 it better make me coffee in the morning too.

  • Ruben Trevino

    Then we shall get these!

  • Stephen Micalizzi

    I’m gonna order one if they ship to APO addresses. I need a good travel blanket in addition to my woobie. While traveling from base to base within the AO. Is there additional costs for additional embroidery, like getting my name embroidered along with campaigns I served and worked in?

  • Davey Rogulich

    I was surprised to. I thought you guys only made patches now.

  • Matt Smith

    Only if it comes in M81

  • Jeff Davis

    It’s pretty cool and would love to own one. I’m in Minnesota where if you can’t handle the weather move. It’s either extremely cold or really hot. I’d loves something like this I sleep with 2 blankets cause of my diabetes. But my money goes to my kids so even tho I believe it’s worth the price. Its still way above my paygrade.

  • Gerald Tatton

    80% cotton batting, not very cold wet friendly

  • Wayne Kahler

    Davina Kahler. I want a blankey for. Christmas.

  • Mike Boswell

    To Damn high for a blanket !

  • Kathleensiegrist

    $240.00? That’s reasonable, I’m a quilter and with fabric, batting ,quilting ,thread and time involved in making one that about right

  • Bryan Fillinger

    $280 who is buying me one for Christmas? I sure would love one but can not afford right now!

  • Joseph Gavin

    Stephanie, the new woobie

  • Bill Mulleady

    There’s a dozen better, warmer, quilts for that price. Hammock Gears Burrow, for one! Probably be worth the money if you deducted your kickback on it. It’s barely worth $150 at best

  • Brandon Kelso

    I can get this cheaper from a Russian army surplus online just saying.just cause made in USA shit not gonna waste $$ on these ridiculous prices .half my gear I have isn’t American anyways .lol I checked out prices on jackets on here and lol who the fuck in right mind gonna waste almost 1000$ smh lol

  • Adam Schwerdtfeger

    Tina Schwerdtfeger these look awesome

  • Radócz Tibor

    Security blanket? I think it is bulletproof blanket but is only expensive blanket.

  • Jeff Walker

    80% cotton is worthless when wet or even damp. Cotton and especially fleece is worthless around a flame. Stick to wool folks.

  • Richard Finneran

    It looks like a great blanket but I’m not sure about cotton for insulation in the field. The only comparable made in America product I’ve seen is the Kifaru woobie but the material it is made of is very slick.

  • Brian Sneed

    This is not meant to replace a poncho liner or woobie. It is a warm blanket for the cabin, living room, den, man cave, car, or RV. It is not ideal for damp rainy conditions.

  • Brian Sneed

    We can make one that size Galen. Contact us for a quote. [email protected]

  • Brian Sneed

    Heavier and larger. This is not meant to replace a poncho liner.

  • Jeff Walker

    90% wool Swedish blanket is $35 and can be used in any situation.

  • Ron Walsh

    I must have one. Now if they would just let them make it in MARPAT.

    • BrianSneed

      We do make them in MARPAT Ron, woodland or desert, your choice.

  • Karl M. Stenger

    Tamara í Túni…. I want!!!

  • bigarmedbear

    Snug Pack Jungle blanket – $ 35.00 on ebay.    Movers blankets from Harbor Freight  work also.     I admire this blanket,  but I also admire a 2016 Corvette Z06 – I can look,   I just cannot justify or touch.

    • BrianSneed

      bigarmedbear No price gouging.  Just the best US sourced materials money can buy.  We use about 2.5 yds of polartec fleece for a single blanket.  That alone exceeds your “$20” of material costs.

  • Henrik Kirkegaard

    Jeg tager dem sandsynligvis ind i shoppen

  • Colton Wade

    Emily Messerly WANT!

  • Joshua Stang

    Jacqueline Herbst Stang, the blue camo one please U0001f609

  • Jacqueline Herbst Stang

    Consider it done love 😉

  • Justin Gray

    I read it, and wouldn’t even consider it at half the price

  • Ryan Wood

    Awesome blanket… waaaaayyyyyy out of my budget though..

  • Mike

    This is an awesome blanket, I myself can appreciate all the hard work put into it and your dedication to the men and women who served. Out of my budget, But I would spend the extra on it for sure.

  • Matt Verellen

    Is it soft though? I was given a black velvet blanket for Christmas I’ve already begun using . It feels like a 5’x5′ pussy. Warm too. In absolute love with it

    • BrianSneed

      It is very soft.  The article got one point incorrect– we don’t use Cordura fabric for the top layer.  It is actually NYCO ripstop uniform fabric.  It’s backed with genuine 200 series Polartec fleece.  Soft as a baby’s butt.

  • Chopperjockey

    There is a group of veterans that makes these for all branches for donations. They send them to deploying units for free and only ask that you cover the postage and send a donation so they can keep paying it forward. It costs them $25 for materials and it’s all done by veteran volunteers. My company did it and I’d do it again before I’d ever send money to a company trying to make profit off of service members circumstances.

    • BrianSneed

      @Chopperjockey We are not trying to “make a profit off of service members circumstances”.  Suggest you do a little research on our company before making such ridiculous comments.  You have no idea what genuine US sourced materials (genuine mil spec fabric, genuine polartec fleece, hobbs batting, and thread) cost, and obviously no clue as to the amount of work required to make a blanket of this caliber.

  • Anon

    This is Amazing… I need to get one of these for my lil man. The one on the way can share! I agree its a bit highly priced but its a legit quilt. Every Quilt I’ve looked at getting made got close to this when it was all said and done and then you did not want to lay on the DAMN thing! 

    Analogy for the Haters: Box Store Blanket To Security blanket as “try-spec” to “Crye” 

    Buy once Cry once!

    • BrianSneed

      @Anon Thank you Anon.  We are ready to make your blanket whenever you are ready!

  • Anon4u

    Wow! The blanket looks nice, but that price! I spend lots of money on quality things, buy once cry once. This blanket however is way overpriced. Perhaps intentionally to keep sales low…..?

    • BrianSneed

      Anon4u Overpriced? How do you come to that conclusion? do you know the cost of the materials?  Do you have any idea how long it takes to make a single blanket?  How much is your time worth?  We pay a fair wage, we use the best equipment, and we use the best US sourced materials available.  They will last your lifetime and beyond.

  • CamoPatriot12

    Awesome stuff, I am also a big tactical freak, and I’m just 12!

  • S ko

    Honestly, I visited the site after reading all the comments, I was expecting this blanket to cost $500+… $134 is very reasonable for a quality blanket. Made in the USA EVEN. Ever tried to buy a pair of original Denim jeans? I’m not talking the cheap Walmart denim either. True blue American denim jeans will run you $150+. But they last forever. Just like this blanket will. I can’t even go to a local store to get a bed comforter for less than $80… Which gets torn the second I put it on my bed by my 100 pound Germans shepherd.

  • SSG Bland

    My unit is getting ready to deploy in oct and I would like to know how to get this blankets for my soilders we have 123 going overseas for a year…

    • BrianSneed

      SSG Bland You can order at titanstrategic.com or email me at [email protected]–Brian

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