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EXOTAC FREEKey System Review: Innovation for your EDC Keychain

By Bryan Black


EXOTAC, purveyors of fire starting accessories, have recently come out with an interesting take on the standard key ring. Utilizing a flat ring and a press-to-open design, the FreeKey eliminates the pain of opening a traditional key ring.

The press-to-open design is essentially a pivot that allows the end of the ring to open when the ring is pressed. This makes it simple to slide keys and smaller key rings (which are included in the FreeKey system) onto the FreeKey.



There are two different offerings from EXOTAC, the FreeKey, which is just the main key ring and the FreeKey System, which includes the three smaller key rings as well.  You can’t purchase the smaller key rings separately, they’re only included in the FreeKey System.  The three smaller rings included in the FreeKey System, make easy to organize your key ring and take an individual set of keys off if you don’t need it.

For instance, I have my keys organized into home, work and vehicle. If I need to lighten my keychain up, as I tend to carry around quite a few keys, I can just remove the set that I don’t need. There’s no reason to bring my work keys on a backpacking trip, etc.

My only wish is that the smaller key rings integrated the FreeKey design, but perhaps that’s coming. They’re still flat and not as difficult to open as a traditional key ring. The FreeKey and FreeKey System are manufactured in the USA from high-grade stainless steel.

I liked the FreeKey System so much that I bought my wife one and have another as a backup. Pick yours up here from EXOTAC.

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  • Chyle Nimmons

    Thanks! great stuff as always, just ordered 2 sets. Keep up the great work!

  • Brav0Charlie

    Ordered two. One for myself and the other for the Mrs.

  • Frankie

    Picked up one set to test it out. I think this could make a good gift for a few people I know. Thanks!

  • rancher1school

    Defiantly going to drop money on this. I have been meaning to drop money on a better way to handle my keys.

  • Christopher

    Just ordered 6 sets. Yes I know 6 sounds like a lot but they will be put to good use

  • Jeff

    Any chance of these showing up in the ITS Shop?

  • Joseph

    Just wondering what the key-chain item situated to the left of the USB stick is, on the first image of this post. Can anyone shed some light?

  • adam

    Loved it til I got a new car, it doesn’t fit the 2013 Jeep key fob 🙁 But these days I only carry one additional key, so…

  • jhmoore

    @Joseph It looks like a piston from a small engine..

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