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Protect your iPhone with the Magpul Executive Field Case

By Bryan Black

One of the newest tactical accessories to hit the market is the highly anticipated Field Case from Magpul. Originally showcased at the 2010 SHOT Show, the Field Case was designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

Upon it’s release a little over two weeks ago, an iPhone 4 version was also introduced called the Executive Field Case and is what we’ll be taking a look at today. The field case is in high demand and despite placing my own personal order for one the first day they were released, mine is still on backorder.

I was lucky enough to have been given one at this year’s SHOT Show by Magpul and you’ll find my written and video review below.

Executive Field Case

Magpul Executive Field Case 01Magpul has truly hit this one out of the park! As a long time iPhone user (yes, I was an early adopter of the 1st generation iPhone and have had to deal with horrible AT&T service ever since) I’ve had my fair share of cases for all their models. For some reason I continue to by the latest and greatest iPhones because I love the functionality but, as you can tell, hate AT&T service with a passion!

I used to spend hours putting a ShieldZone wrap on my previous iPhones as well as trying multiple cases; this is the first case that I’ve found which I actually enjoy using. This has a lot to do with the texture that the Executive Field Case features, as well as the easy snap-on design.


Magpul Executive Field Case 02As noted, the texture and the PMAG-style ribs contribute to an increased grip on the iPhone, as well as enabling it to stick better to surfaces. My iPhone seems to not slide as much with the EFC on, yet doesn’t get hung up taking it out of my pocket.

It’s semi-rigid snap-on design is easy to put on and take off if needed, however, I haven’t found a reason to take it off my phone yet. The iPhone charger fits in great without having to remove the case and all buttons are easily accessible. It also adds minimal bulk to the overall iPhone design, which is another plus.

Magpul Executive Field Case 08Made with the same thermoplastic as the original Magpul loop, the EFC will eventually be available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, OD Green, Pink and Orange. As of the writing of this review they’re only available in Black from the Magpul Website, but should be getting out to dealers an distributors in other colors soon too.

The Executive Field Case is made in the USA and compatible with all current iPhone 4 models with AT&T, Magpul states on their site that they can’t speculate on whether this case will fit the new Verizon iPhone until it’s released.

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  • Still waiting on mine as well. Although I got an email from “Mag-pull” Friday saying that it had shipped. Unfortunately due to the weather here in North Texas FedEx has wimped out and wont deliver due to a little ice. Although mail has been running through the week…..just saying.

    Like my Ballistic case ([email protected]/5287639076/) I have a special ITS PVC patch to modify the Magpul.

    To bad we don’t have a “PLANK OWNER” PVC Rocker to add!

    • Don’t you say Mag-Paul Matt? LOL… Glad to hear yours is on the way! We’re getting hit with chicken UPS and FedEx drivers too… It’s just a little ice! It’s a record here in TX, three days of school closed in a row!

      Love your ITS mod on the case! You said that was Kevlar thread you did that with right? That would be one small PVC rocker! Hmmm…

    • Roger, Kevlar thread from It holds very well since an adhesive would eventually fail with the PVC material. I also used it to modify my North Face APEX jacket on the collar. Bryan you got some pictures of that right?.

      The PVC patches give a tremendous amount of latitude to use on other materials and looking forward to the new colors on the Magpul case.

      Plus the ITS patch just makes everything look awesome!

    • Blade Staker

      Cool job adding the ITS logo on your case!
      I’m still waiting for the tracking number to be sent from Magpul but looking forward to my case.

  • Blade Staker

    Already ordered mine from Magpul site after seeing your Shot Show Live videos! 🙂

  • Great review! I have been looking at getting a case for my mine. So far have only been using the cheapo side bumper. I like that the Magpul one is slim.

    Oh the hole on top next to the headphone jack is for a tiny set of headphones.
    For people with small ears.

    Just kidding it’s a second noise canceling mic. Not sure if they added it to help with facetime or just to improve the call sound.

    • Thanks Jake… That sidebumper is crap… $29 crap at that! You won’t be disappointed with the Magpul case if you get one. Can’t beat one for $9.99 that’s made in the US!!
      Appreciate the heads up on the noise canceling mic!

  • Sebbe

    I ordered the case as soon as it got announced for my iPhone 4, so like two weeks ago.
    I’m also very pleased by it, especially, as you mentioned, by the material and its texture.
    And the price of just 16$ incl. shipping is awesome. I have an not-that-good case that costed more.
    But still, there are three things I don’t like which I’d like to point out real quick:
    1) I’m not able, to plug in a thicker stereo-jack, for a radio-, casset-, or cinch-connector.
    2) The phone somehow likes to slightly move in the case, not that it could fall out, but it(de)activates the mute-switch.
    3) The volume-keys are very well designed, I like the whole button design, but I don’t like, how they push the actual buttons on the iPhone, it feels like a “double-click”
    4) The fact, that it doesn’t cover the front at all makes it very easy for dust from my pockets to go between case and iPhone, I often clean the area around the lock-button.

    Still I relly love that case, how it feels in you palm.


  • Still no love for us Driod2 owners. I can dream I suppose

  • Mattthew Gambrell

    I got mine on Monday, Flat Dark Earth. VERY solid and couldn’t be happier. The Otter Box was nice, but it was just so frickin’ HUGE. On top of that, the price is the most reasonable I have seen for iPhone cases.

    I give the Exec field case 2 thumbs up, a nod and wink-point.

  • Art Bromage

    I have the 3GS version and everything positive about the 4G version applies here as well. It is the best case I’ve ever used for the iPhones, and I’ve used many. At $9.99 it’s a no-brainer. Magpul is marketing another killer product.

    • Don’t forget to add the $7 for shipping!

  • Sheep.Dog

    Wow, did I actually get a new release toy before ITS????? Mine was in my box on Day one of the Shot show. Love the case. Not as tough as an Otter Box but I can still hear conversations and don’t feel like I’m carrying a brick. Good review guys.

  • Alpha32

    A great little piece of kit. Like others here, I was tired of the bulk of the Otter Box. Difficult to fit in a uniform shirt pocket. The feel, size and color (Coyote, tired of black.) of MAGPUL’s case is just right.

  • Casey

    I was able to get my order in as soon as these were announced, and received mine yesterday. So far, I really like it, primarily because of the texture of the case. I’ve previously used an OtterBox Defender, which is HUGE, as Mattthew mentioned – also, while it does a great job at protecting the phone, the rubber flaps on the headphone jack, charging port, and vibrate switch were a tremendous pain in the ass. I’ve also used a Seidio Innocase II, which was nice and slim, but the ridge around the edge of the screen with that case sometimes made it difficult to use buttons on the edge of the touchscreen (particularly when doing anything in landscape mode). The design of the Magpul case eliminates that issue.

    My only gripe about the EFC is that it doesn’t fit flush with the phone on the upper left side where the volume rocker is located – you can actually see this in Bryan’s video review. It isn’t that noticeable, but it does kind of annoy me. Other than that, great case, and exceptional value! Very much looking forward to picking one up in FDE when more colors become available.

    • Mattthew Gambrell

      I don’t know, I like the fact that it does not fit flush with the face of the phone. I often set my phone face down and like that there is that little ridge to keep the physical glass face from touching the surface. Really a non issue with me, but then again I’m kind of funny like that.

    • Casey

      I’m referring to how the case fits against the bezel, not how far it protrudes past the screen. I have no issue with the latter, though I find the former to be mildly annoying in the one location I specified.

  • John Galt

    have you noticed any issues with washed out photos when using the flash? I ordered mine a little while ago but I have heard that some cases that circle the flash can reflect light back.

    • Mattthew Gambrell

      Just tried it with the flash on and had no issues.

    • Casey

      No problems with the flash on my end, either.

  • fuspar

    Love the case, but now I can’t slide the phone in and out of my 5.11’s front pocket 🙁

  • J Valdez

    Nices! now if they make it for my Incredible phone 🙁

  • Just got my case in…..yes! Now do I want to mod with the multi-cam or tan ITS PVC patch?

  • Andy Jacobs

    I bought the MagPul Executive in Dark Earth based on this review. I really like it. For days when I want to go with minimalist protection, it is my go-to case. Like one of the thinner silicone cases, but much better. The material is rigid, but just flexible enough to insert the iPhone and retain it solidly. The surface finish is just textured enough to prevent it slipping out of your hand accidentally. Cutouts and button covers are all well-designed and functional. And all for $10. I could not be happier with this case.

    Thanks, Bryan, for the great review (especially the pics) and the recommendation.

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