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Combat Flip Flops: Bad for Running. Worse for Fighting.

By Bryan Black

I’ve always been a fan of flops and walked way too many miles in them. However, Combat Flip Flops‘ tag line speaks the truth. They’re bad for running and worse for fighting.

Started by two Army Rangers and a Bass player from Montana, Combat Flip Flops was born on a trip to Afghanistan in 2010 where a Afgan-owned boot factory worker was seen wearing a makeshift pair of flip flops using the sole of a combat boot.

Combat Flip Flops’ goal is to manufacture in Afghanistan with the belief that a strong economy will sustain the gains made over the last decade. As international forces withdraw in 2014, the mature Afghan National Army and Police are taking the lead. Footwear manufacturers in Kabul depend heavily on military contracts, so any decrease in volume has a huge impact on operations. Unfortunately, the decline came faster than expected and the plant where Combat Flip Flops were about to begin production, could not sustain operations on supplemental flip flop volume alone.

In response, the Combat Flip Flop team went to work in December designing and building a micro-manufacturing facility in Issaquah, WA to fulfill the backlogged orders.  While current production is in WA, the team intends to expand production to Afghanistan, Libya and Syria in the next few years, based on demand.

Tuck Tuck

While I wear flops on a regular basis, I’m always diligent about having a pair of shoes or boots in my vehicle for situations when flops just won’t cut it. That aside, the pair of Tuck Tuck Combat Flip Flops I’ve been kicking around for close to a year now are probably THE most comfortable pair of flops I’ve ever owned.  I’m not just saying that for the sake of a good review either.

The cushion in these is worlds above any other pair I’ve owned, they’re squishier than Apu’s Quick-E-Mart! Thanks to a nice suede deck, they’re also soft.  I’ve worn most all of the major brands of flops; Flojos, Reef, Rainbow, you name it. One of the biggest differences between those brands and Combat Flip Flops is wear. After a few months the foam wears out and my feet leave impressions in the decks. With this pair of Tuck Tuck’s I haven’t noticed that at all and they still feel as comfortable as the first day I started wearing them. The combat-boot grade rubber tread has hardly worn at all either.

I will say this, there’s no way anyone will miss seeing you while you’re wearing these. To quote the Tuck Tuck description on the Website, they’re “visible from space on a cloudy day.” The other features include a patent leather upper, EVA medium density midsole, quilted suede deck and chrome poppy hood ornament for extra bling.

The Combat Flip Flops lineup includes men’s and women’s flops with a few styles to choose from.  Adorned with embellishments like chrome poppies and hand grenades, each model ties in to the Afghan culture and creates a connection with the wearer. Non-traditional assembly methods are also utilized, including old aircraft ovens and old school hand-labor.

Check out Combat Flip Flops online to pick up a pair today, just don’t blame me when people start staring at your feet!

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