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Vans Syndicate TNT II in MultiCam and Black

By The ITS Crew

A few of you guys have sent in emails asking about the availability of the new MultiCam Vans we snapped a photo of at SHOT Show this year.

We assumed that it was the same MultiCam Vans shoe that had been released previously, but a Plank Owner, John T, had let us know a few months back on our Facebook page, that it was in fact a different shoe. Of course we all know “Thou shalt not assume.”

Our attempt to get any information on this shoe back then fell short, as Vans was not talking. After a reader sent us a link to eBay yesterday, showing the Multicam variant of these shoes going for $200, we decided to investigate again.

In talking with Vans yesterday, we learned exactly what a Syndicate shoe is. Apparently, Syndicate shoes are made in very low runs and only available to shops that participate in the Syndicate program. There are also very few throughout the United States, but we never found out if there are any overseas Syndicate shops. Each Syndicate shop can only order up to two pairs of a Syndicate shoe in each size, ranging from 8.5 thru 12.

The TNT II is available in 1000d MultiCam “Ballistic” Cordura or 1000d Black “Ballistic” Cordura, and appear to be built to last. They feature  Outlast ® temperature regulating linings that keep the foot cool when it’s hot or muggy and warm and dry when  it’s cold and raining outside.

At any rate, these shoes are nearly impossible to find, as a pre-release went out in late March and Syndicate shops got them about 2-3 weeks ago. In talking with a few Syndicate shops, we also learned that Syndicate shoes are better made than the production Vans line and command a premium due to this better quality. The premium is between $90 and $100, not the $200 they’re going for on eBay.

We sourced a skate shop called Pacific Drive out of San Diego yesterday, that had between one and two pairs in stock of the TNT in MultiCamand 1000d Ballistic Black. They do take phone orders and will ship CONUS, their stock was verified about 1700 Pacific time. There’s also another shop for online orders called Skate Park of Tampa who appears to have both colorways in stock, but we couldn’t reach them on the phone to verify.

If you’re at all interested in these shoes, we suggest you start the hunt immediately, as it seems that once Syndicate shops sell out, there won’t be anymore made.  For more Vans photos of these shoes, check out this review on

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