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Evaluating the Geronimo Plate Carrier from T3 Gear

By Chris Sajnog

T3 Geronimo Plate Carrier

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: ITS contributor Chris Sajnog is a former Navy SEAL and current Director of Training at Center Mass Group

A few months back my good friends and Fellow Former Frogmen (F3?) over at T3 Gear were kind enough let me try out some of their gear. The gear was free, but I was asked to give them honest feedback on what I liked, and what I didn’t.

It took a few months to put their gear through the paces; gear evaluation takes longer outside of a combat zone. The first piece that I can provide an honest assessment of is the centerpiece of your warrior-wear: the plate carrier.

T3 calls this model the Geronimo Plate Carrier. I’m guessing they named it this as tribute to Operation Geronimo (later changed to Operation Neptune Spear), in which a few of my SEAL brothers paid a little visit to Osama bin Laden.

What T3 Says

T3 Geronimo Plate Carrier

Let’s start out with the basic info from the T3 Gear website.

[The] only fully scalable plate carrier in the world: can be changed to 7.62 version including different cummerbunds in less than 2 minutes.

  • Geronimo plate carrier size is based on your hard armor plate size, not body size
  • Fully adjustable shoulder strap
  • Fully adjustable cummerbund adjusts with Velcro ® to fit almost anyone
  • Will work with SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI and Swimmer Cut armor plates
  • Cummerbund designed to carry 6″ x 6″ side plates internally
  • Removable shoulder pads
  • Removable side buckle kit
  • Comes with triple 5.56 magazine front flap (removable)
  • Removable front flap can be replaced with a triple 7.62 front flap (sold separately)
  • Cummerbund comes with a 5″ x 10″ pocket to accommodate optional soft armor inserts (sold separately)

Price: $299.99
Made in the USA
Lifetime Warranty

After Two Months

T3 Geronimo Plate Carrier

I’ve got to say, T3 didn’t disappoint with the Geronimo Plate Carrier.  It’s easily the lightest, most comfortable plate carrier I’ve used. The thing that I like most is that there is plenty of room for me to mount my rifle deep in my shoulder. It covers the vital parts without a lot of extra material to get in the way.

With the last carrier that I used, I had a special technique to mount the rifle by wedging it in-between the side of the carrier and my shoulder. It was stable if I got it right, but if I missed, the buttstock was either too high, too far out, or on my plates. This isn’t an issue with the Geronimo and I can quickly mount the gun right where I want.

I’m not a fan of the cummerbund so it was nice that I could just take it off. I know a lot of guys like it, but it just annoys me and normally I cut it off.

The mag pouches that came with it were pretty good and they should work for you unless you only like a certain type or brand of pouch. They’re low-profile and keep your ammo in place until you want it out. They use small bungee cords instead of Velcro closures, which I like better, but might just be a personal preference. All the adjustments are extremely easy and intuitive. If you’ve ever adjusted the shoulder straps on some plate carriers, you know they can be a real pain in the ass. It’s nice to just open it, adjust and close.

T3 Geronimo Plate Carrier

I noticed that I didn’t seem to get as hot wearing this plate carrier compared to others. I’m not sure if it’s because of the design, mesh lining or just that it’s a smaller cut. Whatever the reason, it’s nice. I guess this is to be expected from a group of SEALs with a store on the same base as BUD/S and all the West Coast SEAL Teams. I’m guessing they get a steady stream of Team-guys coming back from deployment and letting them know how to make their kit better.

Final Assessment

I would definitely recommend this plate carrier to anyone going into harm’s way. The only negative I see is the higher price compared to other manufacturers, but, like anything else, you get what you pay for. You need to ask how much your life is worth. Luckily I didn’t have to pay for this, thanks to T3.

This is the first time I was given gear from a company to T&E (while not in the Navy) and I’ve always wondered just how honest reviewers of free gear have been. I can’t speak for them, but if anyone thinks this may be a paid advertisement, wait for my next review of T3 Gear. You’ll learn why my favorite sling is still made by Magpul!

Editor-in-Chief’s Note: ITS contributor Chris Sajnog is a former Navy SEAL and the Director of Training for Center Mass Group, started by two retired Navy SEAL Instructors. Giving people the experience of being trained by the most elite combat unit in the world, Chris is currently a Maritime-Counter-Terrorism and advanced marksmanship Instructor who has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship and Maritime Operations.

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  • Chris –
    Great review. I’m glad that you took the time to point out the review honesty – I like to hear from people that they are aware of that. In the computer field I spent a few years a while back running a site that did reviews of equipment for data centers and communications and was amazed when I contacted vendors and they replied back asking how much I charged to do a review. It blew me away and truly did change my way of thinking about reviews – we ended up purchasing anything we tested, or getting it donated or loaned by people who already owned it.

    Computer gear is a far cry from equipment that you put your life on the line with. But even today when building our mobile systems we only depend on equipment that we’ve either used before or had recommended by people we trust, so that we know that it will work the first time every time. And what you’re doing here is the same thing that we did back on our 911 rigs – experienced medics shared what worked and didn’t work, and the smarter guys picked up on that and worked it into their own systems and experience.

    Good review. Looking forward to more of the same.

    • Thanks Andras, glad you liked the article.

  • TFA303

    Forgive me for perhaps an overly-basic question, but what’s the intent of using a plate carrier vice a full kevlar-and-plate system like an IOTV?

    Is it leaning more toward mobility in the mobility vs. protection trade-off? Do the plates provide just enough protection over your most vital spots?

    Thanks for an informative review,

    • Tom,

      The plate carrier is smaller, lighter and gives you better mobility. The other advantage is they allow for a lot more customization over the vests that the regular Army wears.

      Hope this helps,

  • Kenneth Fechtler

    Great review! When you consider the options of other equipment by different manufactures. The details of pro and con can help make the choice for what an individual may be seeking. We are all shaped different and we each have are own perks we fine tune to ourselves.
    Semper Fi

    • Thanks Kenneth. T3 has a new model out now. I’m hoping to get my hands on one to do a review.

  • Harry

    I looked though T3 gears site and tried to purchase the Geronimo plate carrier but could not find it. Where else could I purchase this product?

  • ruben

    nice article i do have a question on plate sizing and fit. I were small plates 8.75×10.75 (think that is the right size) would I have problems fitting into the Geronimo?

  • Sephilons Vo

    After reading your article, I have but one question or three or five. T3? US Palm DTPC? Crye Precision CPC? Shellback Tac. Banshee? OR PIG PC?

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  • Jeff H

    Loved the review about this piece of gear. I’ve done my research and comparison shopping and I’m hopefully looking to purchase it. Any suggestions on where I should order my own and would you recommend it in conjunction with a war belt?

  • If your in SOCAL, go to one of their stores. If not, order from their site online. http://www.t3gear.com

    I’m not familiar with their war belt…

  • JasonMPD

    I do not see a $299 Geronimo rig on their site. I’m guessing it’s been discontinued for more expensive Geronimo models?

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