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Molly Stix: A New Quick Release System for Your MOLLE Pouches

By Bryan Black

Molly Stix

I’ve been testing out Molly Stix for a few months now, ever since the first samples were available from National Molding and I’ve really grown attached to using them on my ETA Trauma Kit Pouches because of the ability to quick release the pouch if necessary. They’re also much easier to thread then other attachment methods.

Molly Stix represent a departure from normal MOLLE/PALS interface attachment systems, like integrated and reinforced nylon strips that are weaved through a pouch’s PALS webbing and a chest rig’s PALS webbing to create a secure attachment. Other products exist on the market for pouches that don’t feature integrated strips, such as Malice Clips like we include with our ETA Trauma Kit Pouches and also Blackhawk Speed Clips.

While Malice Clips can be a pain to install, they’re very secure once locked in. So much so that removing them can equally be a pain. The Blackhawk Speed Clips are interesting, but have their limitations as well. They’re quick to install with their rigid design, but I’ve had them work loose on me before.

Enter the Molly Stix. With a rigid design and locking top latch, a pair of these will not only add a solid locking design to your MOLLE gear, but by tying a pair of these together with the included cordage, a quick release can be implemented to create the fastest one-handed cut away I’ve ever seen.

Molly Stix

Made from what appears to be polymer, these made in the USA and Berry Compliant Molly Stix measure 5″ long. A pair also weighs roughly the same as a pair of equal length MALICE Clips (Long) which is a little over an ounce. 1.1 oz. on the MALICE Clips and 1.5 oz. on the Molly Stix to be exact.

Molly Stix

Molly Stix

As mentioned, each Molly Stix (they really need to work on the plural vs. singular naming convention) can be tied together using the included cordage. Each one comes with a tied 8″ piece of cordage. This cordage resembles Type 1 Paracord, but lacks an inner strand like true type 1 has.

Tying them together facilitates them releasing in unison when a single cord is pulled and also turns them into makeshift nunchucks. This can be done by either tying both strands into one with two Double Fisherman’s Knots or with a single strand and two Bowlines. Check out the included links for how to ties these knots and see examples in the video below.

Molly Stix

Molly Stix

After threading the linked Molly Stix through your PALS webbing and locking the tops down, a simple pull forward is all you need to release the tops. Once released, a tug upwards will drop the pouch so you can toss it to a buddy, etc. As I mentioned I use these on my ETA Trauma Kit Pouch for the situation where I might need to get my medical kit off to work in front of me or give to someone else who needs lifesaving equipment.

Another benefit to the Molly Stix over other tear away options like velcro panels, is that there’s no increased bulk by requiring an attachment system on both the panel and the pouch.

We’re offering these as a pair in our ITS Store starting today as an option for our ETA Trauma Kit Pouches and depending how the feedback and adoption is, we may start including them instead of MALICE Clips. We had to scrounge for what we have in the store now, as these aren’t common yet with National Molding distributors and National Molding themselves hasn’t even put them up on their Website yet, or at least I can’t see them on there.

I feel that not only are these Molly Stix a game changer in the industry, but that we’ll start to see more and more of these offered as a quick release option on pouches that need this feature, like medical kits.

So what do you think? Do the Molly Stix seem like something you’d use as a quick release on your pouches?

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  • What chest rig is that?

  • JAE

    Very COOL.

  • JMR

    Looks like a nice way to quickly release a pouch or kit… simple sturdy… good job!

  • Carl Morgan

    I hate to be “that” guy, but will you be carrying the other colors? I am really interested in their green. Is it foliage or Ranger? These things have great potential for any number of pouches that need to be taken on and off. I will certainly get some.

  • Norman C.

    I am hoping other colors to follow soon. As I can see that I will be buying some.

  • david berry

    would be interested in black if they become avalible, also would there be a price break on certain size orders? say I wanted 20 or so sets

  • Excellent video. I have to believe the Molly Stix are going to become extremely popular. Perhaps you can eventually sell them in packs of 12 etc.

  • Ed

    I think that’s absolutely brilliant. In a nutshell, it gives any MOLLE pouch whatsoever the ability to be converted into a tear-away medical pouch. I really think that these are going to be the game-changer you mentioned in the video. I’m looking forward to trying them out on my EDC bag!

  • spenceman

    Nice! I had made something like this with some old aluminum pack stays, it was a pain, and the aluminum added unnecessary weight. I’m glad to see someone is mass producing some lightweight ones.

  • Nice product. Looks to me like a slightly lower connection profile since they dont double back like malic clips.

  • Grimmly

    Hey Bryan– awesome review on Molly Stix. Now I have even more reason to get the trauma kit. Is there any chance of the kit coming in black sometime?

  • xxxc

    hope there are other colours

  • Asim

    what kind of light is that next to the pouch?

  • Ian Delmar

    That is totally cool! Certainly looks less annoying to weave than the traditional straps that are on most MOLLE pouches. I haven’t had a chance to use MALICE clips (all my gear is really just standard MOLLE) but from what I’ve seen this is just way easier.

    Of course, I’m always a little concerned with losing things – things always have a tendency to somehow get lost when you need them haha!

    But definitely good for medical pouches – it would be great for my patrol pack to configure it for different setups of various pouches!

  • When I saw these originally, I thought it was just a late effort to get into the MOLLE/PALS connector system market.

    I did not realize that they were quick release. That makes them far more interesting.

    Glad to see that you are offering them. National Moldings products are good, but they’ve always been hellishly difficult to locate in small quantities.

  • Alexander

    These have been on my radar since November, but I’ve yet to find any retailer whatsoever. Any idea when they’ll be available on the market?

    • You can get them right here in our store Alexander.

  • Crooks

    Excellent! I’ve always wanted an option like this for instead of Tear-Away Panels. I’ll pick some up soon. Don’t replace the MALICE Clips on the ETA Trauma Kit Pouches Though, maybe just offer it as an option. Oh, and on some Specter Gear Pouches (1QT Canteen Pouch), they have removable Nylon MOLLE Straps. You guys should make a special contoured Tear-Away Panel for the ETA Kit Pouches. Lastly, I have question for you, how easy are they to re-attach once ripped off? Are they easy or do you have to take the clips off your rig and have to re-thread them, because with my TT (Tactical Tailor) Tear-Away Panel I can re-attach them/it with one hand quite securely, minus a few snaps/buttons.

  • Duder

    You’re getting pretty good at nrrating these videos Bryan. These look promising, and I don’t think color really matters that much since they are going behind whatever you are mounting…

  • Woody

    Good Stuff, Ill be after a few sets for IFAK and essential Kit purposes.

  • That’s a great idea, now anyone can take their fav MOLLE pouch and make it a quick-release. I’m sure its much cheaper then buying a whole new pouch, and allows you to use what you got in a new way, brilliant idea!

  • DeputyDawg

    I just found out about these and I think they are awesome! They are like little “snowboards,” with the locking method they use. The function is so simple, yet so ingenious. I will definitely get several pairs.

  • Derek MacLaren

    When are you guys getting more in stock?

  • Max

    I am waiting for these to get back in stock!

  • Phil

    I’m currently looking for some sort of MOLLE strap type thing for my knife sheath because I don’t want to have to take off my belt when I want to take my knife off, I’m not talking about a smallish EDC knife here but a big ‘ol Becker BK7 that I got for hiking and camping that’s a little much for when I go into town. Anyway, the sheath not only has the standard belt loop it also has a couple of extra straps ideal for adding something like ALICE or MALICE clips but ALICE clips are a pain to use and while I’ve never used MALICE clips I don’t like the idea of having to use a tool to remove them but these MOLLE Stix sound like an ideal solution. Once question though, will they work as a belt clip since neither my belt or the sheath has MOLLE straps on them so they’d be only going through the loops on the sheath and then my belt, will that be enough to securely hold my knife?

  • ALan

    What is that pen that’s in the middle of the panel you are attaching your pouch to? I know this is off topic, but it looks like either a window punch or a lockpick pen set… was curious.

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