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Wrap Your Loose Straps with Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

By The ITS Crew

Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

We’ve been using Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape around ITS for the past few months and are happy to say we’ve found our replacement for duct tape when it comes to tidying up loose webbing on gear.

While this is far from the only use for this fantastic product from Battle Systems, what really sets this tape apart from duct tape and electrical tape (which this product is very similar to) is that it leaves NO sticky residue behind. Even in the back of a vehicle in Texas summer, which we can assure you gets pretty hot.

One of the issues with taping up loose straps and other gear is that if you ever need to remove the tape, you’re left with a sticky mess that discourages you from removing the tape and tweaking the adjustment of straps if needed.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape

Another great benefit of Battle Systems tape is the strength. It’s much stronger than the traditional vinyl electrical tape you’re used to, but again doesn’t leave sticky residue and comes in a nice coyote brown color.  The coyote brown color of the Battle Systems tape goes nicely with just about any camouflage pattern and is great for covering shine on metal buckles, or anything that needs it.

Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

This stuff can also take the cold too. While we haven’t extensively tested the cold here in Texas (hasn’t even snowed this winter), what we have seen with the cold temps we’ve had is that it doesn’t harden up like electrical tape does.

Something interesting about this tape is that it’s actually flame retardant. You can put a flame up to it without it catching on fire, but it does eventually burn. It also seems to not turn into napalm like most tape does when melted.

Available direct from Battle Systems at $4.99 for a 3/4″ x 60′ roll.  Help support a Veteran owned business and pick up a roll today!

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  • Phillip Wolfe

    I’d be interested to see how it stands against true 100mhp tape…any comparisons coming up? I’m interested already …coyote duct tape what’s not to like?

  • Crooks

    I saw Battle Tape on Kit Up! and thought it looked really cool, I’ll definitely pick some up. In this economy the guy must be struggling, Battle Tape being his only product and all. When he starts to expand I hope he adds OD Green as a color choice. I would be curious to know how it performs in the cold. Also, I have a few questions. First of all, you said it being similar to Electrical Tape, does that mean it’s non-conductive? Secondly, how does it compare to USGI 100 MPH Tape, better, worse, equal, for a different purpose and if applicable what are pros and cons of each (They’re probably are both similar in their awesomeness, and being phenomenal though). Great article!

  • Raven

    Finally!!! No more “tails” or fly traps hanging from my rig. Awesome sounding product.

  • We’ll release green or a greener color next. We also have a few other “common-sense warrior” products soon to be released. You’re absolutely right about business in this economy, especially near-future business in the military industry due to looming budget cuts.

    As Bryan mentioned in his review, “Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown” is a derivative of standard electrical tape. As an infantry Marine, I always had electrical tape on my kit; a roll in my day pack, in a utility pouch, several in a vehicle kit… It was a very inexpensive and compact way to keep personal gear and other equipment squared away. There are many drawbacks to standard vinyl tapes, as we all know. In the heat, they gum up and the tape slides around and leaves tacky shit all over the contact surfaces. In the cold, it becomes brittle and the adhesive doesn’t stick well, if at all. Also, it’s black (or dark brown or looney tunes green…). Because of this, many infantrymen use 100MPH tape, which is a great product, but it also has its drawbacks. It is much more permanent, which in some situations may be desirable. It’s big problems are that it is not conducive to noise discipline when applying or removing, it is heavy, and to get quality 100MPH tape, it becomes an expensive consumable. I created “Vinyl Tape, Coyote Brown” to address these issues as a general purpose warfighter’s tape.

    Our tape is in-house rated up to 1,000V, whereas standard electrical tapes insulate up to 600V. It needs to be known that I do not have the tape UL listed (or any other third party) for a couple reasons; mainly because I wanted to keep the cost down initially when introducing the product. Secondly, electrical insulation is not the primary purpose behind the product. On our Facebook page, I have an album with a few pictures demonstrating the tape’s insulating properties. Again, it is not listed (yet) for these purposes and I won’t advertise it as such until then. It will be done at some point soon, though. When that happens, I’ll probably just eat the cost.

    Thanks to all of you for your interest! And thanks again, ITS!

  • Mike

    I have 2 rolls on the way. You would think a large company would have jumped on this item long ago. But that’s OK, leave it for the little guy.

  • ian

    picked up a couple rolls too

  • D. Hide

    I’ll be picking some up, too! It’s always good to have strong, residue-free tape around.

  • TFA303

    In the photos, it looks kind of shiny. Is that the way it really looks, or is it just an artifact created by the flash?

    • Steven

      It is just the flash, it is not very shiny at all.

  • captain H
  • Lindy

    I just got four rolls, shipped super quick. I’m putting a roll in my EDC bag, hunting pack, range bag and keeping a spare around the house. I haven’t had it long enough to give an in-depth assessment but my first impression is that it’s going to come in handy. Just fyi since I’ve seen guys mention it, this is more like electrical tape than duct tape or 100 mph tape, but it serves a different purpose. If it doesn’t leave the white residue that duct tape does it will be the hot ticket for quieting sling swivels, etc. Thank you.

    • Thanks Lindy. Shoot me a message and let me know what you think after you’ve kicked the tape around a little bit.

  • Shrute Farms

    Also received mine insanely fast. Shipping was as much as one roll so it made sense to get two!

    Currently carrying some wrapped around a deep carry Go-tube and hopefully the properties of this stuff will prevent discomfort carrying it inside the pant-leg (good to go so far).

    Extra props to Battle Systems for being active in the thread, and with good updates.

    • Shrute Farms,
      Shoot me an email. We’ve been working on another shipping option since last week for single and double roll orders by sending them standard USPS which will cut the shipping cost down to $3.00. Our checkout screen should reflect this by tomorrow morning (20120307). Shipping will take a little longer, so we’ll keep the Priority Flat Rate option there for those orders as well.

  • Terry Kowalik

    I don’t have any experience with Battle Tape, but I am a fan of ITW’s Web Dominators. These things keep your straps in check and are easy to adjust. They can be a little hard to find at times though:

    I’ll probably pick up a few rolls of battle tape anyway (as long as shipping isn’t excessive to Australia), as it’s always handy to have some good tape on hand. Any word on its IR signature?


    • Hi Terry,
      Shipping to Australia is $16.95 USD. I had a few orders from Australia back in February and have had positive reactions to the tape used with AUSCAM, although the tans in Coyote Brown and MultiCam are what the tape is designed to match.

      I just posted a photo on the Battle Systems Facebook page of the tape seen through a pair of PVS-14s. I’ll post up a more appropriate album of the tape’s IR signature in the coming weeks.

      Web Dominators are a good piece of gear, by the way.

  • I wounder how it holds up gorilla tape, I use gorilla tape all the time and its remarkable how well it holds, even when wet!

  • Geoff Kennedy

    I’d love to see this stuff in black. I’ve used electrical tape for this, but with the obvious and well-known drawbacks to standard electrical tape.

    Any thoughts on adding a shade in very dark gray or black?


  • We’ve had a significant increase in requests for black. We plan to introduce both a black/gray and some sort of green in the future. Stay tuned here and on Facebook!

  • I went to order a roll since I got some things I need to tape and well $15 shipping to Canada 🙁

    • Hi Mike –
      We’re talking with a Canadian distributor. Nothing is solid yet, but you can email me at [email protected] and I can put you in touch with them.

  • Charles Flanagan

    Just received two rolls (FAST shipping, Thanks), AWESOME product! I too would like black for other gear…

    • Glad you like the tape, Charles. Black is in our plans. In the meantime, we’ve been focusing 100% on our next product release. ITS will be receiving some of those in the next week or so…

  • rahul

    Where did you get the backpack in the second picture?

  • Will

    Love it! I use this on everything, my mags (to distinguish that it’s mine), loose ends, shoulder straps, belts, etc.
    The coyote color is great, it’s not reflective at all, on par with no reflective tape.
    I wish it was created in a grey color, for edc purposes.

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