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Wrap Your Loose Straps with Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

By The ITS Crew

Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

We’ve been using Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape around ITS for the past few months and are happy to say we’ve found our replacement for duct tape when it comes to tidying up loose webbing on gear.

While this is far from the only use for this fantastic product from Battle Systems, what really sets this tape apart from duct tape and electrical tape (which this product is very similar to) is that it leaves NO sticky residue behind. Even in the back of a vehicle in Texas summer, which we can assure you gets pretty hot.

One of the issues with taping up loose straps and other gear is that if you ever need to remove the tape, you’re left with a sticky mess that discourages you from removing the tape and tweaking the adjustment of straps if needed.

Battle Systems Vinyl Tape

Another great benefit of Battle Systems tape is the strength. It’s much stronger than the traditional vinyl electrical tape you’re used to, but again doesn’t leave sticky residue and comes in a nice coyote brown color.  The coyote brown color of the Battle Systems tape goes nicely with just about any camouflage pattern and is great for covering shine on metal buckles, or anything that needs it.

Battle Systems Coyote Brown Vinyl Tape

This stuff can also take the cold too. While we haven’t extensively tested the cold here in Texas (hasn’t even snowed this winter), what we have seen with the cold temps we’ve had is that it doesn’t harden up like electrical tape does.

Something interesting about this tape is that it’s actually flame retardant. You can put a flame up to it without it catching on fire, but it does eventually burn. It also seems to not turn into napalm like most tape does when melted.

Available direct from Battle Systems at $4.99 for a 3/4″ x 60′ roll.  Help support a Veteran owned business and pick up a roll today!

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