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Border Book: The Tactical Spanish Command Field Guide

By Bryan Black

If you’re like me, your Spanish is terrible, despite two years in High School and four semesters in College. Yes, I have some skill-set work to do myself, as languages have always been something I just can’t fully grasp.

I first came across the Border Book, the Tactical Spanish Command Field Guide, back in February while browsing the Facebook page of a fan who’d commented. I noticed the Border Book image in his profile picture and followed his Website link  to investigate. The description looked very interesting and I was intrigued to learn more.

Being in the minority that doesn’t speak fluent Spanish in Texas and coupled with my lack of the language skill-set, I thought it would be something great to purchase and review on ITS. When contacting J. Coyle, the book’s author, he was excited about the review opportunity.


IMG_8274The Border Book is a pocket-sized 4″ x 5.5″ field guide that focuses on the Spanish you’ll need to know to protect yourself and teaches English speakers to clearly communicate with uneducated or educated Spanish speakers.

In a Military or Law Enforcement application, it teaches you Spanish words and phrases in English that you can use to control your suspect, which creates a safe environment by opening an avenue of communication for people that don’t speak each others language.

The 20-page Border Book includes the Spanish Alphabet, Colors, Interrogatives, Commands, a Phonetic Guide, Tactical Commands, Low Risk / High Risk Commands, Removal of Suspects from Vehicles, Kneeling Searches, Security Screens, Security ID Checks, Interviews, Vehicle Descriptions, Personal Identification, Body Parts, Spanish Numbers, Major Interstate Gangs & Identification, as well as an area for your own notes.

This book is in service with Border Patrol Agents, including Hispanic  Border Patrol Agents, because it’s been found to be better than the material they have in the Border Patrol. It’s also in use by Special Operations LRRP Officers  operating deep inside Mexico.

Another thing the Border Book can be used for is group training with your family, church, fellow students or police/military units. As with all the Skill-set information presented on ITS, you should always share the knowledge with those that are close to you.


When I inquired about availability, Coyle mentioned that due to his constant movement, he wasn’t able to handle the distribution of the books like he used to and offered to let ITS Tactical become the exclusive distributor of the remaining stock he had. After getting the opportunity to read the book and talking with the guys, we were more than excited to help distribute these through our newly re-designed store.

Another printing of the Border Book isn’t scheduled, so if you’d like to pick one of these up, you should do so before they’re gone. There are only a few dozen copies that we have in stock here.


Despite ITS selling these books, this review was written from my perspective as someone that does have a true lack of knowledge in the Spanish Language. I truly believe that this book won’t disappoint you and become your go-to guide, whether you’re living in a Spanish speaking area, or need to know Spanish commands to effectively communicate as a Law Enforcement Officer or Military.

The Border Book was authored by J. Coyle, prior USAF Security Police, Prison Guard and Police Officer, who has lived, worked and survived in America’s most dangerous streets.

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