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Learn These Skills So You Can Skip the Bills

By The ITS Crew

Here at ITS, we’ve always made it our mission to help people learn skills to better themselves. Whether it’s learning to pick a lock, navigate through the wilderness or even potentially save a life, learning a new skill empowers you to be ready to tackle any situation you might face. In some cases these skills might even help you avoid expensive repairs, service calls or equipment. Today we’re highlighting skills you can learn that could enable you to skip some expensive bills.

Skip the Locksmith

Skip the Bills Locksmith Body

At some point most of us have locked ourselves out of the house, which may have resulted in a call to a locksmith. However, armed with simple knowledge on how to pick a lock (and a good toolset) you could skip the locksmith all together. It’s also valuable to learn just how the locks for your home work and how vulnerable they really are.  This article educates on the basics of lock picking and can have you opening locks within minutes.

Additionally, if you’re looking for good practice equipment consider picking up our Universal Lock Pick Practice Station and a Modular Practice Lock. These items will enable you to practice your picking without having to risk damaging a lock that’s in use around the house.

Skip the GPS

GPS technology has grown by leaps and bounds within the last decade with modern handheld devices offering a dizzying array of features. However, relying on a GPS to get you where you need to go could leave you in the lurch if you run into power issues or other malfunctions. Learning to navigate using a map and compass can help you skip the bill of purchasing a pricey GPS device. It also teaches you how to best move through terrain and see where you are, as well as where you’re going. If you’re just starting out with navigation, don’t miss this eBook on learning the Military Grid Reference System.

Once you’re ready to jump into using a map and compass be sure to check out our Land Navigation Starter Pack, as well as what we feel are the best compasses on the market.

Skip the Decompression Chamber

Skip the Bills Decompression Chamber

Diving is a skill that opens up an entirely new world for exploration. It’s something that can turn from delightful to dangerous very quickly though. This article highlights some of the real world dangers you can experience while diving and the steps you can take to avoid a trip to the Decompression Chamber.

Skip the Store-Bought Targets

Skip the Bills DIY Targets

Trips to the range can already run toward the expensive side, so skip the bills for purchasing targets by making your own. This article covers making your own IPSC-style targets using spare cardboard. In addition to saving that coin, you can also avoid making your house a target for theft by not having to put out large boxes from things like televisions or other expensive items at the curb on trash day.

Skip the Data Loss

Skip the Bills Data Loss

Data skimming isn’t something many people consider on a day-to-day basis, but falling victim to having your data stolen could be expensive both monetarily and mentally. Skip the bills and the headaches by checking out this article on three places your data is vulnerable to skimming.

Skip the Tow Truck

Winch Body

Whether you’re just headed off-road for some afternoon fun, or you’re setting out on an overland journey, being able to recover your vehicle when it becomes stuck is paramount. This article kicks off a series on the power of a winch on an off-road vehicle. The series covers everything from selecting a winch for your rig to the basics of how to practice and utilize it. Mastering the winch can help you skip the off-road vehicle recovery bills, which we promise are more than you’d think.

Skip the Medical Unpreparedness

Medical Kits

Medical emergencies don’t wait for an opportune time. Having the knowledge and gear to deal with them could potentially save your life, or the life of someone around you. It can be difficult to know where to start and what to keep on hand, so consider reading through this article discussing how many medical kits you really need.

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