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Can a Door Devil Anti-Kick Upgrade Prevent Multiple Attackers? We Put Its Strength to the Test

By Bryan Black


Today, we’re excited to bring you our independent evaluation of the Door Devil Anti-Kick Device. We’ve long been advocates of the technology that Door Devil has created and have been brainstorming how to work up a thorough evaluation on the effectiveness of the product in the right setting.

Thanks to Clint Bruce and his team at Trident Response, we were able to use a new breaching cage that they had constructed to properly put the Door Devil through its paces.

As you watch the video, there’s a few things I’d like to make clear. While we’ve run quite a few giveaways for Door Devil in the past on ITS, we’ve never received any kind of financial compensation from the company and no one involved in the production of this video has either. Outside of the team at ITS, no one shown in the video had ever even seen this product in person before, including the guys from Trident Response that helped me kick the door and the subject matter expert I interviewed, Rich Messenger of Texas Door & Trim, who is also the acting director of the Dallas Builders Association.

We’ve been sent a total of four units free of charge to use for testing, one of which is shown installed in this video and another was on-hand during the filming. The others were installed over the past year to examine the installation procedures and other criteria used in our evaluation.

What you see above is the culmination of our evaluation and while I voice my own opinions during the video, I’ll let you be the judge on the effectiveness. The purpose isn’t to paint Door Devil in any kind of light, other than just giving you a real-life look at three guys trying to break down a door with a Door Devil installed; we didn’t hold anything back.

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  • D

    So obviously the door devil is more of an aftermarket addition to an existing door.  Is there anything you’d recommend for new construction?

    • @D  Rich from Texas Door & Trim mentioned a plate that can be installed during new construction that they’ve used. It’s called the Kikgard

    • dubya86

      bryanpblack I used to work at Texas Door and Trim before I enlisted.
      Kinda hoped I never had to see that ugly mug again… Anyway, either
      product can be used in new construction. Difference being that Kikgard
      would be installed before the door is hung, and Door Devil after or even
      during. That being said, while Kikgard does help to reenforce the door jamb, I would stray away from it as it does not offer protection from the door splintering where the latch and deadbolt
      are. Got to see it firsthand a few times when we replaced doors
      and jambs.

    • dubya86 Thanks for the feedback!

    • Blentin

      @DNot sure what brand it is, but when I visited my friend in China, his apartment had a 4 inch solid steel door with top, bottom, and middle deadbolt locks.

      The key was a really long skeleton key, I think it was made by CISA.

      He told me it was imported from Europe though. I also heard that thick doors like this are popular in Israel as well.

    • @Blentin Thanks for sharing, interesting indeed!

    • Geochino

      bryanpblack What about double front entry doors? (no center post)

  • Benny Hill would have been proud. Did I see some “measure twice, drill once” going on there Mr. Black?

    • bfgreen I think I measured about four times Brian LOL!

  • Kaizenjutsu

    The degree to which the entire breaching cage moved may have played a significant role in reducing the force applied to the door and hardware.  All that force gets largely soaked up by movement of the structure – unlike a real house wall.  Perhaps next time you could place it flush up against a wall.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    • @Kaizenjutsu I agree the test wasn’t perfect, but we did the best we could with what we had. Trust me, we’re still looking for options to continue testing. Thanks for the kind words and support!

  • spiritwild09

  • ChrisSans

    How can I defend against door attack in an apartment were the door opens to the hallway?

    • ChrisSans One of these would still help you reinforce the door, Chris. Particularly when it comes to a crow bar attack, etc. The good news is that your door frame will help take the impact of someone kicking, but in this situation your hinges are outboard and susceptible to tampering, i.e. someone just tapping them out. My first reinforcement would be a way to prevent someone from doing that. Hope that helps!

    • Txtroop37

      i have had great talks with one of their reps. I ordered 3 pieces and coulny be happier. as far as the exposed hinges go, I was concerned with that on my interior garage door. an added part of the kit I had ordered was stud screw sets to keep the door from being removed on the hinge side. my opinion is extremely high regarding this company. I also told the rep about a call we had…drunk was trying to retaliate against a deputy and kick in his door. the company sent a free kit just for the deupty to help him out. highly respect them and the quality. h

    • Bob

      bryanpblackChrisSans The answer for exposed hinges (especially if YOU won’t have to remove the door from the hinges) is to use “red” locktite (thread locker) at the very end (3/8″) of the hinge pin, then tap the pin in flush. You only want the pin to adhere to the last segment of the hinge. Red locktite will require heat to disassemble so this is a permanent solution.

  • Chris

    not gonna lie, yakitty sax made this video for me.

  • ryan

    I am abit concerned about the energy lost in that wall as it moved during the kicks . seem the moving wall may have displaced a lot or atleast some of the energy from the kicks that could or would have caused the door to fail   hmmm ?

    • @ryan As I mentioned in a comment below Ryan, I agree our testing wasn’t perfect and we’re going to continue to look at options for having a better setup in the future. Thanks for the comment.

    • noworld

      @ryan Good point. Also, it needs a control. I’m not convinced that the door without the kick guard could would have broken in the rig as tested.

  • ucfsae81

    Nice post.  I have been wanting to see the installation and the effectiveness
    of the door devil.  It looks like it will be enough to make someone
    think twice before entering or at least let you know someone is trying
    to come in.  I look forward to future product testing.  Maybe next time
    you can bolt the flooring to the floor.  Keep up the great work.  I love the site

  • ben butler

    That looks great but I live in a a rental with French doors at the back and a side lite. Is there any type of film that can be used to reinforce the glass?

    • 1099colorado

      ben butler  You can try this film made by 3M. You can buy it on ebay or similar Be aware that it requires the use of a structural silicone caulking seal around the edge of the film to bond to the glass.

  • CGW

    I recently bought two Door Devils before Christmas and just installed them.  First off, the product is well made.  The thought behind it is impressive as this is an extremely kit to install.  The first install took about an hour because we were going slow/reading and making sure we got it right.

    Second install took maybe 20 minutes.  When we tested the door the entire wall moved (we didn’t try to bash it down), you can tell that the dynamics of the door are definitely changed leaning heavily towards distribution of the forced along the entire axis of the door/door jamb.

    I recommend this product.

  • KikoToranagaBenavente

    I’d get this for my house.

  • huskerenator

    The whole friggn wall is moving which means you are loosing all the energy so the test is a fail. But I do know that this type of product is a great thing to install if you are hardening your home.

  • Cosmic Debris

    My apartment was burglarized a week ago.  I bought and installed the Door Devil today.  I think I’m going to sleep better tonight.  Thanks for posting this article.

    • Cosmic Debris  Nice upgrade! Certainly good peace of mind.

  • tmacslc

    Seems like a descent product.  Having quite a bit of experience breaching doors, I was pleased to see the hinge side addressed.  People are so focused on the the knob side…they fail to realize the weakness of the hinge side.  

    Good test…need to test it in a structure built to code, which is not always easy to find.

  • alaska1975

    My door currently has windows on either side and over the top of the door.  Would this device still work to secure the door from being kicked in?

  • jane

    This product worked well. I’m just wondering though. Why not have the doors constructed to swing out rather than swing in?

    • Dan

      @jane  the access to the hinges is in the direction of the swing of the door. So if the door swung out the person breaking in would have access to the hinge pins.

    • Greg Terry

      With security hinges it doesn’t matter if the hinges are on the outside. I’m sure the could take a grinder and cut off the hinge, but if they want in that bad, they’re coming in no matter what you do.

  • K Reaux

    I am moving into a property that has a history of break-ins. I would like to purchase the product, but I am all thumbs when it comes to installation. Is there any way that someone could assist? I am in Dallas, TX.

  • boatcaptainmike

    What is the Door Devil discount code for Crew Leader members?

  • Matt Allen

    Look up jambbrace its hidden from view and tested to industry standard not just someone kicking it.

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