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Securing Your Life: The Ultimate Guide to Home Security

By The ITS Crew

Physical Security Tips

Physical security of your home is one of the most important things to consider. Burglaries, vandalism and home invasions make it essential to have a plan in place to protect against them. Today we’re highlighting some of the most important articles we’ve written here at ITS that discuss everything you need to know about home security and how to protect yourself and your family.

Tips to Protect You and Your Family Against Home Invasions

Rigging a Tarp Shelter 03

Home invasions happen, whether you think they will or not. They’re usually quick and extremely violent, but prior planning can help you to react or prevent them from happening at all.

Are you and your family prepared for a home invasion? Click here for more Tips to Protect You and Your Family Against Home Invasions.

Protect Your Castle: Know Your Neighborhood and its Criminals

Neighborhood Watch

Your home is your castle, whether it’s an apartment, a house or a tent in the woods. Knowing your surroundings and being familiar enough with the baseline, is paramount to your overall safety plan.

Do you know your neighborhood well enough to know if something out of the ordinary is occurring? Do you know alternative ways in and out if your primary route is blocked? Click here for more information about Protecting Your Castle: Knowing Your Neighborhood and its Criminals.

Can a Door Devil Anti-Kick Upgrade Prevent Multiple Attackers?


The Door Devil Anti-Kick Upgrade can buy valuable time during a break in or home invasion. While no security method is guaranteed, we tested the strength of the Door Devil Anti-Kick upgrade and you might be surprised at the results. Click here to see the results from our test of the Door Devil.

Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins

Garage Door Robber

Garage doors are a common weak point when looking at security in a whole-home approach and an easy target for thieves. Garage doors are not only a weakness, but provide criminals a shelter once inside. To the casual passerby an open garage with a work truck pulled up to it doesn’t look out of place or scream break-in.

Securing your garage door doesn’t just mean the roll-up door; you need to view every entrance point as a vulnerability. Click here to read the Top 10 Garage Door Security Tips to Prevent Break-Ins.

Beat The Clock: Most Burglaries Take Place in Minutes

Break In

What can you do in eight minutes? Check your e-mail, make a quick lunch or run to the store? Eight minutes doesn’t give law abiding citizens the opportunity to achieve much, but that’s all the time a burglar needs to ransack your property. Many burglars have said that it takes only 8-12 minutes to get in and out of a home.

That’s quick! But a burglary needs to be fast and the longer the crook stays inside your house, the greater the chances of being caught. Click here for tips on slowing a burglar down during a break-in.

Remember, all security is just buying time. Do you use the methods mentioned in these articles or do you have your own solutions to these physical security issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Greg Henry

    This knob is installed upside down.

  • Josh Freeman

    You know my father in law taught me a valuable lesson a long time ago. Locks are made for honest people. The only thing going to stop someone entering your home, is you and your significant other properly trained cocked locked and ready to rock waiting on the other side.

  • Michael Allen

    I’m thinking about a new security system from Smith & Wesson!

  • Sam Jonathan

    Great timing. My neighborhood just had their annual COPS meeting this week, and a lot of people are clueless on how to protect themselves. I passed this on to the whole neighborhood.

  • JoeFreedom

    I just put out a couple of signs that say protected by GLOCK.

  • Nick Jody Bosick

    awesome article! Keep em coming!

  • Nick Jody Bosick

    Fat fingers….sorry for the typos in the below post

  • johnmc1224

    It really does seem like making sure to have some kind of home security system is something that can really make a difference when it comes to home invasions. Something that really stands out is that you mentioned that there are certain kinds of options that can be used to not just monitor your home, but to make it “break in” proof. I personally really like the anti-kick in door mechanism that was able to be added. Thank you for sharing.

  • LaurenAdams

    One thing that I have found to be somewhat effective is to place a security system sign in your yard. Believe it or not, that actually does deter some intruders. It sounds absurd, but it works. As you said, there is nothing that will deter all intruders. But, this will at least weed out some of them.

  • April Williams

    I agree with you on the fact that a strong door is going to be a really big part of your home security. If someone notices that your door is flimsy then they will most likely try to break into your house over another one. So, you really need to make sure that you have a good door or at least a security screen as least.

  • VictoriaRunda

    Thanks for giving us such a thorough crash course in home security. As thieves become ever more desperate they think up newer ways to get access to what isn’t theirs. As such it is our job to try and out-think them and keep our families and property secure. Given what you’ve said, I’m going to get more involved in our neighborhood watch program so that we can get even more eyes in our neighborhood keeping watch.

  • Gary Puntman

    These are some good sources.  I’m going to check all of these out.  I want to make my home as secure as it can be.  I’m sure there are a lot of things I can replace in my home in order to achieve this.

  • BettyJohnson

    That’s a good idea to reinforce your doors like that. Maybe we should do that as well while we are putting in a security system. It might be a good idea to focus on the garage door, too. I want to make sure that our place is as safe as we can make it.

  • CatSieg1

    This post is going to be odd. I ran across this site today in one of my many searches on home security. I’m searching for information on what home security systems can’t be (or are extremely difficult to) get past/bypass. My security issue involves a stalker, and is outside the norm, and I’m having a hard time finding a company/person/system that seems to know what they are doing. I apologize if this post is really outside your normal ones, but after reading some articles on this site I feel someone might have real knowledge that could help direct me.
    i don’t need sales people who ‘yes ma’am” me about how their wireless alarm system can’t be bypassed. Unfortunately for me, I know for a fact they can be bypassed. A camera does me no good if it can be turned off before he even gets to the house.
    The police can tell me I need a system, but apparently not what system or how to find someone good who can do this all at once. It won’t help me if there’s a hole anywhere. I know there are many issues with security systems, but only because I’ve read articles on them, not because I have enough knowledge to discern good over bad. I know enough to question, but not enough to decide if a system is what I need.
    Please, if you have any information on how to find a good company, and trustworthy system please advise. Or if you have any knowledge of what to ask for/trust from companies like ADT, Centurylink, Lloyds.. Please direct me to the information.

    • Thor Lancaster

      Get a looping video camcorder and hide it somewhere inconspicuous. Hook it up to an uninterruptable power supply. Check it whenever there is anything suspicious.

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