Tips to Prevent & Protect Yourself Against Home Invasions

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Use These Tips to Protect You and Your Family Against Home Invasions

By The ITS Crew

Home invasions happen, whether you think they will or not. A few days ago, an unsuspecting homeowner in New Jersey was shocked by her door being kicked in and a strange man entering her house. Obviously he was there to rob the house and while he did get away with some jewelry, he beat and choked the mother of two in front of her 3 year old daughter. Warning: The video below is graphic.

The entire scene played out in front of a nanny cam that was actively recording. While the footage will hopefully be enough to identify the criminal, it doesn’t help to prevent something like this from happening in the first place. Violence escalated quickly and the first obvious step to protect your family against this type of crime is to prevent a criminal from entering your home in the first place. Just know that nothing you can ever do will ever completely prevent a motivated criminal from attempting to enter your house. However, you can take steps to slow them down from entering or having your house so hardened that they’ll make their own decision to avoid it.

Remember this, all security is simply buying time. That’s an important take home and one to never forget. Locks, alarms and deterrents are all just buying time and are nowhere near foolproof. Locks can be picked, alarms can’t send anyone soon enough and deterrents can be avoided by an observant criminal. In this article, we’ll present some tips on what you can do to not only protect yourself and your family, but how to fortify your home to better resist becoming a victim.

Home Invasion vs. Burglary

There’s a notable difference between a burglary and a home invasion, that being you. If you’re home, it’s a home invasion. If you’re not, it’s a burglary, plain and simple. Criminals don’t always know what they’re walking into during the day, but at night it’s a different story. Who knows, in the video above, the criminal could have been as surprised by the homeowner as she was of him. Someone intent on a crime of opportunity will more than likely choose the most opportune time to commit it. You being home does not equal the most opportune time, no matter how stupid the criminal is.

A criminal that breaks into a residence at night is expecting a confrontation of some kind. Hopefully it will be short lived when you shoot them dead, but as we’ve mentioned before in “Dealing with Violent Confrontations” you should always avoid a confrontation if possible. This is the same in a home invasion scenario, not by using the same methods, but by using some forward thinking to deny criminals the opportunity.

Analysis of a Criminal

criminalIt’s important to understand how criminals work during a home invasion and some characteristics of these violent offenders. Primarily they target homes where they’re less likely to face resistance and gain access to important information like pin numbers, jewelry, cash, etc. There’s also the chance that these criminals are just looking for a violent confrontation or a sexual assault opportunity.

Unlike typical burglars, home invasions require homework and these criminals will spend the time to properly target a person or residence. Most good burglars will watch a home to see when the homeowner is gone, but home invaders will go as far as knowing your daily routine. This will include where you work, where you shop and where you hang out. All this information will be collected to determine not only the value of their target, but also the resistance they might face.

These criminals could use deception to approach your residence posing as a delivery man, salesman, or even have a woman accomplice to knock on the door why the agressor waits out of sight. This situation would normally occur during the day and is a technique employed by the criminal as a scout. Always be suspicious of those that you allow into your home, such as the exterminator, carpet cleaner, repair man, etc. If something doesn’t feel right, ask them to leave and request someone else or go with another company. This is also a good time to mention to use a reputable company that’s been recommended to you by someone you trust.

When attempting to enter your residence, home invaders will employ techniques commonly found in CQB (Close Quarters Battle), which are Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action. Speed and surprise are fairly self explanatory, but Violence of Action relates to the overwhelming control these criminal will use to overwhelm their victims and instill fear. This will occur during the first 60 seconds of their initial contact as they’ll be looking to counter any threat they might face.

Working in pairs is to be expected, so remember to always expect that. If you’ve countered one threat, there may be more, so always keep your head on a swivel and remember your situational awareness. You have to be prepared to be restrained with duct tape, rope or zip ties if these criminals do get the jump on you. While they shouldn’t if you’re prepared, you need to know how to defeat these restraints when the opportunity presents itself.

Home invasion criminals have been known to be incredibly lazy while ransacking a home, sitting down to eat, taking a nap, etc. All while you’re restrained and forced to watch in disbelief. We’ll avoid cliches like “watching in terror,” because if you’re reading this on ITS, you’ve hopefully adopted a different mentality and should be rationally thinking about your next move instead of playing the part of the victim.

Ironically, drug dealers are prime targets for home invasions. The abundance of cash, drugs and valuables is highly desired by other dopers and criminals. Not that its a bad thing and we could all care less about them anyway. Whatever is driving the home invader’s motives, this threat is real and one that needs to be taken seriously.

Know Your Neighborhood

neighborhoodThis can’t be stressed enough, only you know when something is awry or out of place, like a strange car parked with multiple passengers inside. Always be cautious of change and shifts in the baseline. If you’re leaving for work in the morning and you see a suspicious car parked around the corner, don’t ignore it. Circle the block and see if its still there when you return. Be a few minutes late for work and blame it on the traffic.

Walking a dog is a fantastic way to know your neighborhood, learning your neighbors patterns, what cars they drive, how many people are typically around a residence, etc. Even jogging is a good excuse to learn the neighborhood. While meeting your neighbors is never a bad thing, letting them know too much about you could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

Note what construction vehicles and lawn mowing companies frequent your neighborhood. Don’t be afraid to call the police on a strange person/vehicle that looks out of place. You’d rather look like a paranoid idiot, than regret not preventing something from happening.

As mentioned earlier, better criminals will stakeout neighborhoods, observing patterns of when people come and go and when the best time to hit them is. If something feels wrong in your neighborhood, it is wrong. Trust your gut, because if you can’t you’ve got bigger problems on your hands.

Hard Target vs. Soft Target

targetWhile we’ll get into a list of tips further in the article, it’s a good time to bring up the difference between a hard target and a soft target, as this is what criminals are looking for. Think for a minute about businesses and how much security they typically have nowadays. You don’t often find that same level of security at a household, which makes them softer targets. Police will often patrol businesses and main thoroughfares more than they will neighborhoods.

This also applies to individuals, while looking unsuspecting can often work to your advantage, this may be one instance where it won’t. Appearing non-threatening could make you appear to be a softer target in these situations. If this is what you’re going for, great. Also be aware of how you’re dressed because criminals will look for this. Wearing expensive jewelry, watches or driving a flashy car will attract this kind of criminal scum to you, so be cognizant of this when you’re out and about. Obviously, single females are a prime target, so if that’s you, this article is particularly important.

We’re big advocates of SDRs or Surveillance Detection Routes, the path you take back to your vehicle or to your final destination can reveal a lot about what threats could have latched onto you.

A simple SDR you can run while on foot is to walk right past your intended destination and on a path that you know anyone that was following you would be going out of their way. Using storefront glass and other things to note suspicious characters following you is important. Driving is the same thing, take different paths to and from destinations to ensure you haven’t picked up a tail.

Observation is always key anywhere you are and is the primary tool against recognizing threats before they happen.

Protect and Fortify

So how do you fortify your home to become a hard target and take steps to protect yourself? Education and planning are key, so use these steps below and get started!

Home Exterior

  • Keep your house well lit at night to discourage would-be criminals. Have motion detecting flood lights on low-lit areas around your home.
  • Post stickers and alarm signs on the exterior of your home. Even fake alarm decals and signs can be a deterrent.
  • Don’t leave heavy objects in the backyard that can be used to throw through windows, particularly patio furniture.
  • Invest in security cameras with motion sensors, IR and a solid recording device like a DVR. The cost on these has come down considerably from what they used to be.
  • Make sure your camera recording system is housed in a lockbox so a thief can’t take the recording of their crime.
  • Redundant camera angles can help capture footage of a criminal that has properly cased your house and knows the path they can take to disable a camera before it sees them.
  • Internet cameras can also be a good option if you’re away from your home and still need to monitor them.
  • At the least, have a zone alarm to alert you when someone is coming to the door or up the driveway.
  • Use highly-visible house numbers so that the Police can readily identify your home.
  • Lock your gates using an Abloy Security Padlock and leave some nice surprises on top of the fence if they think about scaling it.
  • Don’t enter your home if it looks like it’s been illegally entered, leave the premises and call the police.
  • Be aware of the trash you leave on the curb. Break down boxes from recently purchased items like TVs and conceal them from prying eyes and the trash man.


  • Always lock windows, even second floor windows.
  • Use secondary locking devices on windows to prevent them from opening past a certain height. Just one more thing to make it more difficult to gain entry.
  • Ensure windows have vibration or glass-break sensors connected to the alarm system.
  • Consider Solar Screens on your windows which will not only save on your cooling bill, but allow you more privacy and prevent window shopping.
  • Solar Screens also are typically screwed into your window frame, which makes removing them slightly more difficult.
  • Look at anti-break window film as an option. If you have glass doors, make sure they’re double paned and laminated.
  • Fortify basement windows with bars or anti-break window film. Secure windows where A/C units are attached.
  • Put a dowel rod in the track of your sliding glass door to prevent it from being opened if the lock is bypassed.
  • Secure any skylights or roof-access with upgraded hardware or anti-break window film.
  • Be aware of the bushes surrounding exterior windows. Sharp hedges (along with the noise created) will discourage these as entry points.
  • Trim your exterior bushes to prevent hiding places and trim tree limbs that allow second story or roof access.


  • Use solid-core exterior doors including the door into your garage, which should also have a deadbolt.
  • Get a wide-angle peephole and use it before answering the door, but consider covering it up while not in use. Reverse peephole viewers are readily available.
  • Invest in anti-kick door solutions like a Door Devil to prevent brute force entry. A door chain isn’t going to help one bit, even answering the door.
  • Upgrade your locks to high security locks. Bump-Proof locks, Medeco locks and others like these are worth the investment. Most household locks are simple to bypass.
  • At the very least you should install longer screws into your door jambs and hinges, preferably 3″ screws.
  • Have a spare key hidden in an uncommon place outside your home or better yet, with a neighbor.

Home Interior

  • Get a security alarm with interior motion detectors and set the alarm when you’re at home (obviously not the interior motion detector). Criminals rely on an alarm not being set while someone is home and awake.
  • Insure your alarm is monitored and will continue to work in the event you lose power in a storm or it happens to be neutralized. Look into cellular monitoring.
  • Have a secondary alarm keypad in your master bedroom that can be used to sound a panic alarm or quickly access alarm controls.
  • Have a plan for your family or roommates in your home in the event of a home invasion. Talk it over and know what each person’s responsibilities are. That plan should include ways to escape the home if necessary.
  • Consider a safe room as a rally point where you have the ability to protect yourself and call the police. Stash a spare cell phone here.
  • Keep your cell phone by the bed ready for you or another person to call 911.
  • Keep multiple weapons in places that you’ll likely be taken to in an invasion. Obviously you need to be aware of leaving weapons where children can get to them.
  • Have a loaded gun mounted inside the door to your safe. If you’re forced to open it, you’ll be able to give that criminal more than your valuables.
  • Get a dog. A barking dog will bring unwanted attention to a potential burglar, but don’t rely on your dog to attack a criminal unless trained to.
  • Change alarm codes often and when you have to distribute a spare key, make it to a specific (differently keyed) door in case a key is lost you’ll just have to replace one lock.
  • Record serial numbers of expensive items and have backups of your computer off-site using Mozy, Carbonite or in the cloud somehow.
  • Mark and engrave your property with your driver’s license number (not social) to aid in returning your stolen property or discourage theft in the first place.
  • Discuss the importance of home security with everyone, it only takes one person to forget to lock a door or window.
  • Bolt down safes, filing cabinets and lock up expensive items like bikes and four-wheelers.
  • Shred all personal documents using a cross-cut shredder. This includes credit card offers, envelopes with the name of your bank, etc.


  • Keep a weapon and tools to defeat restraints concealed in your vehicle. You could be kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from an ATM.
  • Keep spare vehicle keys or any important spares in a lock box or safe, not within reach of anyone that might gain access.
  • Always keep the alarm set on your vehicle, even in the garage. Consider a Club or secondary device to prevent theft, even in your garage.
  • Having your the keys next to you while you sleep, you can press the car alarm panic button in a pinch.
  • Consider disabling the release-cord to your electric garage door opener, particularly if you have garage door windows. If this function is needed you can have something nearby to use.
  • Change your factory set garage door opener code, thieves can drive neighborhoods with common openers looking for a doors that they work on.


  • Learn skill-sets like lock picking and defeating illegal restraints. If the criminal does get the jump on you, have the means to escape when the time is right.
  • Buy a gun and seek proper training on how to use it. Become proficient and know it’s limitations.
  • Get a concealed carry permit if allowed in your state. Always carry!
  • Don’t open carry if allowed. Why show all your cards if you have the option of concealed carry?
  • Use PERSEC (personal security) when discussing anything outside of your circle of trust, don’t reveal personal details to anyone who doesn’t need to know. That includes over the Internet and Facebook!
  • Letting people know when you’re away from home over Twitter and Facebook is just plain stupid.
  • Log all property into a trusted system with serial numbers, photos and even video that is stored off-site.


It’s important to note that most home invasions are listed by the offense, such as burgularies or assaults. This means you won’t really find statistics on actual home invasions. Nevertheless, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the threat is real. Doing everything you can to protect yourself and your family should be priority number one.

Please share this article with your family, friends and loved ones. Warn them of the inherent dangers of home invasions and how to protect against them. Use the resources we’ve created here on ITS Tactical to develop your skill-sets and practice them to stay proficient. We don’t want to hear any stories of how one of our readers became a victim, rather we’d like to see a news report on you gunning down a criminal during a home invasion. Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing those kinds of stories on the news.

We’d like to also highly recommend everyone around you reads Gavin De Becker’s book, The Gift of Fear. It’s by far the most applicable book to exactly what this article is all about. If you have any tips, anything to add to the conversation, or anything we’ve overlooked, please leave a comment below. The more everyone knows the better prepared we’ll all be.

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  • LeeGill

    I have been recently (past few months) advising people to
    purchase car cameras (DVR style) and connecting them to vehicle switched power.
    I have both front and rear cameras; both have 32GB micro SDs on a loop recycles.
    So far I’ve been able to pull out 2 good .avi files for law enforcement (proof)
    of collisions to clarify driver accountability and I have noticed a huge
    decrease in law enforcement profiling. I get pulled over far less now that they
    “that back SRT8 has active cameras”. They need to have a reason to pull me
    over, not just random road side checks without cause. I took this step simply
    because I wanted to ensure something could speak for me on my behalf, in the
    event I could not.

    • eguns

      LeeGill This is a fantastic idea. Do you have suggestions as to how to go about doing this? Devices, method, installation, etc etc?

    • tarditi

      LeeGill Good call – this is very popular in Russia (hours of youtube footage from Russian dash cams) to either defeat opportunistic aggressive drivers or corrupt law enforcement

  • LeeGill

    I looked
    into what camera video quality and I found 2 cheap car cameras off eBay. I went
    with the cheap ones for the pilot testing and a better quality camera will
    normally do a better video. The exact cameras I purchased were $88.00 for the
    pair, delivered to my house:
    Qty x 2 =
    2.5″ TFT Color LCD 6 LED IR Vehicle Road Eye Car HD Camera Video Recorder
    DVR, from a seller on eBay named ‘fabulous5812010’. This was not a made in USA
    item but does the job. For less than $100.00 it made a good test.
    I also
    purchased the micro cards online, same day, from Amazon. The maximum capacity
    of the above car camera is 32GB so I purchased 2 of these:
    Qty x 2 =
    SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC C10/UHS1 Memory Card with Adapter ( and
    locate SanDisk-microSDHC-Memory-Adapter-SDSDQUA-032G). Side note, if you
    dislike the car camera idea after the fact. These 32 GB micro cards are the
    series that are very good for cell / smart phones as well as digital cameras
    (vacation home type as well as field/hunter placed ones). So you have reusable
    equipment or gift able items on hand!

    • LeeGill

      -When you
      get this camera there will be a camera, thin square battery, windshield mount,
      USB connector and a power source (that plugs into a cigarette lighter in car,
      like 8 feet long cord). The thin battery is charged off the car power when
      connected and can be set to continue to record after the car is turned off. I
      also have motion detection on, so it turns on when people walk across the front
      / rear of the car. The battery will hold enough power to run independently and
      shuts down in absence of movement.

    • LeeGill

      I tapped
      into my switched power. This is a feed off the car is from the turn key
      ignition. That wire from the turn key switched power goes to a push button
      toggle (standard on / off) switch (I’ll explain why later) and from this toggle
      switch I have a female car cigarette connector. My female cigarette power
      source meets the car camera male connector, behind my glove box. So quick
      glance summary:
      Car key
      ignition wire tap, to a toggle on/off switch (manual), to female cigarette
      socket, behind glove box.

    • LeeGill

      I placed
      my front car camera middle windshield, passenger side, right up top, behind the
      rear view mirror. The windshield disc is very high up on the windshield.
      Placement is pretty much anywhere you like. Mine is so high up, central
      windshield. I have the power cable tucked into the roof line front central,
      across to passenger down column (I pulled off my column and tucked it in). It
      works its way behind the glove box; cheesing (coiled) the extra length circular
      to prevent breakage (military habit). I used Velcro computer wrap. Anyhow, plug
      male into female. Should hear a camera tone for it turning on (at least I did).

    • LeeGill

      I placed
      the rear camera driver’s side, mid height on glass, about 4 inches away from
      edge. This puts the device out of your line of sight when looking in the rear
      window. I have a second power line from the mentioned above manual toggle
      on/off switch that goes onto my car trunk. My SRT8 has a battery in the trunk
      but I have both camera power sources from the same manual toggle (we’ll get to
      why later). The power cable from the camera goes into the side material and
      routes into the trunk same male to female connection. I did the same cheesing
      with the extra length and I have the extra length placed against my rear strut
      brace. The Velcro holds the cable real nice and the Velcro to the strut brace
      behind the trunk material is tight enough there is no rattling.

    • LeeGill

      You want
      the primary power source to be on key switched power to ensure any power you
      provide to the unit(s) is controlled. There is no need to ‘remember’ to turn on
      or off anything. Zero concerns with letting it stay installed as designed and
      have any power source problems. If you have a dead battery someday, this is not
      a factor to be concerned with (type thing).
      manual on/off inline switch is there so you can remove the direct power source
      from charging the battery for events; 2-3 day car shows where the car is turned
      on for very short durations; extensive car storage where car is turned on for
      short periods of time. It’s always wise to have a manual inline intervention to
      avoid (or eliminate) electrical issues from the system. If the batteries are in
      the cameras and you manually toggle off the power; the cameras stay alive until
      batteries drain out but only the device rechargeable batteries die out, no
      impact to the car system.

    • LeeGill

      you can remove the car camera battery and have the cameras turn on, only when
      dedicated power is provided. If you don’t care about what happens when your car
      is off, pull the little thin battery out. If you have no thin battery in the
      car and you are driving around. You can use the inline manual toggle on/off
      switch to instantly turn off front and rear camera recorders. I suggest
      planning you cabling and wiring for any DVR setup and you can choose how you
      want your car cameras to record ad-hoc whenever you want them.
      cameras are basically same size as radar detectors so you might be pulled over
      if you’re living in an area (like me) where they inquire about it. Very big,
      important note. These are not password protected access devices. If you’re
      pulled over with a potential cause and they are unable to prove anything. These
      units become fair game for them to review (audit) what’s been recorded. 2 car
      cameras are a good idea because if the road side stop (and camera audit)
      occurs. You have a second active camera recording the events and delays you

    • LeeGill

      If asked
      on an inspection about the device. Ensure you say that it’s there to speak for
      you in the event you cannot. In a fatal collision it may be your only
      representation of the events. External vehicle conflicts that you can’t run
      (escape) from; evade as much as possible and move to the front or rear camera
      views. Learn to always keep you back to the car and defend. If you’re going to
      die the biggest jump start for law enforcement to act upon is the details recorded.
      The stronger the evidence is for them to work with the better chance at swift,
      secure justice.
      Hope this
      helps. Save travels.

    • eguns

      LeeGill Great little DIY. I’m going to look into what system/set up may work best in my vehicle. I think your set up is done really well but I think I may need to work on the rear camera placement for my vehicle. Good thinking on the wiring as well, having the option to power them off the battery or let them run on their own is a nice touch.

      How are low light images when using those particular cameras? Have you explored running this setup off of existing rear parking cameras on vehicles equipped with such?

  • kf4lhp

    I get rid of all of my cardboard, especially big-ticket purchases, at the recycle center. Toss it in the dumpster and go about my business. I think it’s a much better way than breaking down boxes and trying to hide them at the curb.

  • Scott Cox

    great article! A must read !

  • stincky1

    This article has been mentioned on another site:  

  • sylverdrag

    Another detail you might want to put on the list is making sure that none of the cell phones and cameras in your possession store GPS location in the pictures they take, encoded in the photo’s metadata. Shockingly enough, “GPS data” are often enabled by default on modern cellphones.
    Without realizing it, a lot of people post pictures online which still contain the exact GPS coordinates of the place they were taken. This means that if you were to, let’s say, take photos at home (for a kid’s birthday or the like) and share it online, you could be providing automatically the GPS coordinates for your house, along with a detailled inventory of your possessions and photos of the layout of your house. 
    And of course, it’s not just your home, but every damn place you take a photo, making it possible to draw a profile of your habits more accurate than if you were tailled every day for a week.  
    Fortunately, some services will automatically remove these info before posting the photos but not all. And even if the services you use do remove the data (like facebook), there is no guarantee that it will remain that way.

  • johnwilson7557

    Wow, awesome blog post. I think i have got what i was searching. Thanks for writing your knowledge about home renovation for natural disasters.

  • dfs

    ……Or a AK 47 or Glock or AR15 would be better than buying all this.

  • BenKaufmann

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  • DavidHussey

    We are aware about our home security and we will take enough care, but this is also right that criminals are also intelligent and they are doing criminal activities. Here I have found some security tips and I must say these are really good. I appreciate for this article.

  • Also another tip: you can keep a open can of wasp spray by your bed to keep assailants from coming close. Normal wasp spay will spay up to 20 feet and will temporarily blind the person

    • judgejohnston

      Sherlock WhoHow do you know that?  I hear it all the time. I know that pepper spay, buckshot, and 9mm + P works. I just haven’t seen any test results on wasp spray.

    • RyanArbuckleSr

      Sherlock Who, I would advise against the wasp spray! It can and most likely would be considered use of deadly force, as wasp spray is a known poison.

    • bobintexas2

      Sherlock Who That WASP SPRAY thing is not good.  First of all it is ILLEGAL.  Federal Law Prohibits using a POISON for self defense and Texas law prohibits it too.  This is a urban legend thing that has been going around for a LONG TIME.

      I you are working in your Garage or work shop, and get attacked by some crazy person, if you pick up some wasp spray on the workbench and spray the assailant you Probably can get by with that, it would be an emergency act of desperation.  I am NOT an attorney, but I think around where I live it wold not be an issue in such a happenstance.  

      But to go Buy, keep and CARRY WASP SPRAY with the INTENTION of using it as a WEAPON is ILLEGAL!!  And it is NOT that effective anyway.  

      I don’t like Sprays of ANY KIND.  A guy I used to know was a BOUNCER in a night club, he was fighting somebody out the door of the Club, and then the BIG CRAZY guy was starting to get the better of him, so he MACED the guy.  Well most of the Mace blew back in the bouncer’s FACE, and blinded HIM, and the Mace that actually hit the Assailant was just enough to REALLY Piss him off, he was so ENRAGED after that, the thug beat the Holy Living HELL out of the bouncer.  After the bouncer healed up, he threw away every bit of Mace he had.  And NEVER used it again.

      I used to carry Wasp Spray with me when I did Real Estate Appraisals, because I could kill Wasps with it and not STAIN people’s Houses etc.  At HOME I use Diesel Fuel to kill Wasps.  But the wasp Spray, I have had IT blow back on ME with minimal discomfort.  You know, if that stuff was very harmful it would be TOO DANGEROUS for the USER to use against WASPS and the company that makes it would be SUED in to a HOLE in the ground.  But it is STILL Classified as a POISON and you cannot LEGALLY spray a HUMAN with it.  I carried a GUN for “Humans”.

      That is an URBAN LEGEND story that has been going around since about 2009.  This is America you can do it anyway you want, if you think that is a GOOD IDEA to use Wasp Spray go ahead, but you MIGHT want to Consult with an ATTORNEY FIRST.  You MIGHT take a chance and ask a Cop, but they are WRONG all of the time, they are NOT lawyers.  They BLUFF all the time.  BB

    • bobintexas2

      Sherlock Who Sherlock Who That WASP SPRAY thing is not good.  First of all it is ILLEGAL.  Federal Law Prohibits using a POISON for self defense and Texas law prohibits it too.  This is a urban legend thing that has been going around for a LONG TIME.

      If you are working in your Garage or work shop, and get attacked by some crazy person, if you pick up some wasp spray from the workbench and spray the assailant you Probably can get by with that, it would be an emergency act of desperation.  I am NOT an attorney, but I think around where I live it would not be an issue in such a happenstance.  I cannot guarantee that. 

      But to go Buy, Keep and CARRY WASP SPRAY with the INTENTION of using it as a WEAPON is ILLEGAL!!  And it is NOT that effective anyway.  

      I don’t like Sprays of ANY KIND.  A guy I used to know was a BOUNCER in a night club, he was fighting somebody out the door of the Club, and then the BIG CRAZY guy was starting to get the better of him, so he MACED the guy.  Well most of the Mace blew back in the bouncer’s FACE, and blinded HIM, and the Mace that actually hit the Assailant was just enough to REALLY Piss him off, he was so ENRAGED after that, the thug beat the Holy Living HELL out of the bouncer.  After the bouncer healed up, he threw away every bit of Mace he had.  And NEVER used it again.

      I used to carry Wasp Spray with me when I did Real Estate Appraisals, because I could kill Wasps with it and not STAIN people’s Houses etc.  At HOME I use Diesel Fuel to kill Wasps.  But the wasp Spray, I have had IT blow back on ME with minimal discomfort.  You know, if that stuff was very harmful it would be TOO DANGEROUS for the USER to use against WASPS and the company that makes it would be SUED in to a HOLE in the ground.  But it is STILL Classified as a POISON and you cannot LEGALLY spray a HUMAN with it.  I carried a GUN for “Humans”.  I believe if you FEAR someone enough to SPRAY them, you probably have Probably cause to SHOOT THEM with a Firearm.  I never heard of a BULLET or Shotgun blast “blowing back” on to the shooter.

      That is an URBAN LEGEND story that has been going around since about 2009.  This is America you can do it anyway you want, if you think that is a GOOD IDEA to use Wasp Spray go ahead, but you MIGHT want to Consult with an ATTORNEY FIRST.  You MIGHT take a chance and ask a Cop, but they are WRONG all of the time, they are NOT lawyers.  They BLUFF all the time.  

      I would NEVER spray someone with something I could not EAT, because that is PROBABLY what they are going to make you do, they are going to make you EAT IT, or Shove it where the sun don’t shine.  Wasp Spray, in the end, is nothing but false security by people that do NOT really know how VIOLENT and how TOUGH some people ARE.  BB

    • miamiecocenter

      bobintexas2 Sherlock Who

    • miamiecocenter

      bobintexas2 Sherlock Who Wasp spray has been debunked.  THere is even a video on YouTube of someone getting Wasp Sprayed on purpose and found it less effective than a quality pepper spray.  

      Spend the extra money for real pepper spray.  And the only way to have it blow back is to spray it in the direction where the wind would blow it back in your own face.  So if you are facing down-wind just side step around before you spray the crook.  

      And if you live in a place where pepper spray is not legal try a can of oven cleaner or brake cleaner.

  • lindasmith12

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  • Aussie Allan In Thailand

    Great tips, logically presented, and I am not only a now retired to Thailand ex Australian Army rather special soldier.
    I am also in the past the owner of 2nd business in the security, close personal protection, and private investigator areas. Hence I do know exactly that nearly all criminals are cowards, who seek victims rather than a known armed and aggressive fighter. Cheers Allan Leigh

  • Paula Livingston

    This article was very helpful. While researching home security
    tips I have found that outdoor lighting is also a very relevant way to make
    your home not only more appealing but more secure. Outdoor lighting when done
    correctly can help secure your home much more than the alternative which is a
    dark exterior. An intruder has no desire to be seen and outdoor lighting is one
    way to detour any unwanted intruders from your home. Designing your security
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  • Alex__

    I got everything described in this article, alarms (with stickers and yard sign), dead bolts and locks, dogs (big ones), good lit, according to the police my house is a hard target because of where is located,  yet my house got burglarized anyways. By the destruction they left behind it’s pretty clear it wasn’t their first rodeo. The next door house got burglarized 4 month after mine. We don’t live in a bad neighborhood either. Something to note, nothing got stolen on either burglary, the alarm scared them off, but we have the stickers and yard signs !!! They broke in anyways !

    So what’s next? Hiring an armed security guard?

    • Alex__ Sorry to hear about what happened, was it a door kick-in? I’m glad to hear your alarm did its job and I’d say it was successful in protecting the contents of your home. You may have incurred damage, but it sounds like it could have certainly been a lot worse.

    • Alex__

      bryanpblack Yeah, the front door was badly kicked-in, nothing left of after, they
      completely destroyed door, hinges, frame and locks (yes, the locks were
      also destroyed) and were laying on the floor, that tells you how much
      force they used to bust my front door open. It cost me $500 to replace
      the door on a Sunday, plus $250 to replace the screen door with an iron
      gate, plus $400 worth of cameras, $600 for the guard dog and who knows
      how much money worth of materials I already have with me and the labor
      to install the do it yourself project of cameras installation, I make a
      living on systems and networks so wiring the house, installing and
      configuring custom IP cameras is a piece of cake for me, so you can tell
      despite nothing was taken I got robbed anyways. Now I’ve purchased a
      guard dog to add to the pack, and I’ve installed HD cameras around the
      house and inside, I monitor the house from work and my cell phone every
      time I can and so far I can tell no one dares to get close to the house,
      not even the mail man but the random dumb solicitor who don’t know how
      to read the sign that clearly states “No Solicitors”. I caught one live
      on camera once and called the cops on him while he was standing in front
      of the door reading all my warning signs he got stopped for soliciting
      without a permit, that’s not the reason I called the cops but because he
      seemed to be the kind of people who steal mail from your box, was
      acting like he was trying to locate the my mail box but I don’t have one
      and has something on his hands that resembled pretty much like stolen
      mail. I don’t have a mail box to keep people from stealing my
      mail/packages, I’ve been using for many years now a PO Box and it works
      like a charm and with email notifications you only need to stop by the
      post office only when you have mail, no more going to check the box just
      in case you’ve got mail.My next project I can’t do it myself,
      but I have my windows scheduled for replacement for the past 2 years
      since before I got break-in, since then I’ve been thinking on how to
      beef up even more my security, I came across the idea of bars on the
      windows and iron fencing on the front, I decided instead to move the
      cost of building an iron fence and/or bars on the windows and purchase
      tempered glass dual pane windows instead, is cheaper and it keeps the
      good looking of the house instead of looking like a jail, since I have
      to replace them anyways so might as well…, good luck now trying to
      break thru the windows 😉

    • Alex__ Thanks for the follow-up and lessons learned. There’s great info in your post and some great considerations for anyone looking to upgrade their own security.
      The guard dog is a great idea and I especially like moving away from using your home mailbox completely. 
      Upgrading the windows is a good move as well, but you also might want to look into a security film options that 3M makes to prevent glass breaking.
      Thanks again for sharing,

    • Michael Sanders

      Criminals can buy cordless rotary saws with carbide-steel circular blades that spin fast enough to cut thru iron fencing & security bars like a hot knife thru butter. Next?!

  • JessicaWilliam1

    With <a href=””>custom burglar alarm decals</a>, you can prevent your house, office or building more
    effectively. Where security systems are essential for any building, alarm
    decals are also important for letting the trespassers know that the building,
    house or office is protected by security cameras, dogs and the like. In case,
    if the alarm systems are not installed, only the burglar alarm decals can
    protect your house from intruders.

    • bobintexas2

      JessicaWilliam1 I have been burglarized 30 times, had a HOME invasion, and three bloody assaults, I have dummy cameras, I have no way of knowing how many they have turned away, those you cannot count, but even REAL CAMERAS will NOT repel an attack.  Youtube is FULL of Crimes “on Camera” and you cannot read the LICENSE number or recognize the THUG.  

      Where I live ((Texas), after a crime is committed the Sheriff’s Dept always show up with their “Clipboard” about 2 hours after the crime, and they go down a list of questions and the FIRST time you answer with a NO they say, “There is nothing they can do” and drive off.  

      The One question that will always get rid of them is, “Did you get their LICENSE NUMBER?”  If you say no, they just say, “There is nothing we can do.”  and drive off.  Also, even if you CATCH them YOURSELF if they are KNOWN drug offenders, they will NOT go after them because they want to WAIT, “until they run a stop sign and have some DOPE in the Car.”  The reason for THAT is, they get to keep the PROPERTY in a “Drug Crime”.  Those “Property Forfeiture Laws” have so CORRUPTED the system.  it is a MONEY MAKING RACKET for them, yet it fills up the prisons and the TAX PAYER gets robbed AGAIN because the TAXPAYER has to FEED the low life during his incarceration.

      I have NEVER had a Drug Dealer Steal anything from me, but I have had BANKERS, and insurance people rob me BLIND.  They should let all of the drug people out of Jail and lock up the REAL Criminals, the “Bankers, Insurance People, Real Estate Appraisers and Stock Brokers”.  They steal more money in a day than the rest of them all year.  BB

    • miamiecocenter

      bobintexas2 JessicaWilliam1 @BobinTexas. wow man, if the cops actually said “we wont stop them until we can catch them in a car so we can seize the car as property for the police department I would move out of that neighborhood.  I dont even think the police in Mexico are that corrupt/

  • KentClark1

    A lot of people don’t realize this, but the majority of break-ins happen because you leave your door unlocked. That is a very simple fix. The best thing that you can do is have a security system. It really does help you with your safety.

    • TyroneBobbyJoeHill

      KentClark1 I agree, having a security system is the best option for keeping  your house protected. It was even able to help the lady that was attacked in the video. There have been some break-ins in my neighborhood over the last few weeks and I really think it’d be a good idea to get a home home security system installed. Hopefully I can find a good installation service in my area. Thanks for the post!

    • miamiecocenter

      TyroneBobbyJoeHill KentClark1 No a security system is a waste of money.  The police ignore the alarms or show up hours later.  

      Spend a thousand dollars instead on a trained guard dog

    • Michael Sanders

      Unfortunately, a guard dog is only effective against the softer criminal element. hard-core criminals just shoot such dogs, thereby ending any potential threat said dog imposed. I’d rather invest (not spend) $1,000 on perimeter control and intrusion prevention, such as a fence around my property, a reinforced door jam and lock combination, a one-way peephole, more and better lighting, video surveillance and an alarm system. But, better than money is situational awareness. Neighborhood watch groups can be effective, too. However, they’re only as strong as their weakest link. weapons should only be employed as an absolutely-last resort. I’d rather install thorny bushes around the most vulnerable windows. Or, how about a shock mat?! If you show up on my doorstop uninvited with the clear intent to hurt me or burglarize my home, then ZAP! 240,000 volts, all at once. Enjoy your stay in ICU, criminal! LOL

  • bobintexas2

    The NUMBER ONE way a Home invader gets in is he RINGS the FRIGGING DOORBELL!!!  A District Attorney who lived in the adjoining county to where I live, that was under a DEATH THREAT, and had deputies patrolling his street, this DA’s WIFE opened the door when it was rung, the invader SHOT her instantly, leaped over her body and RAN to the Bedroom and Emptied a Full Magazine, (30 rounds) well 29 after killing his wife, but he killed the DA in his tracks.  The DA was a 20 year Army veteran and a gun guy, he owned a LOT of guns, but the bad guy always has the ELEMENT of surprise.  The Invader was a fellow Attorney and at one time a JP.  They caught him, but those two people are STILL dead.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    I have lived in a HIGH CRIME AREA since 1971.  The place I have to live on is what’s left of our Farm my Father bought in 1958.  The first thirteen years we were here, we had NO criminal problems.  But in 1971 Fox and Jacobs built one of those Government Financed El Cheapo Subdivisions, you know with the Nothing down loans, the inner city folks Flooded IN and the crime has been non-stop since.  In February of 1972 I had a Home invasion HERE and I was by myself.  I was LUCKY, I realized they were breaking in, and robbed then of their “Element of Surprise.”  These three guys were not as VIOLENT back in those days, that was 43 YEARS ago.  But NOW if you are invaded, most likely you will NOT live to tell about it.  

    I own guns, I can handle them well,  But I get so SICK of every time someone mentions Home Invasion they immediately start selling FIREARMS.  Guns have their Place, I own many and NONE of them are HUNTING weapons, they are Combat Shotguns, a high capacity Rifle, and a number of high caliber hand guns.  But the PROBLEM with FIREARMS (if you are NOT a THUG) is, in a Home Invasion there are USUALLY THREE Assailants, nearly ALWAYS at least TWO.  So if you are BY YOURSELF it is 2 against ONE or THREE against one.  If you have FAMILY, do you REALLY want to go up against Three Dangerous THUGS in a GUNFIGHT with your FAMILY in the HOUSE??  The ODDS are you will ALL BE KILLED or most certainly MAIMED.

    To ME, after decades of CRIME, and after clearing a number of these CRIMES and seeing and even MEETING the people that commit them, let me tell you, if you have not been to PRISON several times and Know what they KNOW, well, they are going to BEAT YOU.  YOU, the good guy, will HESITATE when they won’t.  I don’t care how much you go to the “Gun Range”.

    To ME the best thing is to ROB them of IS their GREATEST ALLY the *ELEMENT OF SURPRISE.*  I won’t tell you exactly what I have now, but your HOME INVASION BARS on windows should be on the INSIDE of your House where the INVADERS CANNOT see them from the STREET.  If you have say THREE exterior doors to ENTER the house, these doors should be “fixed” where NO ONE can just drive up or walk up and “ring the doorbell”.  You should NOT even have a Doorbell on your House.  My doorbell has only been rung ONCE in the last 20 years, and that was by a Deputy Sheriff.  My dogs went CRAY when they heard it, they had never heard one in their life.

    The INSIDE arrangement should be “fixed” in a way, that AFTER the Home invaders BATTER down your already hardened up exterior Doors, you should have a SECONDARY STEEL BARRIER INSIDE the house to keep the invaders from penetrating FURTHER.  Your DOGS, I have TWO that are INSIDE the HOUSE, are the early warning system.  My dogs alert as soon as a human sets foot on the property.  They come and wake me up.  So, while the Exterior Doors are being battered DOWN, I am clearing my head and getting one of my 12 Gauge Combat shotguns ready.  Once the Thugs get through the exterior Doors, then they find out if they did not bring an Oxy Acetylene TORCH, they still have a LOT of work to do.  They CANNOT get in to the “Sleeping area” for a LONG TIME if they did not bring a Torch.  Even WITH a Torch, it is going to take awhile.  ALL of their “Element of Surprise is LOST, I NOW have the “Element of Surprise” to spring on THEM.  It is my BELIEF MOST invaders will ABORT once they get IN and see they are NOT really IN, they are now >VULNERABLE< they SHOULD LEAVE.  If they don’t immediately LEAVE I can rain hell down upon them.  Where I live it takes one to TWO HOURS for the Sheriff to get here.  (I live in the Dallas Fort Worth craphole)  So, like everybody else, *I* am responsible for my own safety, even MORE SO.  DO NOT allow your friends or neighbors to SEE the interior of your LAY OUT.  You “friends” may be OK, but people they BLAB to might not be.  Secrecy is your ALLY.

    And by ALL means, if you are building a “House in the COUNTRY”, DO NOT build it up close to the ROAD!!!  It needs to be at least 500 feet from the road.  It should be fixed in a way where the people driving by CANNOT tell if you are HOME or NOT.  That is ONE thing that is WRONG with the set up I live in now.  My father FOOLISHLY built the IMPROVEMENTS about 100 feet from the edge of the road to save a few bucks.  That makes the property so HARD TO DEFEND.  ANYBODY can drive by and see everything HERE, it is all on DISPLAY and they can tell what time I get UP, when I leave, and when I get BACK.  I have all kinds of maneuvers I make to confuse them, but you can only fool them so much.  Also, up close to the Road, the Burglars and Home Invaders will throw POISONED MEAT in the front yard, wait a few days for your Dogs to DIE, and then make a strike against you or your property.  That is what the US Military does in the Middle East, when they get ready to “raid” a neighborhood, they go in and kill all of the dogs they see FIRST, then later come back and “clear the homes”. 

    This is the way it is where I live ELLIS COUNTY TEXAS.  And everybody wants the place to Grow Some MORE, as if it does NOT suck enough like it is.  BB

  • shenoiekaant

    Thanks for your great tips! Numerous individuals are putting in wireless alarm systems that are secured with security monitoring to guard against theft.

  • Alex__

    Wireless alarms are unreliable. Their sensors run on batteries that needs to be replaced on schedule and you have to remember, if you forget about it you’re rendering your alarm useless, also wireless frequencies can be jammed and hacked.
    Stay away from wireless technologies when it comes to your home and family security. That’s just an excuse for the lazy installers no having to get up in the attic to wire your alarm system in the way it meant to be.
    I got everything on wires, even my computers, I’ve spend month on my live wiring 15 drops of cat5e network cable throwout the walls on the entire house for computers, security cameras and security systems. The ONLY thing you MUST have wireless is the cellular GSM unit on the alarm system. That is the ONLY thing that needs to be wireless because burglars can and will cut your phone line wiring from the outside of your property to render your alarm useless.

  • bobintexas2

    Well of course people should use “What they desire” and if the have a LOT of MONEY they can really saturate their home with every option available.  But People put WAY to much Faith in CCTV.  The number one thing is they DO NOT REPEL an ATTACK!!!!  They MIGHT get a prosecution AFTER the attack is over, but that is ALL they can do.  Most of them will not be clear enough to read a license plate in the DARK or even in a shadow.

    CCTV does NOT scare most criminals, they simply IGNORE them or wear a ski mask.

    If I only have so much money to spend, of course I am going to have a FIREARM, but that by itself is not enough for several reason, ONE of them being ‘you have to SLEEP sometime”.  So, After I got my SECONDARY Barriers up to rob the Invaders of their “Element of Surprise” one MIGHT consider CCTV  If I were on a Budget, I would NOT buy them.

    Also. if you live in a RURAL AREA the phone and Co-op electric will not usually have the correct “utilities” to operate them.  They only work in “The City”.  They will NOT work where I live.  The Outbuildings are all SCATTERED out over a WIDE AREA.  When you start running the Cables, you get POWER DROP.  The people that build that stuff do NOT build it for a Rural Market.  They will work in a RURAL HOME where you have “climate Control” to keep out insects, CONDENSATION and temperature extremes from the electronic equipment, it will be destroyed by the elements, but hooking up all of the OUTBUILDINGS won’t work. 

    To access the “VieW” on line, you have to have Electricity. an internet connection, and a Computer to access the DVD that is storing the “View” of the surveillance area.  I have out buildings that are over 500 feet apart, and I CANNOT even get Dial Up Internet, all I can get is SKYBEAM and it is UNRELIABLE and stays broken down ALL of the time.

    If you live “in the City” on a little lot in the Suburbs, you can run them at you house as you will have a SMALL property AND you have all of the UTILITIES required to run the equipment.  Can’t do it HERE, I am on a FARM.  But when you have an INVASION and a guy is getting ready to SHOOT you, are you going to say, “Hold it, I think you are going to like this picture??  Banks have cameras and they get ROBBED every day. BB

  • bobintexas2

    “Cameras” will NOT repel an attack.  They almost NEVER get a LICENSE NUMBER or anything that can be used to get a prosecution AFTER you are KILLED.  I have caught people IN THE ACT and have not gotten a PROSECUTION.  You are very naive.  Go on to Youtube and watch the hundreds “of crimes caught on tape” you will NOTE the pictures are too lousy to identify anyone.  Even their OWN MOTHER cannot identify them.  They cover their faces with their HAND or a ski mask, you cannot wee them.  They Spray paint the Cameras with BLACK PAINT.

    BANKS and convenience stores have cameras galore and they get ROBED all the time.  I have HAD to life in a High Crime area all of my life, believe me, it is not that simple.

    They are OK to have once you have EVERYTHING ELSE you need, but I would NOT buy them until I had everything else.  You MUST have a SECONDARY INTERIOR BARRIER they Home Invaders CANNOT batter down to rob them of their element of SURPRISE.  Once their element of surprise is lost you have a BETTE#R chance of Killing THEN instead of the other way around.

    You KNOW what is stolen because it AIN’T THERE any more!!  I have had thirty Burglaries and a home invasion I know what I am talking about.  Plus three bloody assaults.

    All a video is good for is to play at your FUNERAL.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    I have been a victim of rime many times, more than anyone YOU know.  Cameras don’t work, Alarms DON’T work.  If your alarm RINGS on your Police department’s DESK and they leave CODE BLUE< the Thieves or murderers will be long gone when they get there.  You cannot believe how FAST professional criminals work.  All cameras do is get a real blury image to show at your FUNERAL.

    You should watch THIS  

    You will see how hard it is to CATCH someone EVEN if your FAMILY is a detective in the Local police.  They could NOT catch this guy in TIME and the girl was killed and her FATHER was a DETECTIVE and he MOBILIZED ALL of the POLICE in the STATE IMMEDIATELY, you or I cannot do that!!!  But it was NOT ENOUGH. 

    I have pneumonia right now, and am too sick to explain, but you have to have UNIQUE systems to defeat Modern Criminals.  I built all of my stuff MYSELF.  Alarms are not worth a Cold Bottle of Spit.  A FAKE sign that SAYS you have an alarm is about as good as a REAL ALARM.

    I have certain rooms that are only accessible with a Pneumatic LOCK (Compressed Air).  Each one is UNIQUE.  the lock locks on the inside of the door, and NOBODY can see it, it is UNLOCKED with Compressed Air from many feet away.  Unless I SHOW somebody HOW to do it, they CANNOT open it.  The doors I built myself, One layer of steel, then one layer of wood etc, cannot be cut with a Cutting Torch or BOLT Cutters.  I have Padlocks on them but they are DECOYS< when you cut them off the DOOR STILL WILL NOT OPEN.  It is a LONG STORY.

    What do you think these guys do when they are lying around in JAILS??  They Further their education in CRIME.  They go in an undergraduate, after a few years in the PEN and they have a Phd in CRIME and they will KILL YOU.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    I have been a victim of rime many times, more than anyone YOU know.  Cameras don’t work, Alarms DON’T work.  If your alarm RINGS on your Police department’s DESK and they leave CODE BLUE< the Thieves or murderers will be long gone when they get there.  You cannot believe how FAST professional criminals work.  All cameras do is get a real blury image to show at your FUNERAL.

    You should watch THIS  

    You will see how hard it is to CATCH someone EVEN if your FAMILY is a detective in the Local police.  They could NOT catch this guy in TIME and the girl was killed and her FATHER was a DETECTIVE and he MOBILIZED ALL of the POLICE in the STATE IMMEDIATELY, you or I cannot do that!!!  But it was NOT ENOUGH. 

    I have pneumonia right now, and am too sick to explain, but you have to have UNIQUE systems to defeat Modern Criminals.  I built all of my stuff MYSELF.  Alarms are not worth a Cold Bottle of Spit.  A FAKE sign that SAYS you have an alarm is about as good as a REAL ALARM.

    I have certain rooms that are only accessible with a Pneumatic LOCK (Compressed Air).  Each one is UNIQUE.  the lock locks on the inside of the door, and NOBODY can see it, it is UNLOCKED with Compressed Air from many feet away.  Unless I SHOW somebody HOW to do it, they CANNOT open it.  The doors I built myself, One layer of steel, then one layer of wood etc, cannot be cut with a Cutting Torch or BOLT Cutters.  I have Padlocks on them but they are DECOYS< when you cut them off the DOOR STILL WILL NOT OPEN.  It is a LONG STORY.

    What do you think these guys do when they are lying around in JAILS??  They Further their education in CRIME.  They go in an undergraduate, after a few years in the PEN and they have a Phd in CRIME and they will KILL YOU.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    Let me tell you, I have had 30 burglaries, a Home Invasion, three bloody assaults, and countless vandalisms and was shot at once last year.  I live in Ellis County TEXAS which people will LIE and tell you is a Low Crime County.  

    I have Pneumonia right NOW and should be in the Hospital but I CAN”T because THIS property CANNOT be left unattended.  I have been stuck here since I was 28 years old because my Mother would NOT MOVE!!!  I am now 63.  I have learned the hard way how to defeat thieves.  You must Rob them of TIME with Surprises nobody else has.  One thing is, my PARENTS STUPIDLY built the House and all of the Barns up CLOSE TO THE ROAD.  The Criminals can drive by and see what you have, then they can tell if you are HOME or not.  They WATCH YOU.  A home on a place like this should be at least 500 feet from the ROAD.  All outbuildings should be built in a Cluster BEHIND the house and surrounded by a Dog Proof Fence where viscous Dogs can patrol at all times.  All vehicles should be parked BEHIND the house where they are NOT visible from the road.  I can go on and on.

    These CRIMINALS after they have been to PRISON three or four times, they KNOW how to defeat every ALARM or almost anything YOU can think of.  You have to have everything UNIQUE to thwart them.  Once they lose their ELEMENT of Surprise then they become VULNERABLE TO YOU not the other way around, then you can JILL THEM.  That is the only Cure for those people DEATH.

    To Thwart a Home invasion, you Must have a SECONDARY BARRIER inside the home that takes a LONG TIME to DEFEAT.  So, once the Three Home Invaders break in(there are nearly always three) you have a few minutes to prepare to stand your ground.  They “break in” but they are NOT really IN, you are still separated from them.  This gives you time to FIGHT, for you will be outnumbered, you will need every survival skill you have.  But no matter WHAT you do, you are STILL vulnerable to the INSIDE JOB. 

    A friend of mine that is now DEAD, he was having a Roof put on his house, they were taking too long, he told them to “Hurry Up, he was going to Australia in a few days.  He left for his trip.  

    When he came BACK two weeks later, he found out the ROOFERS came back and MOVED IN TO HIS HOUSE while he was GONE.  They slept in his BED, ate his FOOD< and the brought SEVERAL Exy-Acetylene cutting Torches in there and “Cracked his SAFE”.  They stole EVERYTHING he had.  50 YEARS of collectibles, every sentimental thing he owned, CASH Gold Coins.  They found out WHO did it, but he NEVER got a prosecution because the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department some of their “Jailers” were “In on it”.  So, that would be “too embarrassing”.  Only YOU can defend YOU and it is getting a LOT WORSE.  Oh, and this guy had an “Alarm”.  The first thing they DID was render it useless.

    The Sheriff’s Department where I live their response time has been one to two HOURS.  They come pout AFTER it’s ALL OVER and fill out forms and go back to the Do-Nut Shop.  I live in the EXTREME Northwest corner of the County where the Ellis, Dallas, Tarrant and Johnson Counties converge.  A “Four Corners” type of location.  The SHERIFF will NOT even patrol out here.

    My life has been RUINED over crime time and time again.  You people are NAIVE about Criminals, I have lived with this all of my life.  I had the Home Invasion in February 1972.  These THUGS that come from the “Metroplex” the “developers” call it, they are in the MILLIONS!!!

    If you think some little old cheap “alarm” is going to stop a THUG you are CRAZY, Neither will a Video Camera.  You have to have Bullet resistant Cover and a PLAN.  It is the PLAN that is most important.  

    You must NEVER EVER let your guard down.  Don’t say MOVE unless YOU can bring me a BUYER that has the CASH MONEY to buy it.  Then it will be up to MY 90 YEAR OLD MOTHER to accept it.  And we MUST Disclose this Crime problem to the Buyer.  It is a FARM by the way.  

    You guys just do not understand how DANGEROUS and how BRAZEN these people are.  You just do not get it.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    Mstar58 A thief can open a locked door or window in under ONE SECOND.  I have been Burglarized 30 times.  You have to have a SECONDARY BARRIER to surprise them with after they crash the “Locked Doors and windows”.  When they are IN then you KILL them.  You rain hell down upon them.  After the are all DEAD, then you call the cops.  That is the way it is in the USA, where I live TEXAS.  Texas is FULL of THUGS.  Burglaries are BAD, but what I focus on ALL the time is a HOME invasion.  These are usually NOT survivable in the typical house, you have to have secondary barriers that buy a lot of time so you can kill them.  It is on the Concealed Handgun Course TEST in Texas, “Why do you shoot someone?”  The answer is to STOP them.  Next question, “What is the BEST way to stop them?”  Answer: “To KILL them.”  It is on the test, the STATE TEST.

    All “locks do, is keep honest people honest”.  My daddy told me that over 50 years ago.  Store bought “Locks” are to keep your Family and friends from stealing from you, that’s all, BB

  • coryfromalabama

    bobintexas2, you should seriously consider just moving and letting the bank take it if it’s really ruining your life as you say. And by all your (many, long & detailed) comments, I believe you. 
    But it’s no one’s fault but your own if you stay there and keep getting more and more bitter at the world until you die.

  • bobintexas2

    Oh “cameras” may scare some people, but they willl NOT repel an attack, nor can you even get an ID of who is who 99% of the time.  Go on to YOUTUBE and LOOK for yourself!!  the burglars wear Masks, or simply hold their Hand over their face.  Usually the LIGHTING is so POOR they do NOT have to do anything, their Own MaMa cannot recognize them.  

    It takes them under five minutes to burglarize your HOME.  If you are WATCHING them in REAL TIME, it is VERY UNLIKELY the Police will get there in time to catch them.  If it takes the 5 minutes to BURGLARIZE you, or a mili-second to blow your head off, and it takes the Cops 10 minutes to get there, who WINS???  The Burglar / killer. That’s who.  Criminals are NOT afraid of Cameras.  They are just “made to sell”.  They are afraid of a 12 Gauge Shotgun against their NOSE< I have found THAT out.

    Many times burglars spray the cameras with SPRAY PAINT, you cannot see anything then.  They are a WASTE of money to me.  I have invested in Steel Barriers and AMMUNITION, large caliber.

    All Cameras do, is provide a very Blurry Photo to show at your Funeral. they will NOT stop somebody from Killing you. 

    It takes the Sheriff from ONE to two HOURS to respond where I live, it has taken that long since 1971, I doubt it will ever get better.  All “Cameras” do is give people FALSE SECURITY.  They THINK they are covered.  There is a YOUTUBE of a Guy that is in the BUSINESS of SELLING and installing those things, and HE got a HOME INVASION.  They had Bandanas over their faces, and they were NEVER CAUGHT.  So tell me, what good did they do???

    If the crime is committed by somebody you KNOW, like an employee, neighbor, relative, and then if you are NOT DEAD, you might use the video or photo to AID in a prosecution but that is ALL.  In my County, they will NOT prosecute anything BUT a Drug Crime, because they get to “keep the Loot”.

    Believe ME, a PROSECUTION is NOT that easy to get.  Not in real life.  It does not work like that in Real Life.  I have had 30 burglaries, a Home Invasion, Three assaults, and countless vandalisms and an arson.  I have “Cleared” around 10 of these crimes, that means I KNOW who did them, but I only got two prosecutions and they were both “Plea Bargains”.  The system does NOT WORK.  Not in TEXAS for sure.  BB

    • sandrazander234

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  • JamesSimon1

    I’ve noticed that window guards do a lot to increase home security. If you’re willing to put bars over your windows, do you think that criminals will think they stand a chance breaking in? Plus, they help avoid accidents on second story windows.

  • bobintexas2

    Burglar Bars are MORE effective IF they are installed on the INSIDE of the dwelling so they CANNOT be seen from the street.  Also, this makes them harder to pull off with a TRUCK, very often, external Burglar bars are simply ripped off by tying a Chain to them and just ripping them off with a vehicle.  If they cannot be seen from the street, the Invaders have to commit a trespass and actually break the Glass ***BEFORE they even know you have them***, which gives a chance to catch and KILL them.  Also, these interior Burglar bars can be rigged with an inside release for FIRE.  I will NOT sleep in anything that has immovable Burglar bars on the outside, not if the building is FLAMMABLE, and they nearly all are to some extent.

    On your INTERIOR BURGLAR BARS, they are MUCH STRONGER and harder to defeat if the Bars are then covered with 3/4 inch Raised Expanded metal that is welded to the BARS at every possible location.  This makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to run a chain through them AND makes them very hard and slow to CUT.  Even if the Low LIFE THUG has a Cutting Torch, it will take him some TIME to cut through all of that.  By that time you can get your VERY LARGE CALIBER weapon and BLOW his brains out.  Only this will guarantee your safety and it will guarantee society the LOW LIFE will not “re-offend”.

    Everything I build, I build it with the CAPTURE and killing of the Criminal in Mind.  If you do not kill them, they will kill you.  I have lived in a high crime area for over 40 years.  Just “pecking’ away at them with an alarm or camera or some cheap burglar bars screwed to the outside of the house will NOT get it.  Most especially when the “police” are one to two hours away like they are HERE.

    You are dealing with people that have EVERY POTENTIAL of KILLING you without Blinking.  You better build it STRONG, TOUGH Clever and HIDDEN to rob them of the ELEMENT of SURPRISE.  You must be thinking “How do I surprise THEM”.  

    And NEVER show anybody your “Fortifications”.  If you have to have a Workmen in your House, before he comes, COVER what you have with a cheap Plastic Tarp, and just tell them you are “remodeling”.  ***Do NOT allow them to see what you have***.  You never know when one of these guys and his BUDDY will come back to rob and brutalize you in the middle of the night.  When you are asleep and they ATTACK< you need TIME and you need to ROB THEM of the element of Surprise!!  That is how you SURVIVE.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    Where I live their response time is one to two hours since 1971.  You are responsible for your own safety ALL of the time.  Crime happens instantaneously, by the time cops get there, your dead.  BB

  • bobintexas2

    You are responsible for your own safety all of the time.  Crime happens instantaneously, the by the time the police get there, your dead.  BB

  • Alex__

    We’ve hearing you saying the same thing and telling us the same story
    over and over and over since December 6th, 2014. Next time you post
    please try not to repeat yourself.
    First of all you’re not longer
    contributing with any new ideas to this forum and I’m getting fed up
    with that. Every time I see a notification that somebody has posted
    something new I say to myself lets check out what new ideas somebody had
    come with, but not, is bobintexas2
    saying the same thing over and over scattered on small posts or on a
    big one all together. All we hear is how bad is your place since 1971,
    that’s 44 years buddy, somebody with a brain has enough time to move out
    of that hell in a 44 years period, what it makes me think isn’t that
    bad after all you’re just making it look like bad.
    I’m not saying
    what you say isn’t true, what I’m saying is that we are hearing the same
    story for over a year now. If you don’t have anything new to add to the
    forum then you are done here. We thank you for sharing your experience
    and how you went by for 44 years in a bad place I’m sure you don’t have
    any valid need to live in by now after all that time.
    Thank you for your understanding, just move on please.

  • bobintexas2

    I need a BUYER to move out of here.  Do you want to BUY IT??  Do you have the money to buy it??  I doubt it.  What am I supposed to do, just nail the deed to a tree and drive off??  This is a farm, there are women involved that are “emotionally attached to the land” and do not want to sell it, so I have to PROTECT IT, it has just fallen on my shoulders..   Also, this chronic CRIME must be disclosed to the Buyer IN WRITING.  I am a Real Estate Broker among other things.  I cannot work in that business because I have to do guard duty on this place all the time, it cannot be left unattended.

    This thing shows up in my email box everyday and it always says the same thing, “Put up some cameras, or get an alarm.”  Which I can tell you won’t work out here.  I have a LOT of experience with this stuff.  It has HUNDREDS of comments on it, my half dozen posts are not hurting a thing because I doubt anyone has read the whole thing.  Nearly ALL of the ideas on here are LAME and will not work, I have tried them all, and the cops I talk to scoff at these simplistic “suggestions”.  Cameras will NOT repel an attack, criminals are NOT afraid of them. 

    The idea of “Just Move” only a simplistic moron would think that.  To runaway is not a SOLUTION.  The Solution is for the Sheriff’s Department to DO ITS JOB.  They don’t.  They have not patrolled out here even once in over a year.

    You guys that live in a subdivision, you probably OWE more on your house than it is worth, you can just “walk the note” and leave and you won’t lose a thing.  I will lose EVERYTHING.  I am the VICTIM not the perpetrator.  I did not do a thing to deserve this.  It was not like this when we came here.  It was ALLOWED to become this way by corrupt politicians in the community.  Where the boys in THE CLIQUE around here live, they patrol their properties.  But not here.  I cannot even get an arrest in our 29th burglary even though we know who did it and found some of the loot in a local Pawn Shop.

    Who do you know that would buy this place once they read the WRITTEN Disclosure that the property has had so many crimes against it??  Would YOU??  When we came here in 1958 everything was fine.  It was not until 1971 and the City started to encroach.  Once that happened, it turned AWFUL over night.  There is a lesson to be learned right there.  I doubt you live in Texas and you just do not know how lousy this state is.  

    I will GLADLY move to a better place, Sack up the money and come and buy it.  Put your money where your mouth is.

    I would LOVE to move, I HATE it here, this is one sorry community in a sorry state.  But the reality is, the property, due to the County’s failure to keep the peace and enforce the law is STIGMATIZED.  So, if we sell it, the place will NOT bring enough money to replace itself in another state so I am TRAPPED.  

    This can happen to YOU TOO!!  All it takes is a shift in local politics where you live.

    They collect TAXES here for “law and order” but we do not get it.


    • Alex__

      bobintexas2 I understand your situation, I never said I don’t. I do read all what you have to say, because like you I also have been burglarized, and I’m here to pick other people brains up to fortify my house.
      You’re right, I don’t live in a farm, I live in the heart of the city, I would certainly like to live in the country, most likely not your place. Here in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area we have some communities where the police department doesn’t have a night shift, yeah, it doesn’t sound like something good, some others the whole PD is just a handful of cops, in contrast, next door OKC PD have thousands of them. My city which is an inner city within Oklahoma City itself also have it’s own PD, my PD are bad asses, they are everywhere where you least expect them, they have no hesitation or fear to anything, they do patrol the city frequently day and night, thanks to that my city is known to be one with the lower crime rate in the whole State, even lower than OKC yet my house got burglarized, the Lt. stood on front of my house scratched his head and couldn’t understand how did it happen since on their books my house is a hard target, well… this house have been burglarized at least three time that I can account for, only once since I own it and most likely the last time for as long as I own it.
      I don’t suggest people to (among other things) go change their windows to stop burglars, my windows are overdue for replacement and I want to take advantage to replace them with burglar proof windows, you mention the bars on the inside, with today technology there’s no need to go that route anymore, they manufacture hurricane rated windows with 3 glass pane which are laminated glass, they swear to god nobody can break those windows no even using tools and that’s what I’m going to install here, along the iron gates, the cameras, the ANSI grade 1 locks, the alarm and the dogs I should be quite safe I think.
      I’m probably over-reacting since I already have alarm, real live cameras and 2 German shepherds, that are all the addition after the break in but where we join the road is where we both have a family and property that must be protected and supervised 24/7. We have to go work and leave the house “unattended” but I can assure you that whenever somebody step foot on my property I already have 2 pictures shots sent on an email and stored in the cloud along with a text message sent to my cell phone BEFORE they even have the chance to approach the sidewalk or ring the bell, in addition to that I have a second monitor at work where I watch my cameras live while seating on my desk working, I can see EVERYTHING live and if I miss something there’s where the email and text messages comes to play. You’re right cameras won’t stop anybody to commit a crime, YouTube is full of people caught on camera  but when well configured will assist you to be at the know of even the squirrels playing in your yard or cats roaming around all taped 24/7. I’ve sent cops out on a few occasions based on what I see on the cameras, they do respond and they do caught the people, it just worked out to be just solicitors without a permit, so I decided not to call them anymore unless I can tape prove of a crime, I don’t want them to label me as the guy who always call for nothing and then when I have a real event they won’t come.

    • bobintexas2

      Alex__ bobintexas2 Boy, we have some very similar problems.  To me, Cameras are OK to have IF you can still afford them AFTER you have done the things that are more effective FIRST.  I would LOVE to move.  That is EXACTLY what I want to do, but it appears I am going to die here.  EVERYTHING is tied up in this real estate. 

      I do NOT know much about these “glass windows”.  I am leery of them, criminals are not necessarily smart, but they seem to “learn the tricks” quickly, they stay ahead of US because it is their JOB.  But I am Curious what extreme heat or cold will do to this glass.  What will happen if an inexpensive Propane or better a Mapp Gas torch, one you can buy at Home Depot and carry in one hand, what will happen to this glass when heated and then chilled etc??  A technique they use to defeat the HIGH dollar Padlocks is to Chill them with Dry Ice, and then when they are cold enough, they simply hit them with a hammer and they shatter like GLASS.  Also, how about an ABRASIVE WHEEL??  This glass you talk about can be CUT with something.  If they can’t cut it, then it would be difficult to manufacture the windows.  Put a “diamond coated wheel” in a 4″ 10,000 RPM grinder that is rechargeable and you would be AMAZED with what it will cut.  The FIRST thing they steal in my shop are always the grinders. 

      Many of the High dollar Padlocks can be cut with a battery operated Grinder 10,000 rpm grinder also available at Home Depot.  In fact, you would be amazed at the materials that can be cut with a grinder like that.  I have many of those, though none of mine are cordless.  And believe me some burglars CARRY CUTTING TORCHES.  I have had several cutting torches stolen, and ONE of them, I got it back at a Pawn Shop I found it in, it had been converted in to a “Burglar Rig”.  It was a medium size torch with very small cylinders on it.  The way it was configured, if the cylinders were FULL, it would cut a ONE INCH steel bar until the gas got really low.

      *Of course ANYTHING, and I mean anything can be defeated*.  Many times, criminals have busted in to bank vaults by renting a property across the street from the bank, and then tunneling under the street and up in to the vault.  The vault is most vulnerable up through the floor or its BELLY.  Of course this is EXTREME and not common, it has been done a number of times, its just a fact.  I am NOT worried about that, just an example of course.

      The only thing I know for sure is, no matter WHAT it is, it most take a LOT or as MUCH time as you can build in to the system to defeat.  The longer something takes, the more likely they will find something easier.  It is almost impossible to protect from an Inside Job, or a thoroughly DETERMINED criminal.  Most especially IF you are a High Value target, such as somebody that has a home safe with CASH in it, or maybe a night club operator that brings the night’s “take” home to be deposited the next day in the bank, same way with a store owner etc. there are MANY examples.  It seems to me DRUG dealers have the BEST security.

      I do not think much of Cameras or alarms, they won’t work where I am.  On a Picture, if you do NOT get a license number or if it is NOT somebody you know in the picture the Sheriff will NOT investigate it HERE.  They just give up right there and then.  They WAIT until the thief is maybe caught or killed somewhere else.

      Game Cameras are becoming popular for SECURITY Chesapeake Energy uses them ALL of the time.  They have one out NOW called a Black Ops that is for sale on the INTERNET.  It uses 3G technology like a smart Phone, so you can view the PHOTOS from afar.  But best of all they do NOT emit a light Humans can see.  The bad thing is, do YOU want a $500 dollar bill hanging in a tree for a Thug to shoot with a shotgun or STEAL it, or just hit it with a pipe and smash it??  If it is worth it to YOU then it is a good thing.  I might have one or two of those before too long.  Maybe.

      My focus is PREVENTION.  I am MOST worried about Home Invasions.  They nearly ALWAYS come through the door, not the window.  The most common way they open the door is they RING THE DOORBELL!!  So, I have the Front of the house FENCED with welded steel fence.  That doorbell has ONLY been rung ONCE in 20 YEARS!!  And that was by a Deputy Sheriff, long story.

      The ONLY SURE FIRE way to avoid being killed in a gun fight is NOT to be in one.  So, I like secondary Barriers the Home invader does not know about INSIDE the HOME and take a long time to defeat.  Design EVERYTHING you have so the invader only learns of it *by surprise*, shift the “element of surprise” away from HIM.  When he (they, it is always more than one, often three) they will probably ABORT when their element of surprise is lost.  That is what I want them to do is ABORT (or NOT choose me as a victim)  I will shoot them if I can, but I want them to LEAVE in a hurry.

      You know, we are in a Dark Time not seen since the 1920’s and 30’s and the 1870’s.  In the South after the Civil War, for about 15 years it was a VERY dark time of economic depression and there was NO professional law enforcement, thugs just roamed the Country side living off the land by simply taking whatever they needed or wanted from some poor farmer living in a shack.  It was survival of the TOUGHEST and most thuggish.  John Wesley Hardin was born in Bonham Texas and he roamed the area I have lived in until he was finally sent to Huntsville Prison for 17 years.  His bio is on Wikipedia.  But in a way it is just like that, it is just on a MUCH larger scale.  Hardin operated in Fannin, Dallas, Ellis, Navarro, Limestone, Robertson, and Hill Counties in Texas until he was captured and sent to Huntsville.  He came out of there and took the Bar Exam and became a LAWYER, and then was killed in El Paso and is buried there.

      Of course the “Dime Novelists” in New York and later Hollywood made those times look like “fun”, it really, in reality SUCKED.  To me it is much the same NOW in a way.  

      I have been, and I have known PERSONALLY three different people that have been the victim of Home Invasions, the stories are too long to tell here.  BB

    • bobintexas2

      Alex__ bobintexas2 I meant to tell you, I have a German Shepherd too.  For 30 years I had Dobermans.  I like Dobermans, really I like ALL dogs, but I got tired of “doing” the puppies ears etc.  They don’t take cold very well either.  But I loved having them.  I almost switched to “Belgian Malinois” when I lost my last GSD.  The Malinois stand Texas / Oklahoma heat very well, they have become very popular with the Military because of so much duty in the Piddle East.  They have about two or three even four more working years as a rule than GSD’s.  But GSD’s have a better “off duty” disposition.  GSD’s are not as popular nationwide as they once were but I really like them.  They kind of fall short on “longevity” as well.  They tend to not live much over 10 years.  I would usually get 12 years out of the Dobies.  The Belgian Malinois tend to have a longer “life span”.  I have been told by some people they aren’t that good as a family pet etc.  You know a Protection dog needs to “get along” with the family, of course I live alone, but if you have young kids I don’t know about a Malinois for that.  They are smaller than a GSD but they will bite and not turn loose like a Pit Bull dose times does, they can be EXTREMELY Vicious.  But the key is TRAINING, if they are trained well, they respond to commands to back off.  The thing is, you need good facilities for them and they are a big responsibility.  BUT ANY dog is a great help, I won’t live here without one.

      The GSD I have now I got in Wynnewood Oklahoma.

      There is NO WAY of knowing how many criminals my dogs have turned back over the years.  There is no way of counting those.  But to ME Dogs are the best “alarm” you can get.  My German Shepherd sleeps by my bed every night, she won’t let me out of her sight.  She is pretty aggressive, but just looking mean is all I really want.  I have had a few dogs that would bite, but they can be a loose cannon, really have to be careful with a biting dog.  Really can get in to some trouble with a biting dog these days.  I have had some Dobies that would climb on and bite.  They bite the wrong person, especially a kid and some real HEAT can break out. 

      The German Shepherds do not take heat very well.  I lost one to a Heat stroke in 2011, kind of a freak accident.  German Shepherds are so LOYAL, really super loyal.  Dobies are too, but I think the GSD’s are even more loyal, they really stick with their “people”.  They of course take cold better than Dobies.

      To me a DOG is the very FIRST security “device” to have.  I have another dog, he is just a Mini-Aussie, but he is an EXTREMELY good watchdog and will alert me and the other dog when any human gets close to the house.  That Aussie has the best HEARING, he knows everything that is going on around the property all the time, he is the FIRST to notice it and he “arouses” the other dog, then they go on “high alert” when anything ‘strange’ occurs.  

      Two dogs are ten times better than one dog even if one of them is just a little “barker”.  Their “arousal” is kind of contagious and they really get worked up “in a team” when a stranger comes around and there are two dogs or more.  I don’t have a lot of visitors, but I always “stow the dogs away” when I have a visitor.  I don’t want them getting used to strangers at all.

      But not everybody is afraid of a dog.  Unless a dog is a trained attack dog, I don’t fear them much unless I am in a small space with them which makes them feel “cornered”.  I would not stay out here where I am for five minutes without a Dog.  As long as they are QUIET I know everything is OK.  BB

  • casi a prueba de balas

    face it. you’re not going to get another life to do it over differently. this is the only one you get. move on and have a better life.

  • Very important section on the difference between home burglaries and home invasions.  Many people don’t get burglar alarm systems (Review them on our website) for the fact they think they are always at home.  A home invasion can be MUCH worse and detrimental to the individual(s) involved.  Smarter to get something that is going to sound of the alarm, hopefully scare away the bad guy and get you and the police called.

  • GuardSys

    Nice tips!!! People must take home security as the first preference for safety purpose. There are many technical security systems like Burglar alarms, fire
    alarm, cctv, wireless
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  • Agent in Texas

    While looking at a few articles for new ideas to deter criminals I came across this. I did find good ideas and several I will be using. The thing that caught my eye and disturbed me was all the comments from one person from Texas. I too am a real estate agent and live in the same county and same area as this person. I’m totally shocked at some of the things that are said about our police officers, county officials and the great state in which we live. I sell real estate all over the central and northern sections of Texas and have never seen or heard of this much crime and violence in any one area. Yes, no matter where you live there’s always going to be theft and home burglary but if you take the steps to protect your property and yourself it will make it less likely. I have no doubt that they were burglarized many, many times but after a while you would think additional steps would be taken to deter it or they would move. With each property I sell I always give my clients a printout of things they can do to deter being a victim. I thank those of you who gave me new ideas and I will be including them in my printouts. Please don’t fear our great and beautiful State of Texas. We look out for our neighbors and protect our neighborhoods. Thank you again for the new ideas and I’ll be watching for anything new that will benefit us.

  • JohnTurner2

    Maybe you’re tempted to say that I am not a thing will happen, but never say never, even I was concur, but guess what, until I went through it myself, so I I decided to look for a alarm system and surveillance and found some interesting sites with tips and how to do it by yourself without spending a fortune on such a system here is one good article Five suggestions on how to protect your home from thieves

  • LaurenAdams

    I really liked your advice to make sure that your home is fortified, possibly gated. That seems to be something that a lot of people don’t consider the importance of. However, it really does make difference. The more difficult that your home is to get into, the less likely that an intruder would be motivated to enter your home.

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    I think one of the most important things to remember to keep you house safe is to not hide a spare key near the door. You may think it is safe, but chances are a burglar can find it. It is better to have to call a locksmith if you get locked out than to provide an easy break-in point for the burglar.

  • RockyMountainHayseed

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    The thing that worries me most is that people will do such horrible things to each other in the first place. I hail from (and was raised in) a very tight knit community of mostly Mormon individuals, where everybody knows each other and helps each other out. This scenario is fast becoming a dying practice, as society grows ever larger and retreats into their electronic havens. I myself am guilty of such sins (Xbox). People forcibly entering another person’s home is almost unheard of in my old neighborhood, but recently my own grandmother was burgled. Someone waltzed through the front door and stole a violin. It infuriates me that people are capable, even willing, to do such a thing to their fellow peers.

    I recall that the rear sliding door of my dad’s old house was incredibly easy to defeat. All one had to do to get inside was beat on the door and the lock would flip open. I hope I never leave such a flimsy device holding my life or my family’s lives in its hands. 

    I apologize for rambling, but I’ll get back to the point now. My supposition is that one must present as small of an attack surface as possible, whether it be through deterrents (rosebushes, dogs, alarms, etc), or more direct methods (bars, locks, tripwires, guns, etc). A combination of both fields would be suitable, even desirable, but that leaves a gaping hole in the wall: “Why am I specifically being singled out as a target? What do I have that’s worth climbing rosebushes, dodging German Shepherds, and staring down the barrel of a 10 gauge for?” “The car? The safe? My tools? My electronics? God forbid it’s my wife, I would do everything in my power to keep her safe.” A criminal can’t steal what they can’t see or touch. Safe in the basement under lock and key, car in the garage, tools locked away out of sight, electronics password protected, catalogued, and in specific areas of the house, and the Mrs handling a .10 of her own. 

    Then again, I’m just some punk Army brat from Utah, what do I know? I don’t even know how to keep my head on straight, let alone protect a kid from some nutjob at 3 in the morning. I’d love to hear from the rest of you how you’ve dealt with burglars or invaders. The only real idea I’ve had in regards to protecting the home is to build the doors in such a way that only a SWAT truck can bust through them, and have to practically rip the foundation apart to get inside the house. Such an enterprise would be obscenely expensive. Maybe an underground compartment, a panic room, laid under the rest of the house beforehand. Seems like overkill 1950’s bomb shelter stuff, though.

    • RockyMountainHayseed

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      (Just kidding)

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