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Evacuation Strategies and Emergency Kits for Staying Alive

By The ITS Crew

Surv-A-Disaster-600pixThe book Surviving A Disaster by Tony Nester has been on our recommended reading list for quite some time.

What this book has to separate it from all the other survival books out there, is how to develop a mindset of self-reliance.

Self-reliance is a guiding principle we took to heart when developing ITS Tactical. We strongly believe that without the proper mindset, all we attempt to teach here is potentially wasted.

Through preparation, learning and applying these skills with reinforcement, the proper mindset will be attained. This is what Nester drives home in Surviving A Disaster.

Another great addition to this book, is Nester’s use of scenario questions to really make you think about what you’d do in different emergency situations.

Rather than just having the necessary equipment, you have to be able to know how to use it and what it’s purpose is. Only then will you truly be prepared.

Give the book a read and let us know what you think.

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  • 333rm

    I just wanted to say what a dialed in site you guys have created! I’ve never seen a self-reliance web site like this before. The amount of info and all the indivivdual catagories is ubove and beyond any thing else i’ve seen before. Keep up the great work!!! Semper Fi!

    • 333rm,

      Thank you so much for your comment, and we’re glad you’re enjoying the content we’re putting out!

  • Our fire department teaches “Disaster Survival Skills in the Urban Environment” to municipal employees, Neighborhood Watch and Citizens Corps groups. A .ppt classroom overview is used as an overview prior to live hands-on training with break-out skill sessions and a full scale exercise at the fire academy. The classrom presentation may be downloaded at this URL:


  • Quinn

    I went to a couple of courses with Tony last year [2010]. His classes are great and full of practical exercises. This book is great, also check out his “Modern Hunter and Gatherer”.

    Courses: http://www.apathways.com/index.html

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