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How Blow Out Kits Saved Lives in Tucson and Why You Should Carry One

By Bryan Black

Today I’d like to draw your attention to an article put out by The Washington Post that I’d originally just posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. I feel this article is important for everyone to read, as it stresses something that’s at the core of what ITS Tactical is here for.

The Post article talks about how many of the first responders to the Tucson tragedy were equipped with a Blow Out Kit, much like our ETA Kit. Simple lifesaving equipment that was immediately put into use to triage the victims of the attack.

In no way am I trying to capitalize on the tragedy that occurred, but merely using The Post’s article as a way to illustrate how effective it was that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department deputies, who arrived first,  were carrying these kits and how they saved numerous lives.

Saving Lives

ETA Kit Updates 01This is the reason we created our ETA kits and why we continue to. It’s to get lifesaving equipment into the hands of not only those on the front lines, but those who may be called on one day to use it.

Training is always paramount and should never be discounted, that’s not what I’m advocating here, but remember it may not be you that’s saving a life. It could be another trained individual that’s using your supplies and saving your life!

Here’s a quote from the Washington Post article:

Doctors and law enforcement officials told reporters here that the incident would have been much worse without a small brown kit devised by David Kleinman, a SWAT team medic who had become concerned about rising violence.

Kleinman cobbled together the Individual First Aid Kits out of simple items used by combat medics in Iraq and Afghanistan: an emergency bandage pioneered by the Israeli army; a strip of gauze that contains a substance which coagulates blood on contact; a tactical tourniquet; shears that are sturdy and sharp enough to slice off victims’ clothing; and sealing material that works especially well on chest wounds.

They go on to mention in the article that it’s unusual for Police Officers to carry medical equipment. Seriously? Let’s think about that for a second. I hear over and over again about so many Police Departments, especially here in the D/FW area, that aren’t even issued medical equipment.

Their protocol is to call EMS in the event of an injury, shooting, stabbing, etc. Do you know how long it takes to bleed out from an severed artery? Minutes, maybe less. How long do you think it takes EMS to arrive on a scene? Couple that with an event like a natural disaster where EMS response is stretched to the limit.

Whether you have one of our ETA Kits or not, please at the very least carry a reliable Tourniquet and QuikClot. It could literally save a life one day, even yours.

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