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New ITS Tactical EDC Trauma Kit Sneak Peek!

By The ITS Crew

We’ve had our new EDC Trauma Kit in development for quite awhile now and we thought it was time to unveil what we’ve been working on.

The EDC Trauma Kit is a vacuum sealed trauma kit with the essentials to stop life threatening injuries.  We wanted to develop a smaller version of our ETA Trauma Kits that would still contain the essentials, yet fit just about anywhere.

It’s literally the size of a wallet, can be stuffed in a back pocket and only weights 5 ounces!  

EDC Trauma Kit

The EDC Trauma Kit contains  (1) Combat Gauze LE, (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet / Pressure Bandage and (1) Pair of OD Nitrile Gloves. The kit is also vacuum sealed and completely latex-free. Another added benefit of the EDC Trauma Kit is that it’s able to be carried on a plane without any trouble from TSA.

More details to follow on these kits and they’ll be available soon in the ITS Tactical Store. For now here’s some photos to check out.

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  • Excellent idea, folks. This will fill the void next to the holster in the loop-lined pocket of my Discreet Messenger Bag. I’ve long thought I shouldn’t carry one without the other, but a full blow out kit isn’t terribly discreet.

  • Glen Verhoeven

    Are you guys also gonna make a trauma kit wich can be shipped all over the world??

    • Tom


  • Cory Heimark

    Looks like a handy little kit that is easily portable, definite plus on the airplane carry piece….

    Hhhhmmm reminds me of this time when Bryan got this injury………or two or three

    continuing to get things right everyday, way to go ITS


    “Another added benefit of the EDC Trauma Kit is that it’s able to be carried on a plane without any trouble from TSA.”

    The TSA has never given me trouble about my trauma kits (with dart and shears). In fact I carried mine on board today, as my checked bag was overweight.

  • johnyD

    More Awesomeness!! Thanks for this stuff, keep it coming my way, easier to pass around!!

  • Kenny


  • Wes Allen

    Another outstanding idea guys! But I wish it had a strip of peel-away duct tape in it for afixing one of the wrapers to a sucking chest wound. That shouldn’t affect its compact size but would take it from an awsome idea to a perfect one!


    Great Idea Barkin Briliant. Now how bout your new IFAK in Black n Ranger Green?

    Also Much Thanks for putting up The new TCCC guidline.

    PS I new that damn silly SWAT -T was going to be good for something.

  • jbgleason

    I have carried this particular set up for some time and used this combination (CG and SWAT-T) in several LTT labs. It is a great combo that lends itself well to quick and easy use. Just pack the wound with the CG and then wrap the SWAT-T directly over the wound providing circumferential pressure. Let me stress that I highly advocate the SWAT-T for this use but I have doubts about using it as an effective tourniquet ABOVE the wound. I might be able to get it on a buddy but there is just no way you are going to be able to put it on yourself in field conditions. Although the salesmen (who practice with it everyday) can put it on themselves in show conditions. It’s just not the same thing. Nice kit though.

  • MQ

    Ok, maybe I missed something, but when will these be out and what is/going to be the price?

  • Crooks

    I’m in, I’ll buy 3!

  • Crooks

    I really like how you guys brought back the discontinued Combat Medical Systems Micro O-BOK idea, can’t wait, great job!

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