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New ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit (Slim Fit) Sneak Peek!

By The ITS Crew

We’ve been working for some time on developing a secondary way to seal our popular ETA Trauma Kits that will allow them to fit in most double M4 magazine pouches and we’re stoked to show you what we’ve come up with!

While our standard size kits aren’t going away, starting soon you’ll be able to choose if you want a “slim fit” version or a regular version of either our Basic, Standard or MIL/LE ETA Trauma Kits.

This new “slim fit” version of our kits doesn’t sacrifice any of the lifesaving components you’re used to, it’s simply another option for those that need it.

ETA Trauma Kit (Slim Fit)

More details will follow on these kits and they’ll be available soon in the  ITS Tactical Store  with the same price point as our existing ETA Trauma Kits.  For now, here’s some photos to check out.

These photos show the new “slim fit” kits in the Zulu Nylon Gear M4 Double pouch.

Don’t forget to check out the sneak peek of our new EDC Trauma Kit releasing soon too!


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  • collander

    Fancy! I like it!

  • Raven

    Think “shingles”, Boys!

  • Raven

    …and girls!

  • chris watson

    if you carry its a must or if you just go out of the house

  • BlackhawkCY

    Hey quick question, do you intend to create an international version for us at the other side of the pond?

  • Erik

    Can’t get here fast enough! By the way, I’ve used that Double M4 pouch for my First Aid kit for a while. A TQ will fit perfectly between the nylon bungee lashing and the pouch, eliminating the need for a seperate mount!

  • Reddog245

    If it’s going in a magazine pouch as shown, you might consider something a little more tactical than a big white label. Maybe a brown bag with black printing, like an MRE pouch? Either that, or use a pouch with a full flap. If it is going to be carried in a hot environment, like carrying in a magazine pouch would suggest, that big white rectangle would stand out like a big neon sign.

  • Norman C.

    When will thiese be available for purchase?

    • Norman Clark

      Sorry guys typing isn’t a skill for me. Was looking for a price and date for when I will be able to order one of these. A great idea.

    • No worries Norman, the pricing will remain the same as our other ETA Kits. As far as a release date, we’re not sure yet. We’ll announce it soon though, thanks for your support!

    • collander

      Hope it’s in time for my Coyote hunting trip first weekend of Feb. It would be nice to have it!

    • Joab Stecher

      Dear Bryan,
      The ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit -SLIM FIT- is exactly the same as ETA Trauma kit only packed in another way that it does fit the magazine pouch?

    • Correct, they haven’t been released yet, but we’re close! Thanks for the question!

  • Norman C.

    Hey guys. Any update on when these will be on sale?? Love the idea and looking forward to getting a couple.

  • Psybain

    Do you know if this would fit in the HSGI Blowout Pouch? It measures 3″x3″x7″. Thanks guys!

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