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Knot of the Week – Common Rope Seizing

By The ITS Crew

In today’s Knot of the Week, we’ll be showing you how to use common seizing to join two parallel pieces of rope.

Seizing can be a great alternative to knotting or splicing, but is not as strong as a dedicated splice. For instance, in the article demonstration we’ll be creating an eye with our seizing. While a good method, it’s nowhere near as strong as a splice.

Terminology can get a bit tricky as this appears to be a lashing, but lashings are typically defined as the joining or binding of timbers. While seizing even starts the same way as a lashing, with a Clove Hitch, they’re technically different.

Another nugget of terminology here is that the last turns through the center of this seizing are referred to as Frapping.

Common Seizing » Lashings

(Strength: 3/Secure: 2/Stability: 2/Difficulty: 3)

Please refer to our Knot of the Week introduction post for a description of what these ratings mean.


  • Joining two parallel sections of rope
  • Technique carries over to Lashings as well

Tying Instructions:

  1. Create a closed loop and bind the two sections of rope with a Clove Hitch (a constrictor knot can also be used).
  2. With the working end, make a series of tightly wrapped turns below the Clove Hitch (at least 12 turns).
  3. On the last turn, just wrap around one section of rope and bring the working end up between the two sections of rope.
  4. Tuck down through the loop with the working end creating a frapping.
  5. Do this once more to create two frapping turns.
  6. Tuck the working end through the right-most frapping turn.
  7. Cross over the frapping turns, making a loop before tucking through the left-most frapping turn.
  8. Pull the working end tight, creating a Square Knot in the seizing.
  9. Trim the excess as needed and fuse.

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