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Bump Keys

By The ITS Crew

Bump Key 01Not long ago we purchased a set of Bump Keys from bumpkey.us, which are an excellent alternative to filing down your own key blanks. The set we purchased was the 33 key set that gives you a healthy starter set to get into bumping. The set doesn’t include two keys that they apparently released after the set was put together. Those are the Sargent S22 and Master M27 Bump Keys.

For a refresher on how to bump a lock, refer to our previous post, Lock Bumping.

Here’s the list of what keys you get with the set from bumpkey.us:

  • America AM3 – 5 Pin
  • American AM7 – 6 Pin
  • Arrow AR1 – 5 Pin
  • Arrow AR4 – 6 Pin
  • Best BE2 – 7 Pin
  • Dexter DE6 – 5 Pin
  • Dexter DE8 – 6 Pin
  • Ilco IN33 – 5 Pin
  • Kwikset KW1 – 5 Pin
  • Kwikset KW10 – 6 Pin
  • Master M1 – 4 Pin
  • Master M2 – 4 Pin
  • Master M5 – 5 Pin
  • Master M10 – 5 Pin
  • Master M11 – 5 Pin
  • Master M13 – 5 Pin
  • Master M19 – 5 Pin
  • Master M21 – 5 Pin
  • National NA6 – 5 Pin
  • National NA12 – 5 Pin
  • National NA14 – 4 Pin
  • Russwin RU46 – 6 Pin
  • Schlage SC1 – 5 Pin
  • Schlage SC4 – 6 Pin
  • Schlage SC19 – 5 Pin (Special)
  • Schlage SC20 – 6 Pin (Special)
  • Weiser WR5 – 5 Pin
  • Weiser WR3 – 5 Pin
  • Weslock WK2 – 5 Pin
  • Yale Y1 – 5 Pin
  • Yale Y11 – 5 Pin
  • Yale Y12 – 5 Pin
  • Yale Y13 – 5 Pin

We highly recommend the products from bumpkey.us, the quality is top notch! Of course, you’ll also need something to bump  your new keys with, unless you just want to use a screwdriver handle.

Bump Key 02We’ve used a few of the commercially manufactured bump hammers and recommend either the Peterson hammer with the optional weight kit from 215 gear (shown to the right), or the Brockhage Bump Hammer set available from lockpicks.com.

We’re interested to hear if anyone else has key bumping experiences or tips to share, so comment away! Has it been working for you?

These lock picking tips and techniques provided in this article are only to be used in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and provided for lock sport (recreational lock picking) use only. Lock sport should be used to learn about the illusion of security, and how to properly protect yourself and your possessions. Don’t do anything illegal.

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