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Hideaway Composite Handcuff Key

By The ITS Crew

Today we’d like to introduce an amazing product from SerePick called the Universal Handcuff Key.

SerePick is fairly new to the community, but is becoming quickly popular and successful with their line of unconventional security products for an urban environment.

We’d first like to start off with the caveat that the tools available from SerePick are for Military, Law Enforcement and security professionals only, and are not available commercially.


SerePick Universal Handcuff Key 02The Universal Handcuff key is purpose built to defeat illegal restraint in handcuffs and provide personnel the means to escape their own handcuffs if used against them.

These can be hidden away underneath a watch with a dab of glue, sewn into clothing when removed from the molding brackets, sewn behind a button when encased in the molding brackets, or even safety pinned to your desired hiding spot.

The possibilities for hiding these keys are endless.


SerePick Universal Handcuff Key 03This specialty composite plastic/nylon key works on all universal handcuffs to unlock and lock single and double-lock handcuffs.

The strength of these keys is clearly evident when using the pin side of the key to lock a double-lock handcuff mechanism.

If made from a cheap plastic, the pin side of the key would certainly sheer right off with the force needed to engage the double lock.

In the molding brackets the key measures 1″ in diameter and about 3″ in circumference, out of the molding brackets it measures 1″ long x 1/2″ wide.

They’re available Black, White, Grey, Tan, and Olive Drab.


One of our guys was recently able to give the keys a fair shake at onPoint Tactical’s Urban Escape and Evasion course, and they preformed phenomenally both with handcuffs double-locked behind the back and the front.

Stay tuned as we continue our reviews of SerePick’s entire product line.

We’d like to reinforce the fact that these key’s are for Military, Law Enforcement and security professionals only, and are not available commercially.

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