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Take the 13 in 13 Challenge and Improve your Skill-Sets

By Bryan Black

My good friend Jack from The Survival Podcast has just launched a new Website called 13skills.com, where you can sign up to track your personal skills goals.

As the Website title states, the “goal” is to come up with 13 achievable skills that you can set for yourself in 2013 and then work to accomplish them. The key is not to list things you already know about, but to really dig deep and find those things you need improvement on and what you’d like to eventually achieve.

I’m currently busy deciding what I want my 13 goals to be in 2013, but initially I know that one thing I’d like to do is finally complete my “A” License for Skydiving. I really like the premise of 13 Skills being a public way to hold yourself accountable.

Simply listing “Finish A License for Skydiving” is great, but there’s many smaller goals that go into that overall goal being marked as accomplished. I liken this to one of my favorite anally-retentive authors, David Allen, who developed the Getting Things Done (GTD) method. Allen states that an overall goal is achieved with action items, or smaller more easily achievable goals to make up the overall accomplishment.

For instance, the first thing I need to do to accomplish my goal of finishing my A License is to contact the Skydiving location near me and get some pricing. This way I can see how best to budget the expense. Followed next by talking to Kelly and convincing her that I NEED to be jumping out of perfectly good airplanes!

Jack’s got big plans for 13 Skills and it’s currently in beta before the big official launch on January 1st. That means that there may be some issues that are still getting worked out, so keep that in mind when registering. I’m looking forward to where the site goes and continuing to support Jack’s awesome idea!

What are you waiting for? Head on over and challenge yourself!

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  • Raven

    Good luck convincing Kelly, Bryan. That’ll be one of the thirteen, no?

  • Thanks for the post and the mention bro, good luck on your skydiving, I may do it with you now that we are coming back to Tejas! Don’t worry I will convince Kelly it is a good idea and something you need to do. I jumped out of “perfectly good airplanes” years ago and I am convinced much of what I have managed to do successfully is a result of just that. Falling flat on your ass just isn’t an option once you get high enough in the air.

    • Thanks brother! Sounds good to me, be great to do it with you!

  • JW Snydes


  • Eric S.

    Signed up and ready to go. That is a great idea!!

  • Kelly Black

    No comment at this time…. I need to ponder this a bit more. LOL!

    • Ah come one Kelly come do it with us, Dorothy says she is in.

    • Kelly’s afraid she’d lose control over her bodily functions, I’ve tried man. Good luck with that one! 🙂

    • Thing is as you know when you are that high up it really isn’t scary. The mind just can’t visualize impact. I have been more frightened at 40 feet in a tree then 1600 in an aircraft. It is weird but true.

  • Gene Martin

    My mom let my dad build a motorcycle from a frame and an engine in the family room, anything is possible Bryan!

  • Goat

    Come on out to Skydive Dallas and when you get your A license, and ready to freefly, then we can go make a few jumps.

    • Goat, that’s actually where I did my first AFF jump at 🙂

  • MannyF

    As a fan of both ITS Tactical and The Survival Podcast, I think this is an excellent idea. Kudos to Bryan for the plug and challenging us to challenge ourselves. With that in mind, I’m signed up!

  • Lao

    My wife is still trying to get me away from the Computer on the weekends, so I’ll definitely have to put thought into this. I can think of more than 13 off the top of my head, but I should be honest with myself and pick the 13 that are the most important to me.

    Great post!

  • Nathan Frith

    A little late to the party on this one, but I signed up. Brewing my own beer is high on the list, as well as distillation.

    I have actually done, and do many of the things on this list regularly, some with a slight amount of mastery. It’s always good to push your self further though.

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