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Say Hello to the TourniQuick™ Rapid Tourniquet Deployment Pouch

By The ITS Crew

The patent-pending TourniQuick™ is the first-ever tourniquet pouch designed as a system to rapidly access and deploy the two most common CoTCCC (committee on tactical combat casualty care) recommended tourniquets on the market. This revolutionary deployment system reduces time from deployment to application, saving valuable seconds. Remember, seconds count when you’re bleeding out!™

TourniQuick® Rapid Tourniquet Deployment Pouch 01

TourniQuick™ Rapid Tourniquet Deployment Pouch

TourniQuick™ features our patent-pending, 4-Way Mounting System™. The 4WMS allows you to mount the TQ vertically on a duty belt, vertically to MOLLE (PALS webbing), horizontally on a belt, or even vertically on a backpack strap. The mounting possibilities are truly unlimited.

TourniQuick® Rapid Tourniquet Deployment Pouch 02

An added benefit of the inherent design in the TourniQuick™ is to protect your tourniquet from exposure to the elements. Dirt, debris and UV Light can degrade the life of your life-saving device.

Each TourniQuick™ includes directions for loading, foam shipping insert, removable Time Label and a long MALICE Clip for mounting to PALS webbing. In addition, each TourniQuick™ includes a 1” section of red VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® fastener denoting medical equipment.

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  • WitchDoc

    Love it. Absolutely will be fielding these when I get some!

    The ONLY feedback I can see that I’m sure you guys have addressed/discussed (obviously, without trying it first), is if you have a lower extremity wound that involves a complete fracture of the femur — say gunshot or fall producing a compound fracture or knee injury, you may not be able to bend that leg up toward you to be able to “lasso” it around the foot/ankle in order to bring it up to the groin to establish a hasty tourniquet. Will one quick pull remove the TQ cover from the tourniquet so you can thread it through the CAT buckle? This is a one in five wounds type of question, since you don’t always have this difficulty, but it is possible and I have seen it in the field. Honest question. Not criticizing. Looks like if you pull hard enough when you have a SOF-T ‘loaded’ (for lack of a better word), it isn’t being held in by hook/loop.

    I have discussed this item with my team (local Sheriff’s office SWAT) and several have shown interest. But then again, a product that Doc gets excited about, they get excited about! lol

    • Hi Witch Doc, I completely understand the need to have this option retained in the Tourniquet and it certainly is. A quick pull on the cover will remove the TourniQuick cover to facilitate the threading. The benefit of the SOFTT-W here is that the buckle can be unhooked for this type of application. Thanks for your interest in the TourniQuick and the interest your team has shown. They will be coming in more colorways and those are in production now. Feel free to reach out to us for a department quote as well. Thanks for your comment!

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