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Advantage Arms Glock Conversion Kit

By Matt Jones

A few months ago I attended the RSKTKR class hosted by ITS Tactical  learning a vast number of new skills. One of the common themes at the class was practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. There are many ways to practice drills, the most obvious method being live fire.

Another practice method is setting up a range in your garage and using an airsoft or paintball gun (hopefully write about at a later time).

The biggest issue with live fire training is the cost of ammunition is so expensive. Although I have found a local company (in Texas) that has the lowest prices for S&W .40 ammunition, it’s still pretty costly (about $230 per 500 rounds) and reduced hazard ammo for the range that’s the same grain as my carry ammo.

Conversion Kit

So the next option for live fire drills is to purchase a .22LR conversion kit. There are several different kits mostly are unique to the gun you may use. I use a Glock22, actually two, one for the house and one that I carry everyday.

Glock conversion kits are only offered by one company, Advantage Arms, who also manufactures a 1911 conversion kit . Shortly after taking Doc’s advice, I began the search to acquire a .22 conversion kit for my Glock. I started my search at the Advantage Arms  Website. I thought it was odd that they would no longer sell the conversion kit online, rather only through resellers still listed the MSRP.

After checking some local shops and ranges that I shop at, I found one at Cheaper Than Dirt’s brick and mortar store. Although I paid $30 more than the published price of $269.99 by Advantage Arms, I shelled out $299.99 for the conversion kit. Lets do the math, I go to the range about twice a month and fire 200-300 rounds per trip, the kit would pay for itself in roughly two trips to the range (at least that’s the way I justified to my wife).


New Glock 22 conversion kit….check!  500 rounds of 22LR box costing $20….check!

After purchasing the conversion kit I finally got some free time to go out to my favorite range On Target and try out my new money saver out.  Changing out the slide and barrel out is super easy. Basically you field strip the Glock, remove the slide, and reattach the conversion slide. very easy.

So loading up the conversion clip , I was ready to go.  First shot fired, second……jam!

After clearing the gun and inspecting, the first shell never ejected. So I tried again with the same result. As disappointed as I was, I packed back up and finished out with the standard barrel.

Later I went to the Advantage Arms Website FAQ and went through ensuring that I prepped the kit properly, used the right ammo and ensured that the slide hook engaged correctly.
Feeling better about another attempt, I was off to the range for a second time, where I had the same results!

Hoping I just had a lemon. I emailed Advantage Arms, several times. No response.  Maybe my email got filtered into a spam folder? So I called. I left a few messages stating that I was having issues and described that I had followed all posted corrective procedures listed on the FAQ of the Website with no success. After about a week I tried again and only received a rapid busy signal.

I also contacted Cheaper Than Dirt, who pushed me to contact Advantage Arms.  Not wanting to admit that a manufacturer could be that terrible, I decided to give it one more shot and try another type of ammo.   I went back to “On Target” to give it another go I purchased some CCI Mini-Mag 36 grain rounds.


Using the success of finding the right combination of conversion kit to ammo, I ran about 200 rounds with no issues. The barrel performed really well keeping a very tight grouping (sorry no pics, you’ll have to take my word for it). More importantly, without the effect of recoil to worry with I was able to make some shooting corrections with my aiming.

There are many more benefits to a 22LR conversion kit than just cheap ammo with live fire drills.  If you spend a lot of time at the range a 22LR conversion kit is recommended no matter what the make, Glock, Kimber, Sig, it doesn’t matter. It’s less expensive, will improve your marksmanship, and its fun to shoot.

Follow up all 22LR shooting by at least 100 rounds of carry rounds or at least the same grain to reinforce the modifications and adjustments learned during the 22LR rounds.

If you buy the Advantage Arms kit for the Glock or 1911 don’t be shocked by the void of customer support.

Editor’s Note: Please join us in welcoming Matt Jones as an ITS Contributor, Matt is the VP of Antenna Products and an ITS Plank Owner.

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    22LR practice is great, as long as you limit it to areas where it doesn’t hurt you ability to shoot full power ammo.

    Todd Green did an excellent article about where he feels that 22LR helps, and where it hurts:

    Personally I shoot as much 22LR as I shoot 9mm, but I concentrate on the fundamentals like practicing my press out, and general accuracy.

  • TASurvivalism

    I’m curious about the first type of ammo you were using. You mention that you checked the Advantage Arms FAQ to make sure you were using the right ammo. Is the info on the FAQ incorrect or just not specific enough?

  • Nate Newcomb

    To go another route, I have a Walther P22 I got for a steal. Any time I can go to the range, I always put 100 or 200 rounds of .22LR through it before I shoot any other caliber. It loosens me up. Not the same as shooting .22LR through the same platform as your other guns but until a conversion comes out for an H&K USP, thats the best I can do.

  • Joe Sottosanti

    Look at cha go biggen…. sweet blog

  • My wife has the Sig Mosquito and it’s a really fun gun! I end up shooting it way more than her by the way…

    I’ve noticed that with the Mosquito (it’s .22), it really only wants to eat CCI Mini Mags. Sometimes I run Winchester through but the Walmart Federal doesn’t want to cycle 100% off the time.

    I love the idea of having a conversion kit because you essentially get the same feel in training but with a cheaper cost of running it. There’s the obvious side of recoil being completely different but you can still practice trigger control & draw & sight alignment etc.

    Great write up Matt!

  • Jesse

    This article is awesome but it seems that the kit is sold out everywhere, I just had to back order one for mine. Great info and keep up the great posts!
    Thanks PPGMD for the link btw, great stuff all around.

  • Thanks for the positive deed back guys!

    The FAQ was specific about the ammo but the first 2 attempts on the list would not eject the first rounds.

    The lack of response from advantage and ability to buy products direct from their website would lead me to believe they are having some internal issues or going out of business. This could also be the reason the kits are so hard to find. I took almost 2 months before finding the one I have now.

    I always run the first 50 rounds with .40 to get some cold practice then move to the .22 to work on fundamentals and shooting corrections. This allows me to apply corrections in the last 50-100 rounds with the .40.

    I always start and finish with my native rounds and is highly recommended.

  • JLS

    I use a gas blowback Airsoft Pistol to practice with as you mentioned in the article. It’s the exact same dimensions and weight as my actual 1911. I enjoy using it to practice drawing, and other fundamentals. A plus side is I can use it in my apartment anytime easily since its simple to make a backstop for it.

  • Jesse

    Does anyone know if these new conversion kits work on the new Glock Gen 4?

    • Hahn

      Its says on the website that it does not. It probably will in the future. though.

      I am in the same boat as others wishing they made this kit for the USP

    • Jesse

      Thanks, I commented before I saw you’d replied. My bad.

  • Jesse

    Never mind. I found it on the their FAQ that the conversion Kit doesn’t work on the New Gen 4’s. Good thing I ordered one for my 19 not my 17.

    • It seems that they are now offering the kit in Gen 4.

  • lpd5408

    Good article. I have the same conversion kit that I use on my Glock 22 or 17. I have found success with Remington golden bullets. They come in a green and yellow box of 550 and have a gold colored tip. One problem I have encountered was the slide is a tad thicker than the factory slide making it difficult to holster. I spend some time every range session using this conversion on my pistol.

  • A coworker and I were just looking at this coversion kit. Nice to see some feedback on it.

  • fuspar

    In my area (Madison, WI) Wallyworld has .40 S&W Federal for $13.49 and another store has Blazer for $14.99, making it slightly more reasonable to shoot this caliber. I like the idea of using the same platform, but for the conversion kit price I can pick up a P22 in good condition. Tough call…

  • Will Comptis

    Great post. *Note – there are a few times where you use the word conversation instead of conversion.*

    • Thanks for the catch Will! They should all be fixed now!

  • BC

    If you are paying $230 per 500 for .40S&W you are paying too much. We have CCI Blazer .40 S&W for $15.66 per 50/$156.60 per 500 at Just trying to save you some money. Shipping averages $20 for 500rds.

  • Tim

    I have been trying for over a year to get a conversion for my Glock 17. Anyone know of a place that reliably might have one? I’ll pay the extra price! Advantage arms as mentioned in the article has Abysmal customer service!

  • Jim Snyder

    I just got my Advantage .22 conversion for my Glock 35, and this is a very neat little setup. Fit & finish on the kit is excellent, and it looks great on the Glock frame. Listen to what they say about ammo recommendations. They will not shoot Federal bulk ammo. I had 3,000 rounds of Federal for my Sig Mosquito that would not function in the Advantage conversion. I swapped off and sold the Federals and bought the Remington Gold 550 count ammo at Walmart, and presto this thing shoots like a dream. It is accurate as he**. My Glock 35 frame has the 3 lb. trigger so this little rig is quick. I did several double tap drills on my metal popper targets with ease. I sold my Sig Mosquito to buy the Advantage kit, and it was well worth the trade off. I love my new Glock .22.

  • Jonathan Paul

    Tactical Solutions has had a conversion kit for the fullsize Glocks (17/22) for some time now, those of you looking for a kit might check them out:


  • In all the classes that I teach I push the use of the 22LR conversion or at least a 22LR pistol. I have used both the ciener and the advantage arms kits. Training, where it is practical shooting or target shooting, is greatly improved when trigger time is coupled with the conversion kit. All of us experience the wallet ache at the purchase of 200 rounds of 45ACP (for me) or whatever your caliber of choice is. I have taken the skills I have learned in the infantry and in law enforcement and have been able to improve greatly using this arrangement.
    This is a great article and the points on ammo are valid. I have had a fair amount of success with Blazer 22LR however the higher the velocity and the closer to the 40gr bullet you can get the better off you seem to be.

  • Dwight Hasbrouck

    GREAT JOB! Really helped me out a lot!!!!!!!!!! I carry G22 at work and have same at home. Sure hopethat I can find a con kit to buy. All I get is SOLD OUT!?
    D.O.E./NNSA/DNS Pro force

  • Dominic

    Stay away from the Advatage Arms conversion kits, They are pure crap. Brand new out of the box the kit does not work on a brand new Glock 22. AA customer service is non-existent to say the least and they have refused to help me in any way! Off to a Gun Smith!

  • VictorSinaloa

    I have the Glock 17 3gen and i would like to buy the kit conversor to .22, can somebody help me?

  • hsus2k

    How did you fixed the jammed issue? Which ammo do you use?
    All of the ammo AA suggested I tried still jammed in my gun- CCI mini mag 40 grain, FEderal Auto match and Remington golden bullet..


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