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Blue Force Gear VCAS Sling Modification

By The ITS Crew

Blue Force Gear VCAS Modification

Here’s a great way to make a little modification to a Blue Force Gear VCAS Padded Double A Model and quickly convert it from a two-point sling to single-point sling.

There are a couple of slings out there currently that can convert like this, The Emdom/MM Gunslinger and the Magpul MS2 Sling. Both of these are excellent slings and easily make the two-point to single-point conversion, but the purpose of our modification is to take a sling that many people might already own, and enable it to convert.

Blue Force Gear VCAS Modification

We first began by noticing that the BFG sling had an area between bar tacks that would be ideal for a D-Ring. (Be sure to look at your VCAS and see if there’s an area that will work for the D-Ring modification) We then took take an awl to this area and created a hole under the material to enable us to slide in a D-Ring.

ITW Nexus manufactures the D-Ring we used, but it requires a modification. The D-Ring must be cut in order to split and snake through the hole made by the awl. We did this by using bolt cutters.

Blue Force Gear VCAS Modification

Bolt cutters will press the plastic until it cracks, which will be along the pressure point already created by the blades of the bolt cutters. This makes for a very clean break that can come back together very easily without any material being lost in the D-Ring.

Another method would be to use a cut-off wheel on a Dremel Tool, but this might take too much of the material away from the D-Ring and cause it not to meet back up.

Once the D-Ring is threaded through the sling, you’re ready to add on a H&K style Spring Snap Sling Hook and compatible sling adapter on your weapon. We chose the Midwest Industries MCTAR-TS which is made specifically for the H&K style Spring Snap Sling Hook.

Blue Force Gear VCAS Modification

We’re also running the Blue Force Gear Mash Hook Adapter to have a quick release on the sling. The Mash Hook Adapter works very well with the Magpul ASAP that’s on our gun. The ASAP was designed to give a shooter over 180 degrees range of motion of the sling attachment point and can be used ambidextrously by both left or right handed shooters.

Be sure to order the male slide release buckle with the BFG Mash Hook Adapter so it will attach properly to your VCAS Padded Double A Model Sling.

Blue Force Gear VCAS Modification

We’re pretty stoked about this small modification that will enable you to run your favorite sling in not only a two-point configuration, but now in a single-point as well.

We’ve sent off the idea to BFG, and hopefully we’ll see a D-Ring on future versions of their slings.

Let us know in the comments if your padded VCAS will allow for this modification.

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  • BootlegGucci

    Excellent mod and thanks for sharing! I’m sure BFG will definitely start making production models with a D-ring after seeing this.

  • Bob

    You’ve got a CTR stock. Another option that would save you the stitching and labor is to just attach the other end of the sling to the opposite side of CTR stock with a quick release sling swivel (so that you’ve got one quick release swivel on each side of the CTR stock).

    • Bob,

      Not sure If I’m picking up what you’re putting down. Also the stock on the gun in the photo uses a Magpul MOE stock and we wanted to come up with an option so it was compatible with any stock regardless of having the option of attaching a QR.

      Thanks for the comment, please elaborate on the method you’re describing.

  • Snare

    Thanks for the article.

    Does this work on the unpadded versions as well?

    I ask because I hear the padded ones do not have as much adjustment and I am looking at getting one for my lady (she is petite) and she will not be wearing armor….so I was considering the unpadded, but would love to have it be single point convertible (particularly for when we use the weapon with backpacks on).


  • Blake Mims

    Just out of curiosity, how does cutting the D ring affect it’s strength? I was at and saw they have the ITW “Grimlock” locking D-ring. I don’t own an AR, much less the sling; but maybe something that’s designed to be opened and then closed again might be better than compromising the structural integrity of a standard D ring. Just throwing it out there, maybe you tried and it’s too thick/doesn’t fit.

  • David Wagner

    Seems like a smart mod, but it would be better if you didnt have to cut the d ring so it wouldnt have a weak spot. But otherwise a very good article, ITS. Keep up the good work

  • Noah Bartron

    Read this thread when it came out, and really liked the idea. I finally was able to get around to getting everything together and making one myself. I really really love it! Thanks ITS for making another great DIY article.

  • Chris Garbe

    My VCAS has the bar tacks too close together for this mod. I like the idea though so I replaced one of the tri glides with a 2-1 tri glide from Impact Weapons and achieved the same results. Thanks for all the great articles and ideas!

  • anthonytburg07

    where did you get the d ring to do this. Ive tried to find some but keep coming up short.

  • DaveS

    This is the first time I read this. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.


    those rings come standard on a lot of things. look at your key ring?Anyway love the blueforce sling GREAT BUY;;;;;;;

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