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Breathe Fire into your Glock with the EFK Fire Dragon Dual Recoil Spring

By Matt Jones

GlockMain-01When the Gen4 Glock came out, the two big improvements were the adjustable backstrap for shooters with smaller hands and the dual recoil spring.

While my every day carry is a Gen3 RTF Glock 22, this was often the gun that most people hated. A couple excuses were that the serrations on the slide look like fish gills and the grip was too rough. The grip does feel a bit like 80 grit sand paper, but I’ve shot this gun in the rain with no slippage. For me the RTF is perfect because I know that my grip will not slip.

When the Gen4 Glock was released, my first reaction was that I had to try it, but wasn’t compelled to purchase it after I did. The grip wasn’t as rough as my current Glock and the back strap seemed more like a gimmick. I did however, really like the dual recoil spring. It was highly noticeable, reduced muzzle flip and allowed me to get back on target quicker.

So instead of making a $530 purchase to give up the things that I liked about my RTF to gain the dual recoil of the Gen4 I started looking around for a dual recoil spring. I finally located one at EFK Fire Dragon.


Just the construction of this new dual recoil spring yells “BUILT TO LAST!” The stainless steel construction and beefier outer spring makes the stock spring with the plastic body seem, well, wimpy.

Changing the spring is a breeze. Field strip the Glock, remove the factory spring and drop in the EFK. Because of the increased tension you’ll notice additional effort is required to slide lock the gun manually.


I’ve put about 5000 rounds through my Glock 22 using this spring and the quality is excellent. I would dare to say, better than what I tested with the Gen4. With me, I’m always a skeptic, so I’ve been doing a little social experiment to see it’s just me or the new spring is really awesome as I think it is.

Over the last few months I’ve been taking friends with me to the range. Because I have two separate Glock 22 pistols I give them the Gen3 Glock22 and never say anything about the spring. After firing a few magazines, about 100 rounds or so I switch with them. Letting them use my RTG2 with the dual recoil spring. Obviously the first thing they notice is the texture of the grip, which is when I start asking about other observations.

“What other things do you notice about the gun? In your opinion is the gun easier or more difficult to shoot?”

I would always get mixed reviews about the grip some liked it some didn’t. But everyone commented that the gun was easier to handle and that they could run the gun a lot faster than the first. So this points back to one of my original statements. Reduced recoil reduces muzzle flip and allows you to get back on target quicker.

So I would ask, “how much recoil difference do you think you experienced between the first gun and the last one?” I never got a response of less than 40% improvement.

So unless you just have to have the latest gear, save the money and buy a dual recoil spring from EFK for around $65 and reap the benefit.

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  • Virius

    Sounds awesome, that dual spring does look a lot better than the factory spring, I might just have to try it out for myself, great review!

  • Thanks. I was glad to have it this weekend shooting almost 500 rounds at TAC-PRO.

  • tnegiet

    Anyone heard of any feed issues with a dual-recoil spring and using a rail mounted light?

  • David Wagner

    Does the difficulty of pulling the slide back decrease once you “break it in” ?

  • AF22Raptor

    I purchased an EFK dual Spring unit for my 3rd Gen Glock 22 40sw a few years back and I didnt like it since the spring rate that EFK was using at the time was too weak. The customer service from EFK was great but the product was just not cutting it since it made my G22 jam and the slide would go back and forth and the trigger was being pressed. The unit was purchased 3 years ago so I am just giving you my experience.

    • adam

      same thing happen to me and 4 friends years ago. stay away stay far away.

  • theblackknight

    Glocks don’t have clips.

  • David-The slide became easier but I’m not sure if it was because I became accustom to it or it went through a break in period.

    AF22-They may have improved the dual recoil design to correct the issue. I haven’t had any issues with the gun jamming or mis-feeds. But that reaction you described sounds quite dangerous.

    Black Knight-Copy that, magazines.

  • I heard about EFK about a year ago & saw these. Im gonna have to pick one up for My XD.45c now that I’ve seen a good hands on review. I was also looking at the Barrel’s they make as well

  • JQ

    Great review, and like Ken said curious about there barrels…Maybe a ITS review.??????

  • BW

    I picked up one of these last week for my Glock 17, and I am very happy with it. I can get back on target faster, and my groups for a fast fire rate are much tighter.

  • MAL 01000101

    I have a gem-tec suppressor for my glock 19, does any one know how this spring would affect shooting with the can?

  • JRW

    I got a deal and bought an EFK unit for my Glock 22 and 27. Both of my Glocks went from 100% reliable with the standard unit to having at least one stoppage (FTF) per mag. As soon as I returned to the factory stock unit the gun ran perfect. I tried using the EFK units at various times at the range and had the same issues every time. When the guns functioned with the EFK units there was a noticable difference in the recoil impulse. Just couldn’t get past the reliability issues.

  • PowderMirror

    I was doing some research for my next invention and came across this page. I was interested until I read this, “After firing a few clips about 100 rounds or so I switch with them.” If you’re a gun guy, please refrain from using incorrect terminology. Semiautomatic pistols do not use CLIPS.

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