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Buying Ammunition Online

By The ITS Crew

M855 Ball

We wanted to take this opportunity to list a few places we’ve bought ammo from online where we had a good, positive experience and wouldn’t hesitate buying from again.

We’d also like to ask our readers where they’ve had success purchasing ammunition and how their experience was.

Here’s ours:

Lucky Gunner

Make sure you head over to Lucky Gunner to check out their large inventory. They pride themselves on having great prices and only showing products that are in stock ready to ship to your door the same or the next business day.

They have a real-time inventory system that actually gives a count on how many of each item is in stock. They do charge for shipping, which is a fair price for the weight.

We’ve ordered 9mm and 5.56 from them with excellent results.

Ammunition To Go

Our experiences with this company have been great. They’re friendly when calling, ship quickly and package well. They charge for shipping, which again was a fair price for the weight.

Ammunition To Go does require a faxed (or emailed) copy of your drivers license on file before they will sell to you.

We’ve ordered 5.56 ammo from them, along with 9mm once.


Ammoman is friendly on the phone, quick to ship, packages well and ships for FREE!

Their prices are very competitive, and you get free shipping which usually puts them on top when comparing prices.

We’ve ordered 5.56 ammunition from them a few times.

Where are you buying ammo from online?

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  • I’ve only bought online from Cabelas. Only once though. They threw in a free ammo dry box and the prices weren’t bad. 500 rounds of 5.56 for plinking.

    • Good deal on the ammo dry box!

    • Aaron JF

      Cabelas is friendly and the dry boxes are nice. However, their prices aren’t the greatest and their listed wait times on ammo have become useless. I ordered Winchester White Box 40 and 45 that originally said 3 – 4 weeks. Three months later I called them to cancel and they said, “But it will be in in 3 – 4 weeks.” I thanked the CS person and explained that I had been told 3 – 4 weeks for 3 months. They apologized and canceled the order with no fuss. I have ordered other items from them in the past with no issue and good service.

    • Good information, thanks for sharing!

  • love those cabelas dry boxes! is also a great place to pick up some deals. has anyone tried yet?

    • Dan, thanks for posting. The site is haven’t used them yet, but looks promising.

  • jandbj has been my best source for 5.56 ammo recently. Shipping is reasonable, about $1/lb.

  • has a steady supply of good value M193 and M855, plus the shipping being included in their prices is really convenient. They’ll keep your ID on file for future orders.

    My other top pick for ammo is actually – they’re inventory is more spotty than ammoman’s but they only carry good quality stuff, their prices are very competitive (sometimes down right irresistible) and the shipping is quite reasonable (at least to CA it is).

    • Norbert,

      Ammoman is an excellent resource. Thanks for the link for sgcusa, good stuff!

  • John

    I have purchased ammo several times from Cabelas and have had good service. The dry boxes are an added plus. The prices at first look are only slightly higher than the discount dealers. They have twenty dollar coupon offers. You can use them one per household per day. They seem to have better stock on hand than some of the discounters too. I have been waiting on one order for three or four weeks though.

  • TFA303
  • Alex

    I have had good luck with as well. I ordered a couple of cases of 9mm Blazer from them for a training class.

  • A lot of them in here.

  • Dan

    Check out

    Best and most consistent prices on ammo and shipping.

    Thanks for your site!

  • Ed Welch

    I recently purchased some 5.56 ammo from Good prices and quick shipping.

  • Daniel Barton and have wide ammo selections at reasonable prices. you might try also.

  • tragicview

    Silver State Armory are great 6.8 mm specialists; lots of choices for both training and tactical loads. They also carry plenty of 5.56. Verry high quality stuff; they make their own brass.

  • kickin an old thread here but why not right? 🙂

    checking prices on a bunch of those sites listed and is still the cheapest for good stuff. Buying 45 acp pmc this time. $370 shipped.

    • Thanks for the update brother. I’m glad that CTD is the cheapest for that, considering they were price gouging around election time last year. I understand supply and demand, but there’s no excuse for what they did during the last election. Hopefully they learned from that and haven’t adopted that model again.

  • TOm S

    CTD is gouging again. They want $999.99 for 1,000 loose packed Federal M855 rounds.

  • No one in their right mind would randomly email an online store their drivers license. It is TOTALLY unneeded. UPS can easily get an “adult signature” upon deliverly, instead.

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