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GunBot Helps you Find In-Stock Ammo Realtime

By Bryan Black

A new online resource I’ve been following lately is GunBot, which helps you find in-stock ammo realtime through various online dealers. You can quickly sort by different calibers and find out the price per round, total cost and even whether it’s in-stock or backorderable (if that’s a word.)

While still in beta, I really like the quick return that GunBot provides and the easy to read break-down of cost per round, etc. If you’re looking for ammo, give GunBot a shot. They’re still in beta, but currently you can search for 2.23/5.56, 7.62×39, 22LR, 9mm, .308/7.62×51, .45 ACP, .300 AAC, Whisper, .40 S&W, 5.45×39, .380 Auto, 5.7×28, 10mm, 30-06 and 6.8 SPC.

Some of the upcoming features that GunBot will be integrating, are magazines, more calibers and even primers for reloading. Here’s the current list of the online retailers that are queried on each search:

  • GRAF

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  • Ron

    Thanks for this link, I know I can really use it. Score another point for ITS Tactical.

  • John

    noooo….. my secret places to get good ammo will be discovered and they’ll sell out or jack up the price. lol

  • Thanks for the tip! Looks very similar to AmmoEngine and Gun-Deals, with somewhat different search results.

  • Skip

    Neat site.. However, seems to do a better job.. They update every few hours and it is less difficult to read the results.

    • John

      The cool thing about GunBot is that it updates once a minute, it’s amazing how many times a day a website will post reasonably prices ammo, only to have it sell out in less than an hour.

    • Darrel

      Try less than a minute. This site has multiple online retailers on one site all you have to do is refresh.

    • Thanks for the mention, Skip. But I’d like to point out that we update every couple of minutes, not hours. 🙂

      –Mike Miller,

  • JW Snydes

    Um, epic.

  • kea anders
  • Seam


    On Dec 15th I cashed in a raincheck for 6 boxes of Federal champion 525 bricks of .22lr. That was the morning after Newtown. I was at a ranch supply store, and spent $15.99 per brick.

    I should have pulled out the mastercard and grabbed all their .223 for $7.99/20. You can almost trade a .223 round for a gallon a gas anymore…

  • Max

    Haha, Cheaper than dirt is missing…

  • far zero

    Great link! Thanks for sharing in our time of ammo struggle.

  • Kevin

    I’m confused..when I pull up the page it says : “03.01.13 – Now tracking Cheaper Than Dirt”
    I thought we were not using them due to price gouging?
    Did I miss the latest memo?

  • Ryan

    Cheaper Than Dirt has been committing credit card fraud. They will list ammo as in stock. They will sell you as much as you want. They will wait a few hours, then tell you they are out of stock and their suppliers have no inventory. Cheaper Than Dirt has done this to me four times. They hold your credit card funds for FOUR days before releasing it back to your card. They apparently are using it as cash flow to keep afloat. Look up for CTD and read all the B.S. they’ve been doing to customers. Their Better Business Bureau rating is D+.

    I paid $20 for GunBot email. DO NOT BUY THE EMAIL SERVICE!!! It arrives way to late. Everything sells out…. why? Because EVERYONE is now using GunBot. The ammo sites often slow and shut down. Ammo sells out within seconds. It seems impossible to enter your biling/shipping/credit card number before they sell out. GunBot is now officially a useless product.

  • ADStryker

    In the last few weeks I’ve ordered ammo from Cheaper than Dirt, Lucky Gunner, Midway, Wholesale Hunter, and Southern Tactical and Outdoors. So far the only one I’ve had trouble with is STO — I ordered some 9mm Luger that was not marked “out of stock,” but they emailed me the next day and told me it was “out of stock.” I checked their web site again, and it still wasn’t marked “out of stock.” Sloppy, but not necessarily criminal.

  • phorty

    You guys can also use
    It updates every hour, and provides email notifications.

  • jennifergengers

    Cool post. I like to see how much would it really be cost.

  • jennifergengers

    Cool post. I like to see how much would it really be cost.

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