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Planet Terror Becomes A Reality

By The ITS Crew

planetterrorWe’re not sure if any of our readers have seen the movie Planet Terror, but in the flick, Rose McGowan replaces her lost leg with a rifle.

A friend of ours, Jace, has taken a hint from the movie and done almost the same thing.

Jace sent us over some pictures showing phase one of his project and we’re sure that you’ll think this is as awesome as we do!

Keep giving it hell, Jace!

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  • Ok, yeah, that is pretty freakin awesome.

    I’d love to see video of it in action once he get’s it done. Would like to see how he works it to make sure the barrel doesn’t take damage when he’s using it to walk. Oh, and don’t even THINK about going through an airport. 🙂

  • haloblue

    That is so awesome, I am literally speechless.

  • fastmover

    thanks jace…you have just put the bar of awesomeness out of reach for the rest of us. Elvis, Neil Armstrong and Jace.

  • Reddog

    I’m in Oklahoma. Which direction do I need to bow?

    Can you pan out a bit and take a pic of it attached and in use?

  • That’s awesome. What kind of knife is that fixed blade in the pic?

  • GrenDup
  • Ephraim

    Go Jace! Glad you finally did this after we talked so much about it. Hey, what about his first model of this? Jace had another “Robocop” version that was the beginning of this whole conglomeration of awesome! Any plans on putting the first version up too?

    Thanks ITS Tactical for posting this! Jace is awesome people!

  • Ephraim

    and sorry i forgot, it is indeed a Rat Cutlery, but a RC-3.

  • Steven Baum

    Only problem I see is that you need to use a short mag so it fits with the pants on – otherwise that is SO cool !!!!.

    • Blake Mims

      Short mag so it can fit in pants? screw the pants, when’s he replacing it with a minigun? Seriously, though, a full-auto shotgun would be cool AND practical. “STOPPAGE!” *falls back and pulls trigger* “CLEAR LEFT!”

  • Blake Mims

    Is the amputation above or below the knee? Oh, and you need to get that thing down to West Coast Customs. That baby needs to be airbrushed like a grenade. I mean, it’s already got a spoon!

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