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SIRT Training Pistol: Upgrading Your Dry Fire Practice

By Buck Holly


In this video gear review, we’ll talk about  NextLevel Training’s SIRT Training Pistol and some of the benefits of owning one for your dry fire practice. There’s even a detailed cost analysis of how much you can save with SIRT dry fire practice.

For more information on SIRT Training Pistols, visit NextLevel Training’s Website.

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  • I’ve had one of these for almost a year, and it’s great. I was looking for a way to get more dry-fire practice, and this was the cheapest option. Getting one of Glock’s red training pistols costs as much as a live Glock, and the trigger doesn’t reset, so that would be an additional $200. There was also the idea of modifying my gun by just getting the resetting trigger, but that’s time consuming to change it in and out, and then there’s the issue of modifying my gun, which is basically a no-no.

    One thing i would recommend is using a small video camera to record yourself using the SIRT, so you can keep your focus on your front sight, and are not constantly trying to see where the laser is indicating.

  • Will

    I’ve talked with the SIRT manufacturers and they told me they would be making a M&P style pistol for next year. But not to get my hopes up for a CZ SP01. Why do haters gotta hate.

  • Thomas Brown

    I’ve been using it for a couple months and it has really improved my support side firing. A very useful tool. Craziest thing is my wife has been using it (of her own accord) and is quickly overcoming her fear of firearms and wants to start training. Priceless! 🙂

  • Great vid…great product.


  • I love the way he broke down the cost of the trainer vs going to the range. Honestly put things into perspective because I was just thinking it was kinda pricey but it’s really not. Nicely done!

  • Jason Christian

    I have been using the SIRT for about 8 months now. It has greatly improved my shooting. I don’t have a range very close by and i get really bored dry firing. Since it fits my holsters perfectly, its easy to go through drills with a shot timer to get dry fire and drawing drills in daily. I travel a lot and its a lot quieter than racking the slide back 100 times when your in the hotel room.

    It also has the added advantage of making my pets go nuts.

  • First off that was a good review with great information. Thank you for that.
    Those of you that know me know I’m not going to bag on any tool or tip that will get people shooting, with that being said I will say a dirty word, Airsoft.
    I have looked at and FFed a SIRT pistol but find that for less than $200 I can outfit myself or a client with a full metal Airsoft pistol that fits their holster (Airsoft has many more options on Pistols for those who don’t shoot Glocks), ammo, propane, Propane adapter and an extra magazine.
    I can use this in a garage or a backyard or with a proper backstop indoors (Just don’t tell the wife) and get solid instant feedback on my accuracy.
    I use mine pretty routinely in the backyard or garage during commercial breaks of my favorite tv show.
    20-30 repetitions a few times a week and you would be amazed.
    Is it as safe?
    Nope, gotta take basic precautions, eye pro, and standard Firearms safety rules apply, not exactly a bad habit to have any time you handle a weapon.
    But if you decide you want to expand on your training a bit you can use it for FoF with proper instruction and supervision.
    Just my .02 but I still think the SIRT Pistol is viable for certain situations and agencies, but for an individual I’ll recommend an airsoft and they will get more bang for their training buck.
    Even a cheap “springer” from wally world will get you in the zone for drawing from a holster or practicing DT with a “Live” weapon.
    “Doc” up!

  • T

    Just don’t get too use to the lack of recoil.

  • At first glance, I wasn’t sure this would offer much advantage over Airsoft/RAP/Sims trainers, as those also allow marksmanship fundamentals to be practiced cheaply.
    I was initially under the impression that this was just another BeamHIT, and so why bother looking further?

    A long critical look at the video reminded me of some of the advantages of this sort of training aid.

    Main advantage: no projectiles.
    Where that means the most for training: the office, kitchen, hotel room, and such where it’ll cause problems to have pock marks on the walls and detritus on the floor.
    Additional advantage: no setup.
    As mentioned in the video, the SIRT has the ability to pick the gun off the table or desk drawer and start squeezing the trigger immediately.
    The red+green laser duo is innovative and useful as well.

    That said, the SIRT is almost strictly a marksmanship trainer.
    (Perhaps it’s durable enough to use as an ad hoc Blue Gun in some circumstances, but still primarily for marksmanship.)

    With a little setup time and safety prep, you can also use Airsoft/RAP guns to gain a lot of the same easy, cheap marksmanship practice that the SIRT will give you.
    There’s a great deal more fun and variety that can be put into the practice with these platforms due to their shooting relatively safe projectiles.
    As mentioned above, there are also the advantages of using the Airsoft/RAP guns in Force-on-Force drills and scenarios, something much more crucial to training than most shooters realize.

    That said, I see the SIRT as a great tool for beginners to refine basic marksmanship principles, as well as eminently convenient when one, due to circumstances, cannot make use of other, more flexible, training tools.

  • Secondstoryguy

    I’ve had a SIRT pro for a little while now. By far some of the best fireams/training money I’ve ever spent. Fun to train with and can even be used in FOF stuff. My SIRT lies around the house when I’m not dry firing and gets picked up in passing for a quick few mag changes or trigger reps on lightswitches, the tv, or my wifes random shelf fodder.

    Soft air has its place but around the house I have no desire to pick up pellets. Soft air is also limited in range. I can train at 25+ yards with the green laser on the SIRT .

  • Dustin

    I have a double action pistol. If I got snap caps, couldn’t I just about do the same thing?

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