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Suppressed no More: Silencers are Legal Website from Silencerco Debuts!

By The ITS Crew

silencercoYesterday, our friends over at Silencerco debuted a new website called Silencers are Legal and we’re learning more and more as we keep browsing! The new site offers the FAQ’s, benefits and history of silencer ownership. Another great feature utilizes a drop down list and large map to see if your state upholds the Constitution by allowing silencer ownership.

If you happen to live in a state that does not allow their law abiding citizens to own silencers,   Silencerco offers the “Get Involved” section which shows a list of your state’s representatives with contact information so you can let them know you want the laws changed!

Silencerco also lists some great benefits to owning silencers including utilization in hunting, competition and home defense. So whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first silencer, or you’re looking to add a new one to the collection, be sure to check Silencerco’s new site for fun and educational information about silencers. They even go through complete instructions on filling out those pesky ATF forms!

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  • Stefan

    Went to the link and it said “Error due to document not found” … I noticed their drop down by state is missing Arkansas, and I wondered if that might be the issue (I’m in AR and it might have tried to load state info from the get go?)

    I didn’t see any “contact us” style link on their page, so putting this here. All the other states are listed in the drop down.

  • berry

    What would you need a silencer for exactly? Im not claiming to be an expert, so bear with me on this.

    For hearing protection – should you not be wearing plugs or something similar anyway?
    For greater accuracy – are the benefits merely covering bad shooting technique ?

    I don’t really see why you would need to conceal your position or to recognise gunfire unless you were in a warzone – in which case wouldn’t they be legal for use by the military?

    • Robert

      Silencers are great for predator hunting. Here in Texas we have a large hog problem. A silencer gives you the chance to kill many in the pack. Instead of just one.

    • berry

      Thank you, it was this sort of answer i was hoping for.

    • tiger27

      Berry- Why not just becuase I want one? I’m a big boy, do I need to ask my mommy if I can play with big boy toys? Oh I have to ask my Uncle…. Sam? Okay. No offense but Why do I have to have mufflers on my Car? Why do I need such big bullets? Why do I need magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds? Why do I need to carry a pocket knife? Why don’t I just give all my income away to the poor lazy slobs and drug addicts who don’t want to work…. Quite Frankly because I work hard for what I have, I pay my taxes, do my civic duty and I have a right to do as I damn well please and Further to protect my Property, my Family and my Life! If I want the rapport of my weapon suppressed then who the hell is anyone to tell me I don’t NEED it? This sounds like the old argument about why does anyone NEED a Black Rifle? do you need it for hunting? … Maybe. The fact is the Constitution doesn’t give people the right to Bear Arms for “hunting purposes”… The right is given to the people to prevent tyranny in Government. That is the intention.

      “Those of you who hammer your guns into plows will plow for those who do not”
      – Thomas Jefferson

    • berry

      Thanks for the rant.

    • william leetz

      Of all the class 3 items these are the most fun.Less than 1000 bucks.Paper work sucks,but not hard if your legal.Can price plus 200 tax stamp.

  • Andrew

    First of all I disagree with the term “silencers.” They are suppressors, but that is for another day.

    To answer Berry, there are lots of reasons. The main reason is that personally I don’t wear my ear-pro to bed. If I had kids I don’t think they would either. If I had to schwack some badguy in my house at zero-dark-thirty I DO NOT want to risk giving my loved ones permanent hearing damage. I don’t think most officers patrol with ear-pro on either. Same goes with the military… Going even further pretty much no-one wears ear-pro at all times, so why not protect yourself and the general public from possible hearing loss.

    Now this is not only beneficial to the individual Officers and Warfighters, but to the tax payers. The cost to pay for the medical bills/hearing aids of someone that has suffered hearing loss while serving is FAR greater than that of a suppressor. In my opinion every weapon should be suppressed.

    There are also several other reasons that come in to play, however I feel that the previously mentioned information is most important.

    • berry

      Ok, thank you for answering. Your point makes sense. Though i feel its quite an unlikely event (in case of home invasion) i can understand where your coming from.

  • For me, the biggest apprehension is cost. For the price of a quality suppressor and tax stamp, that’s as much cost as a modest gun.

    Additionally, due to their length suppressors aren’t practical for CCW,worn in hosters or home defense pistols stored in small safes.

    If the cost were lower, I would very much like a suppressed .22 for discrete pest control.

    One upside not mentioned, is not having to wear ear protection could be a force multiplier (you can hear the bad guys footsteps, etc.) while not risking your hearing.

    • william leetz

      Sean, there not that expensive.The tax stamp sux.

  • william leetz

    Gemtech Oasis are inexpensive and quiet.Gun action sounds.

  • Eventually I would like to have a suppressed 22 also; but ALL suppressors come in around $500 +++. I would rather buy another gun, or a LOT of ammo for the guns I currently own.

    I agree that ALL guns should be suppressed. This is not for some secret assassin mission or something; it’s to protect the hearing of the people in my general area. I have ear-pro and my wife, children, and myself use it, but it would be nice not to have to.

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