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Tired of Suppressor Tax Stamps? The Hearing Protection Act Needs Your Help!

By The ITS Crew


House Resolution 3799, known as the Hearing Protection Act, was introduced into Congress in Late 2015. It’s the culmination of 4 years of lobbying by the American Suppressor Association to remove suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act. With the bill now in committee, there’s still time to make your voice heard and help the Hearing Protection Act become a reality.

Current Suppressor Laws

Currently, firearms owners that wish to purchase a suppressor must apply for and be granted a $200 tax stamp issued for NFA firearms. The sponsor of this bill, Matt Salmon and his Co-Sponsors are proposing that suppressors are invaluable to private citizens and the shooting sports community for the hearing safe operation of firearms.

If the bill passes, suppressors would be still be subject to the NICS background checks utilized when purchasing a firearm, but citizens would be able to purchase them without the lengthy and complicated registration process through the NFA. In addition to the removal from the NFA, any firearms owners that filed for a suppressor through the NFA since October of last year, will be provided a refund of that tax.

The Silencer Myth

Suppressors have unfortunately fallen victim to Hollywood stereotypes and anti-gun proponents argue that the elimination from the NFA registry would enable criminals to commit silent shootings. The reality is that while most suppressors offer a considerable noise reduction, the decibel rating on most suppressed weapons ranges from 120 to 140 decibels. To put this in perspective, a running chain saw operates at around 120 decibels.

The main goal of the Hearing Protection Act is for Congress to recognize that suppressors have a important use in shooting sports and hunting communities. With the lowered decibel rating from a suppressor and the use of quality, sub-sonic ammunition, firearms owners can use their guns at a more hearing safe level.

What You Can Do

As with all legislation, the best thing you can do is make your voice heard. Contacting your representatives and letting them know that you want them to support this bill, is a big step in the legislative process. The American Suppressor Association has created a site that allows you to enter your information and automatically contact your representatives with all of the information necessary on this bill.

We strongly urge you to send your representatives a message and share this information to help overturn the loopholes created for suppressor ownership.

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  • KC Hoang

    We need a Physical Challenged and Cultural Fairness Act for SBR as well

  • verum_38

    ITStactical KPendletonBooks AmSuppressor Suppressors are health aids in that if used properly they can preserve your hearing.

    • HowardMartin1

      Between Vietnam and 50 something years of shooting mostly large cal. Iong. Guns and pistols & revolvers I am deaf as a post. In 70 when I went to the sheriff’s academy they did not want you to use hearing protection the thing being is what are you going to do if you get into a gun fight on the street’s you shure as hell can’t tell everyone to hold on a second till I get my hearing protection on.

  • Mario Rosales

    Any idea how this affects states that don’t allow them at all?

  • C.j. Singleton

    Tired of waiting a year for them as well I wouldnt mind paying 200 bucks for them if I could leave the shop the same day

  • Mickey Tomlin

    Oh…puhleeze let this happen.

  • retrophisch

    ITStactical Sweet grips. 226?

  • HowardMartin1

    I will sign up for that.i will be honored to Det H.B. Martin ( Ret )

  • Sean Z. Barnette

    Kevin Smith, we were just talking about this the other day.

  • Austin Stover

    Wishfull thinking… I want this more than anyone but it has such a small chance at success

  • Blake Sweeten

    I cry suppressed tears at night in hopes of this happening U0001f622

  • Daniel Espinoza

    Last year I got a tax stamp in 3 months, I couldn’t believe it.

  • Jackson Dunn

    Another reason why sunset clauses are a good idea. I know I didn’t elect anyone who voted on the NFA

  • Rimfire Dude

    I would like to save what hearing I have left.

  • Knox Williams

    It would not affect state laws. The 9 states where suppressors are currently prohibited would still have to pass state level legislation to legalize them.

  • Sean S Hughes

    Dan Bellefleur, you shoot around here bud?

  • Sean S Hughes

    Steven York any reccomendations on good spots to shoot?

  • Steven York

    Lisbon fish and game isn’t bad. There’s a skeet range with launchers and a 25/50/100 meter range. Sometimes you run into other people there and it can be a hassle because only one range can be live at a time. $25 a year membership and they give you the key code to get in any day.

  • Hank Richard

    Sean I hope to be buying some land this spring or summer for when I get out this fall, you can go shoot there whenever you want.

  • Dan Bellefleur

    I do shoot around here when i can mostly close range and always outdoor but now i need a place to go and need long range

  • Oarsman2014

    I would much rather see a push to remove SBRs from the purview of the NFA.

    • HowardMartin1

      I agree but lest make that suppressor,
      SBS, and SBR none of them should taxed.

  • HowardMartin1

    Oarsman 2014 I agree there is not one good reason why suppressor or SBR or SBS should have a $200.00 tax stamp except to make money for the government.
    I do so love my country but I don’t trust
    My government.

  • JamesBenjaminWales

    They’re neighbor safe too,  Less likely to disturb the neighbors when a gun owner is doing target practice

  • RaymondSmith1

    wow…I’m so excited this is being done. I am hard of hearing (since birth) with a 30% loss in both ears and I can tell you even with my headphones on this effects my hearing. Seems like every time I shoot my hearing loss is greater for about a week. I’m worried that I’m damaging my hearing to even more than I acknowledge.  I do hope this passes.

  • Brett Robinson

    Kinda like, if I own one, why did i have to wait another 6 months for my second? If I passed if once the next one should be instant.

  • Michael Vincent

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t pass this. You are taking a handgun (concealable) and lengthening the barrel (considerably less concealable). Also, I don’t see anyone taking the time to say, “hold on a second while I thread this on.” Just a few silly observations besides the fact that suppressors make shooting more enjoyable and help save your hearing.

  • Stone

    In some countries it’s a law that you have a suppressor for all firearms you own. It also wouldn’t alarm neighbors who hear gun shots. It seems to bother alot of people that don’t own any or are against firearms.

  • Dianna Liedorff Muller

    When Becky Enders Yackley, Ryan Muller-Competitive Shooter Hunter AKA “Nubbs” The No Handed Shooter and I went to DC in December and met with our law makers, we talked about this bill!!

  • Richard Castro

    Does anyone know if the HPA passes, will people in states that suppressors are not allowed by law, be able to buy them?

    • VirgilSettles

      no, this would only be the same as AR15s being federally legal, states can be stricter then federal law and then county then city level can keep making more strict laws as long as it does not interfere with govt above them

  • Clinton Pirtle

    If you believe that suppressor’s are the evil tools of assassins, you have been watching too many movies and I have a bridge for sale. We need this law.

  • Keith Smith

    An awesome fact, not just buying one over the counter, is manufactures will start building Integrated. Just think of what manufactures will come up with be fully allowed, with no additional regulation to add a integrated suppressor??? Win!

  • Keith Smith

    That would be a bill your state would have to pass.

  • Richard Castro

    Thank you Keith Smith

  • Jason Jefferson

    Leo Amilkavich Bill Rockey Paul Smith Chris Hagerich Troy Christman Allan Bingeman Jason W Bryant Zadok Leggett Matthew Lefever John Beck Todd Macentee. Please take a second to go to this link and send the email to our representatives. It literally takes less than a minute and could make a huge difference. Tag any friends u have that might help too!

  • RaymondSmith1

    it sure would be nice if Oregon can pass this bill

    • MikeSprague

      RaymondSmith1  – not with that POS unelected bitch in there now.

  • Jones Foxx Jr.

    And the SBR nonsense too !

    • Alan Olinzock

      Limitations on SBR’s and SBS’s are discriminatory against body types and the physical abilities of some Americans.

    • John Owens

      Silencers are the first step, I see SBRs being next up.

  • Robert Holden

    Here you go Duane.

  • Michael Malton

    I have not heard of one crime being committed with a suppressor being used!

    • Zach O’Reilly

      Of course not, it was suppressed

    • Nick Majeski

      I see what you did there 🙂

    • Alan Olinzock

      Is that like if a tree falls in the woods?

    • James Rodgers

      You don’t get out much…

    • Matthew Katz

      It was passed out of media fear. Too many were afraid of spies running around shooting everyone James Bond style… It’s amazing how Hollywood fantasy can affect our reality..

    • Kurt Joseph

      I do seem to remember some random article about a suppressed nagant revolver be used in a hit, thought that was interesting. Where it was at escapes me, though

    • Jeff Winter

      Suppressors weren’t put into the NFA because of James Bond. The NFA came into effect in the ’30s. Suppressors were added because of how tough times were in the depression. It made it difficult to poach deer to feed families. I’m sure the gangsters from the roaring twenties also had something to do with it also.

    • John Owens

      Matthew Katz actually it was passed in 1934 to keep people like John Dillinger from having Tommy guns, and to keep poachers at bay during the Great Depression.

  • RoninHanya

    Can’t wait to pass this bill!

  • Ron Brooks

    Will we be able to get them in California? Or is that a pipe dream?

    • Jim B

      My understanding is that even if the Feds removed them from the NFA the states could still regulateban them. So basically if you live in California or the northeast you’re screwed.

    • Josh Sabanovich

      But hey maybe a red house, senate and president will push for Jefferson. Take away 55 electoral votes down to 45-48. And nor cal will be a free state.

    • Matthew Bodmer

      Unfortunately, a pipe dream, Mr. Brooks.

    • Joshua Vell

      you guys voted for hillary therefore you actually have to pay triple

    • Josh Aston

      Section 927 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following: “Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, a law of a State or a political subdivision of a State that, as a condition of lawfully making, transferring, using, possessing, or transporting a firearm silencer in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, imposes a tax on any such conduct, or a marking, recordkeeping or registration requirement with respect to the firearm silencer, shall have no force or effect.”

    • John Owens

      It’s going to be up to the states to legalize them, might be screwed In California

  • Chad Clanton

    That would be nice. They’re so relaxing.

  • Heath A Williamson

    Hell why a background check for an accessory? I want to fire up the lathe and mill at work and get to machining!!!!

    • Josh Aston

      You could, it would be treated like a Title 1 firearm. If you build your own you wouldn’t need anything.

    • Charles Miller

      Build your own sounds good..people have been doing it for generations etc

    • Charles Miller

      With or without approval

    • John Owens

      You would be able to build hem yourself all day long, it will be like building off of 80% lowers. I’m cool with them being treated the same as any other gun when buying from a dealer.

  • Alan Olinzock

    Good start, but I say repeal all of NFA/1986/1989/922r

    • HoldingII

      Every one needs push hard for repeal of the Hughes amendment during this four years.

  • Michael L. Mauldin

    Silencers are for girls…

  • Michael L. Mauldin

    And their dads…

  • Robbie CaptMilkbone Baxter

    So how will that work with the home made ones that you could build and file forms for? If the tax stamp go’s away that’s great but so should nics. Do I need a check for better grips or a blinding flash light? If it becomes a non nfa tax item why keep nics?

    • Josh Aston

      They would become Title I firearms instead of Title II. You could build them yourself, the NICS check would only cone into play if you bought from a dealer.

    • John Owens

      They would be the same as building an AR-15 from an 80% lower. Nics would only apply to buying from a dealer.

  • Daniel Esteves

    Please keep us informed on this

  • Patrick Hasselbeck

    I just want an SBS

  • James Russell

    Silencers don’t kill people, people kill people. This accessorie has not been proven to increase crimes in any way. Crimes are not resolved because a shot was heard. Crimes are resolved by eye witnesses and investigative action. The whole wait 9 months deal is dumb. Would love to see this get through. Thinking it will too.

  • Garret Maine Preece

    Thanks silencerco for doing this

  • John Owens

    Done, although my senate and congress election won’t be decided until next month, there will be letters waiting in their inbox.

  • Ben Terwellen

    also want to see constitutional carry, paying the fee for the tax stamp is silly…….

  • Michael Sisca

    Justin Brett Scott Tyson Lance Austin Jesse

    • Michael Sisca

      Rick Joey Joey Jimmy Gavin

  • BenSmith14

    Ben smith

  • DennisCurtin

    I truly hope that if this does happen and the Can companies are able to increase their customer base that the prices fall at least 60%.  Honestly there is a whole lot less to a can than a scope yet cans are 3 &4 times the price.

  • Octurian

    Dare to dream, but somehow I doubt this would enable those of us living in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia to use them.  Even with an NFA Trust, I had to leave mine in NC when we transferred here.

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