Parabellum Armament ADO Ambi Charging Handle Initial Impressions

by March 8, 2012 03/8/12

Description from Parabellum Armament:

“Our “Ambidextrous-Dual Oversize’ Model Charging Handle operates exactly like the ADF Model Charging Handle. The difference is in the size of the Latch. The dual activation levers feature true balanced-force activation such that activation of either lever by the Operator results in a smooth, light and easy, opening of the retaining latch with no drag or hesitation. With this ambidextrous design, each activation lever moves independently of the other, smoothly and effortlessly biased only by a unique ultra-light spring force and not interconnected to the other lever or latches itself. Other designs mechanically interconnect the separate lever which causes undue drag, excessive opening force and wear to the components. The angle on the ADO is designed for blading techniques used in reflexive fire shooting. In the resting position it sits perpendicular to the rifle. When latch is applied force, the angle allows the latch to hug the exterior of the charging handle. With this design, the user gets the benefits of an oversized latch with the sleek dynamics of a normal sized latch.”

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