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Victory Scents: Improve Morale and the Air Around You with Combat Air Fresheners

By The ITS Crew

We were first introduced to Victory Scents by it’s creator, Gina of Combat Bet, during SHOT Show this year. We’ve worked with her previously on the ITS SHOT Show Poker Chips we’ve handed out the last two years at the show and can’t say enough good things about her, which is why we’re expect nothing less from her new venture with Victory Scents.

How can you not love a morale boosting, politically incorrect twist on air fresheners? We’ve got them up all over ITS HQ, including up at the top of our rope climbs in the warehouse. You’ve got to have something to tag when you get to the top right?

These are coming very soon and are made in the USA too boot! Be on the lookout for news on when they’ll drop on the Victory Scents Facebook Page!

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  • JAE

    What does pink mist smell like?
    120 degree splattered brains on the street.

  • Sweet!! Pink Mist smells awesome.

  • Fenix

    Do they make one that smells like freshly burnt gunpowder? I would love the fresh from the range smell….

  • Cristopher Remus

    Awesome! Question: where do you get your black rope climb from or do you have a how-to video to make?

  • Josh

    I just got a couple of these today at my local LE supply company. Mine have a sticker on the package that says “Made In China” so I have to call BS on the Made in USA claim.

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