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ETA Trauma Kits Save a Life Overseas

By Bryan Black

We just received an email this morning about our ETA Trauma Kits being used out in the field to save a life. Here’s the account of the incident from the first responder. As he states, certain details have been left off, including his name and location.

I’d like to apologize first for the lack of proper medical terminology as I’m only trained minimally and anything beyond that is self taught. Due to OPSEC I have to be brief on my story, sorry.

None the less, we were under fire, seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Making use of rubble as cover during a rain of fire, I noticed my buddy next to me hit the ground, getting hit with what looked like two ricochet rounds. Making sure all the targets were neutralized and covered, I then rushed to my buddy to assess his injuries.

He was bleeding from two areas, the first area was where he was holding his left side of his abdominal, which was a quarter sized hole about three inches above his pelvis. His second wound was to his left leg. Falling back on my training, I was taught that 90% of leg wounds need of a Tourniquet. At that point I made the decision to address his leg wound first, as it was bleeding a lot faster than his abdominal wound. Due to the location on his leg where he was hit, I was worried it might have been a major artery.

I grabbed my “blow out bag” which had one of your ETA Trauma Kits in it, as well as a SOF Tactical Tourniquet. I quickly put on the tourniquet to help stop the bleeding as much as possible. I then cut open his BDU’s and the blood came rushing out, in my mind I was saying “OH F**K” but the words that came out my mouth to my buddy were “Piece of cake buddy… your gonna be ok… stay with me.

ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit (Standard)I ripped open the ETA Trauma Kit, grabbed the QuikClot Combat Gauze and packed it into his wound. Once I was done with that, I grabbed the Z-Pak Dressing and placed it on the top to make a seal; ensuring the QuikClot stayed in the wound. I then wrapped his leg with the Israeli Bandage to finish treating it, before moving on to his second wound.

As I was treating his leg, I was telling him to keep pressure on his other wound to his abdominal area. Maybe I should of put some gauze on it, but at the time I was worried about his leg and had to make a quick decision; I couldn’t waste time.

His abominable wound was a clean through shot and by the time I started to treat it the bleeding had pretty much stopped. I grabbed another ETA Trauma Kit out of my buddy’s backpack, placed some gauze on the exit wound and a HALO Seal over it. I then put some gauze and the other HALO over the entry wound. He was stable enough for our 75 mile ride to the nearest medical facility in our given area.

We made it to the medical facility where he was treated by higher echelon care and survived his wounds. Because of your ETA Trauma Kits I had what I needed to help my buddy survive. Even someone not as highly trained as myself was able to save a life! Your kits had everything and more that I needed for that particular scenario.

Thanks a lot guys, I didn’t personally buy your kits but I had the chance to use them in the field. I did just pick up your ETA Trauma Kit Pouch though, as we always need a good quickly accessible pouch.

I hope this info was helpful and I’ll be buying more from your company in the future!

***Name Withheld***


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  • Enzo

    Love too your ETA kits.

    Could I impose upon you guys to consider making the sealed vacuum bags more friendly to very wet gloved hands….

    Perhaps some type of pull ring and wire?

    We have been using two long strips of 60 Tape to tear them open… kind of like preping “other” pull rings….


  • Salvatore


  • Salvatore


  • Out-e’fing-standing! Good on you to not let on to your partner how bad you thought it may have been and keeping him active in his survival!

  • D. Hide

    Well done! This person should take pride in the fact that they are the direct reason why someone close to them is still alive today. And, they did it with the help of your ETA kits, which you guys have designed specifically for use in those situations. The only way it could be better is if there were not a need for it in the first place, but the best of a very bad situation has been made.


  • Great story, Im glad to hear the outcome was a good one!

    I recently discovered this site and I now tell everyone about it. Their responses are all the same, that this site and the info it contains is excellent!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S> I have my Droid all themed out with “ITS” theme that I made. It consists of Glaskart (Big iphone theme for jailbreakers) icons with the colors reversed so they’re black instead of white and im using the green riveted ITS wallpaper. I did all this on my Casio Commando, which is an amazing phone because it mil-spec tough, using GOLAUNCHER Im going to try and post more about it in the forum if anyone is interested.

  • notnameed

    Sure… sounds like a marketing letter to me. I just don’t believe it.

    • I hope you are not suggesting we would put this out there with those intentions, or that we would come up with a bogus story all together. We do just fine with the ETA kits without having to “pad the numbers”. ~Eric

    • ***namewithheld ***

      The ETA kits that were just announced in your blog post on 11.11.11? I assume you ARE selling the heck out of them because they’re awesome and so is your blog. But this post… I call shenanigans. Too obvious.

    • Our ETA Kits have been available since November of 2009. The release on the 11th was for the pouch that holds them. Like Eric mentioned, we’re not about fake posts or padded numbers. We let our gear speak for itself and this testimonial is 100% authentic.

    • Randypb

      Give credit where credit is due. The kit has been researched and modified by experts “in the field” over and over again since it came out a couple of years ago. Of course, ITS didn’t save his life, but the kit was there when it was needed. Congrats to the user of the kit and to ITS for coming up with it! There’s a man alive today – ask him if he thinks it’s a marketing scheme! Preparation meets opportunity – plain and simple! Give me a break!

    • Bob

      It really does read like a poorly-written script.

      One of the most reliable trademarks of a liar is that they give way more detail than necessary. This story did that. Obviously, some editing after the email was received could have added to the false look of the whole thing, but it does seem at least partially fabricated. Biggest sign pointing toward post-reception editing is the signature. Who signs their email as *******name withheld********? Clearly, at least some changes were made.

      Just to be clear, I clicked this link as a huge fan of your ETA kits, and I wanted to hear how it was used. This story sounds like a vignette from an Army training manual. It’s difficult to believe.

    • Scott

      Knucklehead.. What part of OPSEC don’t you understand? Certain information needs to be with-held for the sake of the operation. This can, and usually does, include the operators name. This is so anyone familiar, or involved, with the operation doesn’t get “burned.”

      Having a signature line of ***name withheld*** usually means that whoever is posting the story, article, correspondence, etc. doesn’t want (or need) individual identfying information to be made public.

  • Gene ‘Flashback’

    HUA!!! Congrats on a great job!! Your buddy’s lucky to have you around…just added this item to my Christmas list!

  • Good to go! I have not bought your kits yet, but would like to see an answer to the first Enzo comment on pull rings. It sounds like a real case of being able to improve a great product.

  • zmtthw

    This is fantastic!! Brother I have seen this company start from an idea to now watching it grow everyday. From gear reviews to developing new products, it has been amazing to see the progress that you and your team are facing. I visit your site everyday to check out your new articles but to also just see how things are looking/going. This article/post really is amazing! I remember discussing with you this creation and all the history that goes with it. To read a story of a war fighter using this to save another brother’s life is unreal!! No matter all the time, engery, and money that was invested in building this product, it must feel truly rewarding to know that it’s in the field and saving lives!!! I also want to thank the person who wrote this and sent it across the pond. It’s always nice to have reviews and get people’s opinions but it’s a whole different level when someone was in a life and death situation and used a product that saved someone’s life!! Incrediable. Thanks to you and your team for producing not only a great site but also great products that are being used world wide!!

    See you around Xmas


  • Austin

    Great news! I like how the guy appropriated his priorities, going for the leg first to stop the bleeding. And how he stayed calm and didn’t stress out his teammate.

  • Jake

    Great story, I can’t imagine how awesome it must feel to be involved in a life saving situation. Congrats and job well on

  • Jake


  • This article gave me shivers! It’s incredible that they were able to use the kit in a real situation – because after all, that’s the purpose of the kit, to be used in a real-life situation.

  • Reddog245

    Great testimonial, and I learned something. I can’t remember in all my years of first aid training, grunt, Boy Scout, or Red Cross, that the leg wound is potentially more dangerous that the abdominal. This is great intel, plus a great example to justify adding this kit to the bags. Kudos to ***Name Withheld*** for keeping his head, and to ITS for a well thought-out kit.

  • Christopher

    I think you guys should comp him another kit.

  • Tom

    On board ship, we put skateboard tape on the vacuum seal packs for our emergency escape breathing devices so that they’d be easy to open with wet hands. Adding that to the ETA pouch would be easy for the user and/or the producer.

    • Pretty cool idea right there!

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