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ITS Partners with HeroBracelets to Create a Memorial Bracelet to Remember Our Fallen

By Bryan Black

We’ve been wanting to create something for a long time now on ITS Tactical to honor all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our way of life. I often get asked about the memorial bracelet I wear on my right wrist and its significance.

I’ve actually been alternating memorial bracelets in remembrance of three SEALs I went to BUD/s with that have lost their lives since the beginning of the war. Marc Lee, Alex Ghane and Jason Workman. It’s my way of never forgetting them, striving to do good and living life to its fullest each and every day. I know that’s what they’d want, to never forget them and what they died for.

After not being happy with the quality of the first two memorial bracelets I had, I purchased a custom bracelet from after Jason Workman perished in the 8.6.11 tragedy. I was so impressed with their quality and craftsmanship, I reached out to them about creating a bracelet for ITS Tactical to remember our fallen.

By partnering with HeroBracelets, we’re able to offer these black anodized aluminum memorial bracelets  on ITS and donate $2 from the sale of each bracelet to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Each bracelet is made in the US and will  fit almost any size wrist with their inherent adjustable design. The bracelets feature the words “IN MEMORY OF OUR FALLEN” with the HeroBracelets logo and ITS Tactical logo on the reverse side.

Please help keep our fallen in your thoughts, even if these bracelets are not for you. Remember their sacrifice and all that they’ve done for each and every one of us.

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  • Bobby

    Fantastic bracelet for a tremendous cause and memoriam.

  • Ian Delmar

    I very much like this! Two thumbs up!

  • Matt

    I am picking one up now. Like the above comment great cause, and paying respect to every fallen soldier.

  • We’re proud to partner with you guys. You’ve done a great job. Thank you.

  • Crooks

    Phenomenal! I’ll pick some up.

  • Kenny


  • Justin Relorcaza

    Just received a confirmation that mine is on the way. This is going for a good cause, I have many friends and family in the military. Though I don’t know anyone who has fallen, they all have my respect, prayers, and gratitude for what they’ve sacrificed for us all

  • Show as out of stock, have any idea when more will be available?

  • Reddog245

    What about some with actual names of the fallen, like your original 3?

  • As soon as these are back in-stock I will be getting quite a few.

  • Werner

    Any idea when they will be back in stock? And will you be shipping overseas as well? Living in The Netherlands (though not sure how for much longer) but I’d very much like to wear one (being American in heart and mind if not by birth, I support several (wounded) warrior projects and am proud to show it)

  • Andy Jacobs

    I concur with the above comments. As soon as I saw these, I immediately went to the ITS Tactical Store to order one, but was disappointed to find them sold out. Any plans to restock them and a timeframe?

  • Andy Jacobs

    I just placed an order for two: one for me, one for my brother. We’ll both wear them proudly. Thanks for re-stocking these!

  • Andy Jacobs

    Received! Well designed and made. Wearing it now. Thanks!

  • Paul Rogers

    I think your bracelets are fantastic. I’ve been wearing my MIA bracelet since joining the Army in 1988. I don’t take it off, ever. Unfortunately, after 24 years my bracelet is on its last legs. The name is barely legible and I have been wondering what I was going to do. I think your bracelet is going to be a great way to replace mine. I could never actually replace something I’ve been wearing for so long but the name will always be with me. I also want to honor those current heroes and your bracelet does just that. Thanks again.

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